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Well.....I didn't see that coming. Seriously the coolest bird ever, can't wait till next year already ❤️❤️#leesburgbikefest #mccaws #theswamp #bestkisserever #spikeandmike

#ThrowbackThursday to 2005 when we released Spike & Mikes Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation – Caught In The Act! Do you own this now out-of-print Shout! release? #SpikeAndMike #tbt

Set Life 🎬 our Life is Set 🙏🏽 #SpikeAndMike

We are proud that the best animation Festival Spike and Mikes will be returning to Comikaze! Get your tickets to Sick and Twisted and Animation festival during Comikaze! #spikeandmikesfestivalofanimation #spikeandmike #sickandtwisted #animation #comikaze15

How does a single Dad find time after a long day at work to watch the game, but also find time to play with his son... #IBeatSpike #SpikeAndMike #QualityFamilyTime #SingleDadProblems

plus side of working at a clothing exchange and someone donates some old stained shirts- dope ass patches #spikeandmike

I have time in the coming days to tattoo ...If it wasnt for this horn ,you wouldnt have been borned#hornedgrandma #spikeandmike#twistedanimation#hella


Throwback Thursday! Check out this Air Jordan Commercial with Spike & Mike in the late 80s.


More Scottie dog puppet progress, we ended up scanning him (rough scan model starts with image #6) for technical puppet process reasons and I cleaned up and separated him into multiple parts & because he will be so small. In the end he will probably be a total of 12 parts..(not including all the armature gear etc.) similar process happening on Spike puppet..design by @avnergeller scanned by @bfophoto (indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike) #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #puppet #stopmotionpuppet #spikeandmike #scottydog #scottietheshreddingwonderdog #festivalofanimation #sickandtwistedfestivalofanimation #animation #spikeandmikedoc

I have cool friends. Sometimes I forget how remarkable they all are because I get caught up in the everyday stuff that matters (their kindness, for example)... But then I remember the amazing things they do and I'm pretty much floored and like, oh that's right, my friends are the epitome of badass. #yay #friends

Ladies and gentlemen, the late, great Mike Gribble!
The Spike and Mike Festival Animation has an amazing history and you can help us bring it to life by donating to the Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation Documentary's Indiegogo campaign!!
There are ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT to contribute to this project and claim one or more of the awesome perks - you can even claim one of Mike's own unusual and twisted neckties!!! Lear more and check out all of the amazing perks here: https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike.

Only a FEW DAYS LEFT to be a part of the Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation Documentary and claim your special perk (just a few of the awesome perks pictured below)!
Learn more here and even enter to win chance to name the documentary!!! https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike #SpikeMikeDoc

Flashback to Mike Gribble and Nick Park years ago at The Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.
Learn more about our #SpikeMikeDoc and how you can be a part of it here: https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike

Printing the #SpikeMikeDoc t-shirts at Babylon Burning Screen Printing, Inc. in San Francisco!
Only one week left to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign and be a part of the Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation Documentary! Check out all of the cool perks here: https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike.

This boots were made for molding. @spikeandmikedoc cowboy boots! #animation #stopmotionpuppet #wip #spikeandmike #moldmaker #bjb #silicone

An armature making its way inside Scotty, the Shredding Wonder Dog for a documentary on the Spike and Mike festival of animation. This was a fantastic traveling film festival that opened my eyes to all the wonderful and horrible places that animation could take you. Help out at @spikeandmikedoc. Design by @avnergeller, sculpt by @damonbard, cast by @victoriarosepuppets. Great work everybody! #armature #stopmotion #animation #scottiethewonderdog #spikeandmike #puppet #metalwork

We are proud to announce that Academy Award nominee Bruno BOZZETTO has agreed to be interviewed for the Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation Documentary!
Help us connect with more animation legends and even enter to win a chance to name the film by donating to our Indiegogo campaign: https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike. #SpikeMikeDoc

Spike himself and #SpikeMikeDoc director Kat Alioshin on set interviewing the legendary Pete Doctor (creator of Monsters, Inc. and WALL•E).
Pete is just one of the animation legends we are hoping to interview for this Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation Documentary and you can help make it all happen by donating to our Indiegogo campaign!
Check out all the awesome perks and find out how you can even win a chance to name the documentary!!! https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike

We are excited to present our latest "At Large" episode...Patrick Maloney helms our first phone interview with Craig 'Spike' Decker, Riverside native and co-creator of Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation! Spike (a big fan of Hey Riverside) talks about the Mellow Manor days and tells how he and Mike took if from Riverside City College to the world, while supporting the young creators at the forefront of the animation renaissance of the 1980s and '90s. This is a special one for us. Thank you, Spike!
Listen on Soundcloud or Facebook.
Festival of Animation Documentary Page

#heyriverside #socal #riversideca #riversidecalifornia #ie #iloveriverside #spikeandmike #festivalofanimation #animation #soundcloud

The countdown has begun!!!
Less than 2 weeks left to donate to the Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation Documentary Indiegogo and claim your prize! Help us bring the Spike & Mike story to life!
You can even win the opportunity to name the documentary!!! Check out all the perks here: https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike

Nick Park is another one of the amazing animators that we want to interview for the Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation documentary and your donation could make this happen!
Check out our Indiegogo campaign and all of the cool Spike & Mike perks right here: https://igg.me/at/spike-and-mike. #WallaceAndGromit

Mike Gribble in rare form sporting his famous multi-colored beard. #SpikeMikeDoc

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