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Some people want magic ✨✨✨

Today's card for Wednesday, July 26 is Omega! Give yourself a big hug and know that you are doing just great today, and have fun. Your energy is expanding and spirit is taking you to new journeys! Get into your joy today. You have so much strength and power in your spirit, and you can withstand any pressure. Affirm "I can conquer any fear." Don't let past circumstances bring you down, part of stepping forward is willing to get things done! Please trust in divine timing and let go and let God. seize opportunities when they come! Angels are supporting you. - Xo Alex 🦄 #unicorns

Ego is a motherfucker. Be cautious of the words you speak when you act out of ego. Language is sorcery and when you speak, you cast spells. Abracadabra, means, "I create from which I speak." If you keep talking shit, wait for the universe and your guides to kindly remind you, you got them and yourself fucked up. Don't allow yourself to be karmically indebted to a spell you casted out of ego, spite, malice or scorn. It always comes back to bite you. Take the high road so you're not stuck in the gutter later on. Like @evelynlozada said..."It's a nonmotherfucking factor, bitch." Master your actions so you can control your reactions so you can only allow positive universal attraction 🗣🔮
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#WednesdayWisdom brought to you today from Totem Animals Plain & Simple #totemanimals

What dream symbols, colors, or messages have you received from your spirit guides recently? #dreammeanings #dreams #messagesfromspirit #subconscious

Dad and daughter JAYS day
do I or do I not understand baseball? DEBATABLE .

7/26/2017 💕 Surrender, Possibilities, Love 💕 let god and the universe guide you and all of the possibilities will begin to unfold. Keep moving forward! It's so close!

Happy Birthday Team Leo! ♌️✨

The royal family of the Zodiac 🦁 they always enter a room with such a presence 🔥

Raise your hand if this is your season 🙌🏽
Wishing you all tons of birthday blessings & beautiful celebrations 🎉


Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith.- Doreen virtue. Gotta love seeing this before I leave to NY! See you soon! @calisesimone @melissamcmedium #medium #mediumship #spiritual #spirit #psychic #psychicmedium #psychicdevelopment #cesarmillan #growth #energy #wonderlust #spiritteam #learn #natgoewild #vibration #love #loveandlight #spiritguides #pettalk #lightworker #animallover #animalcommunicator #animalintuitive #spiritreadings

Today the TWO OF PENTACLES enters your daily influence signifying juggling of time, energy and obligations. A time to look at ways in which, to find balance in your thoughts, emotions and physical bodies.

Spirit is encouraging you to be more productive and to look at options. You may be weighing up the pros and cons of situations trying to find a good outcome or resolution.

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About this time last summer I started noticing feathers in my path. A couple times one fell directly in front of me. Once I was walking my dog holding his leash and a feather landed in my hand. I started picking them up and collecting them. This is just a fraction of the feathers I've found.... does this happen to other people too? At first I thought it must be the time a year where birds are shedding but it happens all year round sometimes once a week, sometimes every day or multiple times in one day...

I am beyond thrilled to introduce my NEW website!!!! It's been so much fun to create my new internet home and I'm excited for you to have a look around.

This is Day 26 of the #julmanji #tarotchallenge! 🦐💚🦐
Finally we can cool off in the cool waters of the ocean, where we will be focusing on the suit of Cups!

Today's animal inspiration is the albatross, one of the biggest flying birds known to man! These creatures have inspired poems, expressions and urban legends (for example: killing one is said to bring bad luck, because albatross are actually embodiments of the souls of lost soldiers.) Unfortunately, this beautiful sea bird is on the Red List and faces almost imminent danger of extinction.

So, buddy, friend, and mighty Albatross... is there a message for me?

The #animalwisdomtarot spat out the Otter, 3 of Shells, and the #innerstaroracle follows that up with Intentional Legacy. 🌞🌊 Immediately after this, a friend texted to invite us out to dinner! How awesomely synchronistic 💖💖💖

We are in times where shamanic practices are coming more to the masses. Shamanic healing is more and more becoming less "weird" and definitely something that in this culture and in this lifetime, we don't have to fear that we'll meet some life threatening end for taking up this path.
We still have psychological barriers, though. Will we be accepted emotionally by our loved ones or even by governing bodies? We are in the time where we will demand to be accepted on a grand scale. To do this, it requires more and more of us to let our inner shamans out.
Some are trained by their family. Some, by their ancestors. Some are guided by their spirits and forge their own path. Some need to seek an outside source. Whichever way is right for you, is right!
For those that need a mentor, I'm offering my Shamanic Healer Training Program, a 15-week training program starting August 9th. The course meets via video conference, includes homework, and a special Facebook group to share progress and tales. This class will be different from the previous Shamanic Healer Training Program in that we'll spend some time talking about plant medicines and the different ways to work with various healing plant allies - something we barely touched on at all in round one.
Our group is looking forward to welcoming you and traveling through 2017 with shamanic progress, both personally and universally, as the goal.
There are just TEN DAYS left to register for this program - and it's the last class like this that I'll be offering in the indefinite future. The link to learn more and secure your spot is in my bio - only 3 seats remain!

I see 13, 33, 333.
All day, every day.
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Lol. I've been so hard headed and sometimes I don't listen. But I've been learning to turn my mouth down. Cause my mouth gets crazy and I talk that talk, but sometimes no responce at all, is better. My ego gets the best of me and when it does, my spirit guides put me in check. The universe checks me too. Reason why I've been low. I listen more. I noticed i fuck up the flow of things when i dont. #Hardheaded #SpiritGuides #ImNotPerfect #StillLearning

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The ocean came up as a massive component in my new moon in Leo reading over on my YouTube channel which has the power to raise your vibration and put us back in touch with who you are. Yesterday, I was feeling a little overwhelmed, (I've been having a little trouble writing the 'about' section on my soon to launch website) so I listened to my intuition and took myself to the beach, not dressed as pictured but you get the point. I heard my angels say the words 'trust' over and over. So I closed my eyes and began walking. As you can imagine that's pretty scary and plus there were other people around. Totally out of my comfort zone. Before long, I found my rhythm and fell into a meditative state. It was nothing I've ever experienced before but omg it felt amazing. The sound of the waves crashing in the distance as the sun perfectly positioned on my third eye chakra, with fresh sea salted wind on my face and the sand between my toes. This my loves was my new self love practice and it honestly felt like bliss.
So my loves, what have you done to raise your vibration through enhancing your connection with the ocean or anything to do with water. Would love to hear from you all xx

@Regrann from @teejinx - In #EnergyWork or #EnergyHealing you will encounter different levels of Energies within the #Chakras Or #EnergyWheels 🌀. Our #CrownChakra is our #SpiritualAntennae very similar to the #RabbitEars commonly used on a TV! It has many different Signals coming in from Multiple Dimensions and Realities all at the same time. Not only are you being flooded with #HigherEnergies from #HigherConsciousness such as the Vibrations that present themselves as #Angels and #Deities and even #Ancestors or #SpiritGuides , but you are also catching Distortion from the #CollectiveConnection To ALL other Living Things (to include Plants and Animals)! It's how some of us actually hear the "Rock People and Dryads" (Crystals and Tree Inhabitants) as well as can Clearly Hear each other's thoughts! This Pic is kinda what I envisioned the multiple sources of Invading Energies look like! Caution Tho: it is a Two Way Street! Energy Comes In Just As It Travels Out At The Same Time! A True Exchange! Shielding helps! Some have Higher Grade Antennas or Open Crowns and can't properly filter and this MAY BE Where Schizophrenia and Other Psychosis come in just as a proper filter grants Psychic Abilities that are functional. Wear Your Crown Well, People! Or Look Like You "Catching The Ghost On Sunday Service" All The Time! Spirits Can And Will Wear You Like A Cheap Suit If You Ain't Careful! (#Selfie rp) - #regrann

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