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Reunited ❤️ She was miserable when we first saw her but is fortunately resting now. She just got some much needed Toradol (basically IV ibuprofen) and Valium which helps with muscle spasms after this type of surgery. She also has morphine in an epidural for pain. So glad surgery is behind us and she is in my arms. #CHARGEon #hipdysplasia #spicacast #chargesyndrome #warrior ❤️

This is Hugo's "YIPPEEE IM GOING HOME TODAY" face! The hip has stayed in place in this extremely wide stance, it's like he's doing a really wide sumo squat! We have to hire a special car seat that will accommodate Hugo and his wide load 🙊😂 so we just have to wait for that, and wait for OT to pad it all out nicely so he is comfortable and safe! Then we can go home! The cast makes Hugo very heavy and very awkward to carry and move around so it's going to be challenging at first to get him settled and comfortable at home. He can no longer sit unassisted and he cannot roll over by himself so we are going to have to assist him with all of these things. But we are very happy to be going home today!

Even though these two goofballs gave me the scare of my life Sunday night, they're still being silly as usual. So thankful that neither of them were hurt worse in the accident. It's gonna be a tough 6 weeks with this spica cast but Mari is strong and smart and we'll pull through, especially with the support of our friends and family ❤️ #hellobabymariko #spicacast

In 2 days my wee babe gets her legs back. Excitement levels are pretty high. #spicacast #hipdysplasia #weetrooper

My sweetie, free from her #spicacast. Somehow, I love her more every day. #doublesymesamputee #fibularhemimelia #myfavoritegirl 💗😘🎀

❤️Today I got to hold my baby for the first time all over again. I wish four months ago when we received Evie's diagnosis that we could have known how beautifully she would handle her three months in a body cast. I am so proud to be her Mama, and am over the moon that today we became cast free!!! We are so excited to get back to our old normal, and watch our sweet baby learn to crawl then walk. She truly is an inspiration to us and our God is so so good! 9.12.16 #EverlyBritt #Hipjourney #Spicacast #Toohipfordysplasia ❤️

We've had a lot of questions asking why Bailey has to be in a #spicacast again, so thought I would dedicate an entire post to it. Bailey has bilateral hip dysplasia. A very simplified explanation is that her hip sockets didn't fully form, and that combined with laxicity of ligaments in her body (which is very common in people with Down syndrome), meant that her hip joint would "pop" in and out of socket. This first started when she was two and was very painful for her. As it happened more and more it became less painful, but also easier to go in and out. Before her hip was repaired last year it was easily sliding in and out of socket. We tried various non-surgical methods to correct it but they were not successful so we had to have it corrected surgically. Last year she had her right side repaired, and this year her left. With the exception of a short surgery next year to remove the plates and screws they used in surgical repair, she should not need additional hip surgeries in the future. Certainly not a fun way to spend this Fall, but we are happy to not be dreading this any longer! #dailybailey #hipdysplasia #downsyndromeisbeautiful


Spica Squad! Gotta keep all my supplies and all his entertainment as handy as possible. All I have to say is: God bless Amazon and Poise Pads! 🙌🏼 #SpicaSquad

Mr. Independent

Traveling back to Albuquerque from Dallas. 9hr drive and he did so great! Ready to get settled in and start #spicasmiling!

Getting comfy isn't easy but we're getting there!

Post-Op! Unilateral Spica Cast, no rods, pins or casting of the other leg!

Morning of surgery! What a freakin' trooper, right?

In traction for the night while we waited for Ortho and surgery

Onto Cooks Children's Fort Worth we went!

The ER: god bless Texas and it's amazing medical care! We rushed into an ER about 2 minutes away and were seen immoderately. At this point I still thought sprained knee at most so imagine our shock when they told us upon sight that his femur was broken and possibly his pelvis too. The staff and dr. At Texas Health Emergency in Corinth were amazing! They had Ashton medicated, X-Rayed, splinted and ready for transport in no time being sure to keep him (and us) as comfortable and informed as possible .

The BREAK: On Saturday April 22nd 2017, we were in Texas visiting family after a wedding when I decided the two very stinky Baker Babies needed a bath. Hadlee was in the bath already and Ashton was next to the tub feeling the water. He turned to head back into the guest room and as he stepped off the bath mat and slipped on some water into the full splits. His right leg twisted behind him and he cried out in pain. Believe it or not, it wasn't apparent his leg was broken right away. I knew he had hurt himself but I thought he sprained his knee or pulled a muscle. I scooped him up and daddy held him as I got Hadlee out of the bath. He just sat with Daddy saying "Owie, my leg!" About 10 minutes post fall I stood up with him and he SCREAMED out in pain and I knew we had to go. So, off to the ER we went.

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