예전에는 백종원님 티비에서 가끔보면 그냥 동네형같았는데
요즘도 마찬가지로 티비에서 가끔보는데 식품계에서 큰위인 같음..👍 #짜장면#4000원#짬뽕#4500원

첨엔 백종원 싼마이 엄청나게 평범하고 특별할거 없어 별로 안좋아했지만 사람이 호감이니까 그의 브랜드도 호감이됨!! 진짜 짜장, 짬뽕 너무너무나 평범한데(맛없는거 일수도 있음😝) 전국에 다 있는 체인을 만들어냄!
진짜 사업천재 같음!! 진짜 요즘 이런가격이 어딨움.. 일정한 품질로 유지하면서 딱 기본으로만 전국에서 먹히는거보면 백종원님 사업가론 정말 짱짱맨

세상에 맛집만 있으면 쓰나😗


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Here... say I never smile...but its not true, I just never smile when Im around you. No longer have a reason to. Your vibe says lies, disguise, future tears in my eyes, pure fear in my eyes, Just remember the times, pride bruised! Won't continue to try, when Ill lose, rather be by myself when I use. Cant use you, to make me happy, your the abuser whom i let use me so gladly.sadly, you had me.. but im not mad cause now, I have me! I never needed you to make me happy. Loose heart, brain smart, knowing all the a while, that soon would come the time when i would make myself smile...#smile #crookedsmile #happy #introvert #spiosexual #loner #selflove #poemstar #poetry #pain #healing #feelings #Tears #loveyourself #unfinished #knowyourself #spokenword #poetry #lisacole #lucidlips #mua #lips #eyes #drytears #happy #bighead #bigbrain #bigheart

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Here,I am for you my Queen. I speak from the abyss of my heart. I have come to speak your peace because you are my warrior empress. We have fought the war of the dark side to maintain balance. In between our world, we made our own black and white paradise. We conquered battle and casted away the spell of our tumultuous midnight guerilla. Your solar burning kiss comfort me and I am thankful for you my sun. When shadow were over my shoulder, you welcomed me by allowing you to find refuge inside my Saturn rings. Your curve iback is where shared all my secrets. I speak in silence behind my words because I know I have so much to offer you. But you speak with your heart and I with my Mind.As you slide your way away from me, your hesitation is eager to look back at me. I admire you my dear celestial satellite because you are receptive. By allowing me to capture you in this compose ✨Sapio_Nocturna✨ piece written by #NubianQueen. You know I see you for who you are but can't seem to see me for the free spirit breeze that I'am. Even if your profile is turn away in my presence, your telescopic gracious glare is magnify with a desire. You glow in the dark and clearly see above and beyond my dark melamine.Your magnetic field pierce slowly depth of my core. At that exact moment, I decided to freeze your portray and contemplate you before I eject myself. I say to you:" I'am free falling for you. I speak your peace because you have showed me a half of yourself and tonight I want to be your better half. Hold this angle till #eternity so, I can see your glow at the end of your cycle. Tonight it's a full moon my dear half. Let's #eclipse ourself into the sky and gravitate there of a while.

PART2 ✨✨Read Previous✨✨ My monologue comes with peace because your orbit has made my world collide. So much that our cosmic attraction want to tie the knot. As your satellite of your antenna points north: I whisper to you ear this frequency :"Forget-me-knot".I speak a message with peace under the blanket of our skyline and you will always keep calling me your Venus since I always called you my Mars. One great day, the fruit of our love will bloom into mini planets... Discovering and dancing our way to your galaxy. Perhaps,you can know see how my soft quiet voice want to let you enter into my universe. You won't believe how my mind is up there... Close your eye can't you see the shooting stars? I can certainly see our love float forever in the milky way.✨ Our legendary love will be known as a reunion and never again in the memory if mankind your Solstice Goddess will be away from her Equinox God.

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