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the living of it doesn't have to be graceful (the first time round).

• I think it's time to finally explain this tattoo, and part of my purpose here.
I grew up in a household of domestic abuse, and always felt like there had to more to 'family' than that. I didn't know how to find them, but I had faith in the universe, and the existence of a person or a collection of people who would love me the way I loved them — who would be my real family. I thought that if I could just "write to them," maybe they would read it and know that I am theirs.
So I wrote here. I wrote my book. I threw myself across the planet in every way I could.
And I found them.
And it has been the hardest and most beautiful experience of my life.

{ And I've always been as fragile. } ⠀

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If I had to believe in
Other worlds or dimensions
Just to find one where you
Never shed a tear, i
I'd skip through time,
hop through black holes
And teleport across the globe
If that's what it took to
Never see another sad
Look on your face.
I'd cross oceans with
Just the strength of
My arms and legs,
I'd fly with nothing
More than the power of
Belief and I would
Give up every single word
I write after this if
That's all it took
To make you

#zackgrey #happy

@SoulBraille • “Your eyes blink slower and slower every time, and then they begin to close. Your arm around me goes limp, laying comfortably under my shoulder, but your hand still holds onto mine. I lean over and kiss your cheek softly, knowing that you’re too fast asleep to even notice. That’s okay. I place my head down on your chest and close my eyes, when I suddenly hear your voice whisper my name. “I love you”, you mumble softly, in your sleepy voice. I smile as I bury my face against your chest, knowing that when I wake up I’ll still be safe in your arms. And I think that’s the best feeling in the entire world; when a person, not just a place, becomes your home.” -oh, how I love days like these // 4.9.17 (via @soulbraille #soulbraille) 🖤
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People You May Know will be released soon. I'll have very few special edition hand sketched covers. Look for preorders soon. (This isn't from the book. It's all long pieces and sketches.) So ready. #peopleyoumayknow
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“What people don’t know, is how hard living on the edge is. 
You spend all day, happy beyond belief. Nothing can go wrong, and if it does, you brush it off. You admire the beauty in how the clouds shine pink for a few seconds as the sun disappears. You laugh at the group of duck quacking across the road. You are full of warmth and love for where you are and everyone in your life. 
And in a split second, that crumbles. 
Suddenly you’re in tears because the sky has never looked so blue and the colour consumes you. You mourn for the constant chase the moon has with the sun and you sob over how nature is so beautiful and you are not. 
One minute, there is no edge and you have nothing to fear. 
The next, you’ve slipped into the abyss and the faux happiness you were living in breaks under the pressure of the black clouds in your head.”
— Alexandra Joan Alexander (via keephaunting-me)


You keep expecting me to be them, and I keep expecting you to realize that I'm not. -cel gales


...yeah but when that westwind moves, though..... (read the whole thing below 👇)
do you remember when we camped amidst the fields of barley?
you forgot to bring a fly sheet - still I flew

lovers, cultivators,  stargazers …
between us and the constellations in the jealous night sky nothing but polkadot-dewdrops on flimsy tarpaulin

Otherwordly creatures might as well have composed crop circles around us from dusk `till dawn -
I would not have heard

Soon, a last daytime look at aurelian fields
lovestruck with the eveningtide still lingering

slash-and-burn, slash! and! burn!
when we had to leave
a song was playing …
it wasn’t Sting - still it stung

Better With My Hands

Sant'Effisi💛 #monumentiaperti2017

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