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'Drink from the well of your self and begin again'
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Yesterday's romp in the sand balanced by pajamas + long practices at home while it rains today. Both equally important + replenishing. .
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Please don't engage in gossip. It drains your energy, affects your mood and actually over time changes your behavior and personality.
If you find yourself in a situation where people are gossiping you can masterfully change the subject to something fun and light.
Remember you have the power. Gossip is poison.
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Better than any movie.......tag who you would want sat next to you 💗
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BE STILL: If you’re in the path of the solar eclipse and feeling the inclination to go inward, you aren’t alone. As my friend @aquarian_dawn wrote tonight: “In many cultures, an eclipse was/is a time to be still. No striving, no trying, no output. In their place folks sought rest and receptivity and seclusion. A stillness takes overtakes the land, the temperature drops, animals lie still and birds roost and fall silent.” My mother, an devoted student of Vedic astrology (the ancient Hindu school of astrology), has told me that the recommendation given by gurus is to spend the hours of the eclipse indoors, immersed in meditation and chanting mantras as a solar eclipse are considered to a time of complicated, challenging energy. People posting in my instagram feed seem to be split, half are feeling inward and full of anxiety or introspection, others are social and celebratory. How are you experiencing this #eclipse?

Wake up. Sit. Breathe. Connect within to your home base.
You have everything you need inside of you to weather all of life's storms and thrive.
Develop a daily practice of anchoring yourself within every morning then come back home all day long with your breath.
Home is where your heart is my loves, literally. 💚 🏡
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There's so many new ideas in the mix for these mugs! This one features a @flowercrystals rosebud crystal! How crazy is this?! 💎🌹 #flowercrystals #collaborativeart #crystallove


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Goddess goodies I never leave home without. I got asked to tip out my Stevie Nicks for President hand bag. This is what happened. Natural Lippy. Crystals galore. Coins from all corners of the globe. Tarot. Palo Santo. Zen lense glasses. My lucky pen. And Organic tampons. I've got my goddess self covered. What's your never leave home without? ✨
And yes. 😑 It's that time of the month. Yes. My bathroom also resembles my bag. 🎉 One hot mystic mess. I'm not sorry if this offends you. That I'm bleeding. Hormonal. Thinking about where I can pick up some chocolate. Yes. I'm a pinch emotional too. Deal with it. We have to, every month. 🥀 It's natural. And so are my tampons. 100% cotton, hyper-allergenic to be precise. Everyone always asks me the best moon cycle go-tos. I'm a @thisiscottons kinda gal. And I've been asked my travel essentials a lot lately. So boom, both, bag and bathroom chat. Tick. ✨🍫 #goddessessentials #thisiscottons


For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go

This solar and lunar event is creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to let go of the past and embrace our destiny and purpose in life - not just on a personal level but for the entire planet. We urge you to take time to meditate during this transit and set your intent to bring Into manifestation the highest good for the planet and humanity as a whole 🌑❤️🌍sending love and light out into the world 🙏🏼
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When a flower 🌺 doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower 🌺-Alexander Den Heiser #motivationmonday #kindnessmatters #selfcare #carryyourmessage #spiritjunkie

Monday morning never felt so good!
Snuggles with my babes.
Morning devotional and meditation.
Convos with some excited peeps about my new 30 day self care daily group and now...........Yoga 🙏🏻 I no longer dread the beginning of the week! It's a chance for a fresh slate, new beginnings, and a great attitude!
Regardless of what the weekend looked like, take charge of your emotions and fuel them with positive energy!
YOU are in control of this life!
Get fired up for the gift you have in living and go out and LIVE!!

Full of gratitude right now.💗
Birthing free spirit woman has been one big wild ride!
Celebrating all of her tonight where she came from, where she is yet to go. .
🎉 🥂🙌🌙🌸


Use today as a chance to recharge and reset that in your life which no longer serves you.
Think of the beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back, that keep you from living your best life and set the intention to let them go.
What we think about creates what happens for us in our lives so make a commitment to think about things that fill you up and support you. ❤️ As for love, today is an amazing opportunity to reset your focus. If you have been focusing on the things you don’t want, shift your focus and think about what you DO want.

What we focus on grows 🌈

Use today’s support from the Universe to help you. Enjoy my friends!💖

☀️Monday Motivation☀️
Hello Gorgeous! Yes, *you* It's going to be an awesome day/week! ---
Who's watching the solar eclipse today? It's a great time to set some intentions whether or not you believe in astrology. Everyday is a new beginning & what better way to start than with knowing what you want in life?☀️🌙🌘 Feel free to share your intentions below & don't forget to wear eye protection while viewing the eclipse!
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Happy Monday! 💕 It is a GREAT day to have a GREAT day!! It's been a busy morning over here, but I am loving it! I got my workout done bright and early, kicked off 2 new groups today, made breakfast for the hubby, whipped up my superfood shake, started plugging away at my emails and messages and now I'm off to do a senior photo shoot! Life is good! 🙌🏻📸 I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Let your body move with your heart 💙

there has been so much chatter about this cosmic event, so i'll just leave you with this: you, my dear, are worthy of all things magic. find it & never let it go. listen to your soul, speak your truth & trust that what is meant to be will be. ✨
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Throwback to a few weeks ago when I taught before @thegetdownparty for my sister @djtashablank. Also how I feel about heading back to @soul_camp this week! Who's coming? #seekthetruth #soulcamp4life

What a way to begin the week! Today marks the day of this phenomenal experience! Enjoy and please remember safety first 🌘

🌑TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE | NEW MOON in LEO 🌑Make no mistake, this eclipse is extraordinary, and the energies and frequencies that it will cascade upon the planet & mankind will influence the entire planet. New beginnings, new life can be spawned, for the Universe is aware of what is occurring, and if approached in high intent, you may implant the codes of unconditional love, seeding the coming Golden Age.

Sooooo on the last new moon, I created a vision board of even more delicious textures, rooms, hotels, yachts, adventures and vibrant experiences I wanted to experience. I was inspired by @hrisi888 And her #enchantedlife philosophy 🥂Here I am one month on @flemingsmayfair this junior suite is a small piece of heavenly vision board pie. My New Mantra from today is inspired my @abrahamhickspublications 'My greatest priority is to feel really good.' I feel really good. I have the most wonderful two days in London planned, a long overdue dinner with my beloved @goldinmyhead client sessions, delicious moon magic and a restful sleep in this room, and of course the magnificence that will be Tuesday night with @thegoddessspace Heaven on the way to heaven my loves. J'adore. 🍯🍯🍯

YOU, beautiful, have the power to make your life great. Trust yourself!💕Happy first day of the new week!

you have the right to shine, thrive, and succeed. it takes investment in, and deep compassion for, ourselves in order to create the life we want✨what will you do this week to show up for yourself?? #mondaymotivation

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