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Brain. Heart. Bones 💞
#tattoo #heart #spinalcolumn #brain

Such a #blessing to take care of #families @activehealthclinic.

Children love #Chiropractic care, and not only can we correct #subluxation at a young age, we can help to avoid many conditions that worsen as we age.

Our health stems from our #brain, #spine and #NervousSystem. Taking proper care of the #SpinalColumn is critical to #HealthyLiving.

In my professional experience as a #Chiropractor, both my own children and those I take care of experience less sickness, cough, asthma and infections.

We don't #heal people, we #AlignSpinesAndMinds to allow optimal expression of life.

Sound crazy⁉️

I think paying $8669/month for a #NursingHome in #California **
because you didn't take care of your health is CrAzY 😳

Get your spine checked and make sure you're not subluxated.

True #health and #wellness comes from #ADIO
**(skilled nursing facilities.org Re-Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey)
#whosyourchiro #ActiveHealth #DrJason #pediatricchiropractic

Show me your spine! (is also a good PTP track) #spinalcolumn #ilooklikeadinosaur #deadissexy


RP - The black hole sun (Lucifer) and our gold sun (Jesus) are on loop- the sun drips his menstrueall blood (vitriol) into the #Holygrail where the black hole eats the light of the sun, & the aurora borealis shoots out from the center of earth's torus field. This astral light from the black sun is the creative potential, and this is the place you need to go to ascend and be reborn into Christ consciousness- at the holy of holies, where you drink from the living waters to be purified- become whole & complete the way your creator intended, with equal synapses in both hemispheres of your brain/balanced divine masculine & divine feminine energies. You need to embody Christ in your own life. Nobody is coming to save you. You are here in the flesh to be your own savior and to bring heaven to earth by embodying the conscious light of Yah- the higher self/most high. Jesus is an allegory for a state of consciousness.. you must innerstand what the Bible is really telling you and realize that you need your taste from the Tree of Life at the center of the flat earth plane.

Be warned though working with #kundalini or the #spinalcolumn energies in #kundaliniyoga #rajyoga is not easy it's filled with temptations and pitfalls that's why many #tantrics or #sorcerers in India and the world aka #freemasons #cabal are pretty much insane this is the road less travelled by for a good reason... this is why most religions have been established to give value to #service #compassion and #faith 🙏🏼🐍

Biology was my favorite subject in school and I wanted to be a doctor. But, early on I had made the decision that I "suck" at science and had bought into that narrative throughout most of my schooling. I was stubborn and still decided to start my undergrad as a Bio/Pre-Med major, but within a few weeks when I failed my first evolutionary bio exam, I convinced myself that I'm not "good" at it and dropped pre med. I had a natural inclination toward the human sciences and education, anyway. It was easy for me. I took the easy road, one can say. But, my desire to learn about the interconnection of the human body, brain and mind remained unfulfilled until I decided to commit myself fully to the study of yoga asana, pranayama and Tibetan Buddhism. I might have stood in my own way in becoming a doctor. Perhaps, I wasn't meant to be one. But, I'm glad that at 34, it turned out the way it did and I am doing what I love with the resources presenting itself in a fashion I could not have designed better. Sometimes the journey brings one across uncomfortable roads and barriers, to make one realize what ought to be realized. Today, as I geeked out learning about the complexities of the shoulder, I realized once again that I'm on the right path and I want to delve deeper into western and eastern healing modalities. I believe that it's through the synergy of both systems that one can come to understand the complexity that is the human being. So grateful for @alignphysicaltherapy213 for today's community clinic and @roamlosangeles for making that happen. #anatomynerd

Show me your spine! (is also a good PTP track) #spinalcolumn #ilooklikeadinosaur #deadissexy

Why #pilates ??? #streatham
Becuase it will teach you things you've never done before.

Akin to #idoportal in some ways, the #methods of #movement are comparable to the way a child can move before they go to #school and become less free in their #spine you see, the #spinalcolumn is meant to take loads and shed loads.. #freedom is a choice we take away from our #kids becuase that is who #thesystem is created.
#creative #flexible PEOPLE don't make very good drones for #government and the #usa and #uk DON'T care much about #healthyeating or #health generally

Spinal column practice 💀

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