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And we made it!! 902 miles in a little over 7 days. Every passage is unique and unlike our sail from the Carib to the Azores, this time we saw several ships and more sea life, such as dolphins❤️ This trip also had some firsts for us; Bill had to climb the mast to take down a wrapped Spinnaker and I baked banana bread - New milestones for us while under sail. Most of the passage was comfortable with calm seas except for the last 30 hours which made up for our early luck with 25 knot winds and 6-10 foot steep waves. Despite this it was a thoroughly enjoyable journey and this time I am a bit sorry to see it come to an end. We will be back out there again though! For now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy beautiful Portugal 🥂🇵🇹

Passing the heads entering Port Stephens. What a sight

#9daysCountdown to the #SB20Europeans -> meet your rivals: Capre Diem - team of the SB20 Ireland Class Association president Colin Galavan, and the winner of some of the major local events team Sin Bin of Michael O'Connor. More teams from the entry list were announced yesterday, see our Facebook for more details ➡️ www.facebook.com/sb20class
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Sea Hawk. Always competitive and putting in strong performances @sailportstephens #regatta 📸 by @hoveruav

Some of our staff will be abseiling down the @thespinnakertower on September 2nd in aid of @pompeyitc.

Fancy joining them? (18+ years)
Contact: amanda.osman@pompeyitc.org.uk or call 02392728899

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Lasciate stare lo #spinnaker tarocco
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