These two are literally together forever ••• ••• #bjd #msd #minifee #fairyland #fairylandminifee #fairylandbjd #spiritdollsmartbody

Redressed all my girls and restyled their wigs. These bodies are all so fun to pose. My little muses 💖💖 ••• ••• ••• #bjd #msd #minifee #fairyland #fairylandbjd #fairylandminifee #spiritdollsmartbody #halloweeneventhead #nanuri14 #rfaeventhead

I'm not ready to make a new acct as of yet but maybe this name will do. If it's not taken that is. #kawaiigoregutz @kawaiigoregutz edit: I made it but won't be posting yet as I'm still hurt and staying low for awhile. I will only accept ppl who aren't fake friends to try and weed out ppl who are trolls.

I hate how this hobby, I never considered myself apart of it because people will talk about each other Like they are in High School or something. I'm going to just ignore them all because in the end I'm into dolls for me not them. They are in it for follows likes and comments. I just want to look at pretty dolls and paint them and create their stories. But ppl are always deep down catty and evil, guess why I don't have irl freinds.....

Raven is so stunning omg, I'm so glad I gave up on the IOS, this Dollzone Memphis is perfect for my oc. #bjd #dollzone

So if anyone watches #cluamsutherland they will remember the #tomagotchi asmr video lol here's amage to that youtube vid 😂

If it wasn't snowing I'd redo Cluam's faceup. #cluamsutherland

#bjdkids I'm joining this tag with my twins! Cain and Lilith :) share your bjd kids!

So yea upgrade.

Did anyone miss this couple? Kia'ra and Hunter

My new oc Cluam Sutherland ekkkk! I'm so happy with her! #cluamsutherland

Cluam got her body! I'm loving it so far!

Added runes and tiny incense! #bjddiorama

Alien Space Babe

Dolly mail! I absoulty love my custom order from @kuroi_carousel

Sorry I haven't posted here in a min. Currently waiting on dolly mail n other things.


Now I really want to get better at photos to sell prints n tees!

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