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Let’s have fun with 3D shapes....😉😊
Maria Montessori's sensorial work uses "sorting" in specific ways that work to use all of the child's senses, one at a time, in order to refine them.
The goal is to train the brain to create more organized thoughts and ways of retrieving information. .
Sorting is a beginning math skill.
It may seem that a big chunk early math is about learning numbers and quantity, but there's much more to it. .
By sorting, children understand that things are alike and different as well as that they can belong and be organized into certain groups.
Getting practice with sorting at an early age is important for numerical concepts and grouping numbers and sets when they're older. .
This type of thinking starts them on the path of applying logical thinking to objects, mathematical concepts and every day life in general
After finished grouping all the shapes, K wanted to do some lacing 😁
For this activity we still using material from @spielgaben .

Making Picasso faces with @spielgaben this morning😍 she even wanted a whacky border for her portrait😉 check out the crazy hair!

Making moon phases using @spielgaben and cards from @pinayhomeschoolershop. We also conducted a hands-on experiment on the moon phases with a styrofoam ball on a skewer in a dark room and with a single light source on. Hold it at arms length and move around slowly (you being the earth and the ball being the moon) and watch the different phases come alive in front of u on the surface of the styrofoam ball!

Our gorgeous Spielgaben set came today! The kids were absolutely ENTHRALLED and played for 2 hours! This was without the hardcopy curriculum that hasn't yet arrived! If there is this much learning and fun without the curriculum, I cannot even imagine the possibilities to come! #spielgaben #spielgabenplay #homeschool #playandlearn #homeschooling #naturallearning #creativity #homeeducator #homeeducation #sensoryplay

Making @spielgaben Australian and Aboriginal flags! For the stars we used paper cut outs.

Our flower

Reveil spielgaben !
Il a décidé ce matin il enfile les perles comme un grand, un peu de motricité fine, et on crie bravoooo à chaques perles enfilées, Il est là son petit plaisir. Des petites victoires pour l'aider à grandir et prendre confiance en lui
On a révisé les couleurs en suivant le modèle.
Mon petit champion 😍
Et maman a décidé de reproduire le requin baleine euuihhh comment dire, niveau art je repasserais plus tard 😂😂😂
#spielgaben #spielgabenplay #decouverte #decouvertedescouleurs #decouvertedesformes #apprentissage #petitcoeurdevientgrand #supercadeaudenoel #littleboy #petitchampion

Le super cadeau déposé par le Peclé sous le sapin pour nos 2 petits monstres.
Et aussi vite adopté par toute la famille.
Je l'ai tellement attendu cette boite au trésor 😂 @spielgaben #spielgaben #spielgabenplay

Making some of the Big 5 animals of South Africa-Lion and the Rhino using our @spielgaben blocks. I’ve realized why my kids aren’t very fond of toys with instructions. They get frustrated when their creativity is hampered. I like a balance so both types of toys are available at home. Soon after this they started making forests for the animals and looked a lot happier. Open ended toys for the win!

The objective is simple; encourage the child to identify the most common letter on the grid by placing the circles on the correct squares. There should be five of the same letter on each grid among a selection of other random letters. Take it slow – keep doing the same grid over the space of a couple of days before moving on to another. Most children learn best by repetition.
I also find sounding the letter out the same way as I taught animal noises effective. For example ‘This is the letter E. E says (or makes the sound) eh’. To find out more, check out Happy Little Owls. http://ow.ly/yyTQ30hbJUz
#spielgaben #alphabet #spielgabenplay #homeschool #homeschooling @happylittleowls

Afternoon play...😘
Let’s play with patterns & counting...
Mama-nya prepare apa... bocah-nya pilih pattern sendiri,ahaha..

Building a city #spielgaben #spielgabenplay

Aspire Solar System workshop today
A bit of a mixed session today....creating new environments on brand new planets they designed.
Then a STEM building session.
#solarsystem #workshops #planet #stem #stemeducation #spielgaben #spielgabenplay #create #creative #creating #kids #homeschooling #homeeducation #homeeducationuk

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