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"No! Ascoltate voi! Per tutta la vita mi avete detto che il mondo è un posto crudele e tenebroso, ma ora vedo che l'unica cosa crudele e tenebrosa sono le persone come voi!"
Il gobbo di Notre Dame ~Tità~
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Check out the tutorial I did for these spidery eyes on the @anastasiabeverlyhills IG Story!
All ABH products were used💋
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So this little guy showed up at breakfast. He was staring at me from the table, calculating something. Then he jumped and started climbing my body like a professional. Then he was gone. It was like a magic! 30 minutes later I see him again on my hand. I take this picture of him before he jumps into my ear and whisper "The spiders are on their way, Adrian. We know about your crimes against spiderkind, and we are not happy with you. In the web of nightmares we will send you, and no creature of the light will hear your screams. The spiders are coming, Adrian..." #itwaslikeamagic #spider #yellowspider #junpingspider #spidereyes #spidersarecool #spidersaretakingovertheearth #spidersarescary #edderkopp

Natural dyes and bleach to create a fabric painting of spider eyes #spider #spidereyes #blueandorange #bleach #textitile #textiledevelopment

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