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🌷 // 23.06.17

it is good. (original art)

Happy unniversary, my darling.

“i can help, you know, if you let me. i can stitch up the wounds and staunch the bleeding and take all the pain away, i know i can. but you have to let me in, past the front gates. you have to call me at eleven at night and say yes when i ask if you want me to come pick you up and drive you around town until your parents stop yelling. you’ve got to open the window and let me climb in at sunrise when you were up half the night but woke up at dawn with a bad taste in your mouth from the words that she said. you have to let me bring you dinner with a side of painkillers and kiss the scratches and the bruises on your body and tell you that everything she said was a lie, you’re perfect and she doesn’t get to tell you otherwise. you have to let me hold you when you cry and tell you that everything is going to be alright and babe, you have to trust me.”
— i can fix it; you just have to trust me // k.g (via fingertvps)

Sometimes I wonder when people ask if "I'm okay" whether or not they actually care. That's the problem with sharing our emotions, sometimes people just don't really care. Find friends who do. Find the ride or die friends who will stick by you through thick and thin. If you haven't found them yet, don't quit, keep searching until you find them😊 Personal: @eddieprause


Hello Lovers and Healers! I wanted to take a special moment to thank you all for your continued support on this page. I truly value all of the connections I've made on here. It's been an absolutely beautiful experience sharing my world in words with you - and I am grateful for you sharing your world with me. As you all know by now, I'm a huge proponent of replenishing your energy when it's needed. I'm hitting one of those periods where I'm in need of some extra self-care and rejuvenation, so I'm gonna take a mini break from posting/commenting/reading as often. I know I'll be back in full force with lots of words to share. If you want to get in touch, or share a particular post with me, please send me a DM. I promise I'll check those periodically! Much love and light to you all. And don't forget: Tomorrow is the new moon. The birth of a new cycle. Clear the negative bits from your spirit and open your heart to new beginnings. I know I will. 🙏🏻💋💫❤️
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Iife would have been easier
if instead of living in each other's memories ,
we would be creating new memories together!😑

"In life we are on a #rollercoaster of ups-and-downs🎢 sometimes exuberant - other times, listless like a #boat ⛵️in a windless #sea." - Dad

Remember that certain people when they leave your life is actually a blessing in disguise 💜 #Taylorln

"A wish to wander far, to find the mountains high
A dream to be king, up high where heaven lies"

Long While Query Trenches -- Never Give Up On Your MS ~K. SCURRY #KSCURRY

An emotion named Depression.

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Listen, you need to follow YOUR heart, not someone else's. the quality of your life depends on it. Who cares if people don't believe in you? Who cares if you make mistakes? Don't focus on that; don't focus on your mistakes. Let other people focus on that, because as soon as you get consumed by the fact that you messed up, you've already lost. Let other people think about your failures (some really love to do that) as you move on to the next step. I've failed so many times, it's not even funny. But do I think about them and let them stop me? Hell no lol I only use them to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. Anyways, much love to you all. Have a lovely day! - faraway 🕊❤️

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