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🌟CLEAN🌟 So how does cleaning save me money? Cleaning out my fridge right before my BIG WEEKLY grocery haul and doing a weekly inventory, I avoid buying things I don't need and things don't go to waste. I am also getting ready to do another small "QUICK and fresh" grocery haul on Friday so I need to see what's on hand first! My last week's haul is on my channel TODAY (LINK in PROFILE)👀 I am in need of doing a deep fridge clean this month and was was thinking of recording it. Would you like to see a video like that? Let me know! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽#cleanwithme #nowaste #inventoryday #groceryhaul #cleaningmotivation #deepclean #momboss #savemoney #spendlesslivemore #frugalliving #debtfree #wahm

Letting their work speak for itself. Meet the CEO Essentialists #SpendLessLiveMore #CEO

We are rolling out our new logo in style! Comment and tag a friend- first 5 will win a shirt for you both! #thefalls #spendlesslivemore #livedifferent #appleairpods

Join us on our journey to #SpendLessLiveMore ! We'll be sharing ideas and tips on how life on a #budget can still be #awesome. Share your pictures with us or comment other cool ideas to #spend less whilst living more!!

Cuando le sonríes a la vida, grandes cosas suceden #Chiapasionate #Mexicoiswonderful #spendlesslivemore

Dreaming about our next family trip... 😴👣🐾🌎 #dreams #fursiblings #travels #furtravelers #spendlesslivemore

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When you decide to stay😀🏡 after much thought and soul searching of what's most important to us as a family we've decided that we shall remain small in our home and live our life BIG...experiencing the world and doing the things that make us happy 🏝🎡🛤🏕🌃🌇🎠⛱✈️🚇⛵️ #lifeisforliving #spendlesslivemore


Letting their work speak for itself. Meet the CEO Essentialists #SpendLessLiveMore #CEO

Time to go off road this weekend with the pack #SpendLessLiveMore

Serious #nospendfail... I may only be halfway through my 6 week #nospendchallenge but I’m throwing in the towel 😱 It ain’t called a challenge for no reason! Hubby is going away for a bit longer than I first thought 💸 and in the past couple of days it’s really come to light that my diet needs a radical overhaul, at least for the short-term, to help my digestive system so I’ve been buying all the gluten-free, all the dairy-free 💸💸 and speaking to a private hospital about getting some allergy and intolerance testing done 💸💸💸. We will have demolished our whole 6-week budget by Sunday so I’m going to have to admit defeat and that I probably tried running before I could walk (6 weeks, whaaaat??!). At least I know we can function within our ‘normal’ budget that will be seeing us through the next 5 years! #everycloud #smallvictory 🌚

Went in thinking ‘what will be will be, I don’t NEED this job’, came out thinking ‘BUT I WANT IT SO MUCH!’. The guy was lovely and there is so much opportunity for extra shifts, pay rises and training that I really bloody want it now! 🤦🏼‍♀️ He said over 100 people applied and they’ve interviewed around 10, so hoping I did and said enough to get the ‘good news’ phone call 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 #sidehustle

Following on from my post last week about 10 things we don’t spend (as much) money on since starting our debt-free journey, I thought it would be fun to share 10 things we currently refuse to give up and make sure we incorporate into our budget. I’ve seen a few of these on my feed and have enjoyed reading what keeps other people motivated and sane, so he’s mine! 💷

Thanks to @mattresstomaison and @frompenniestopounds for the tag! Tagging @timeandpence_, @athriftyfox and @budgetedbrunette 💕

1. Hair appointments... My sister-in-law is a hairdresser and she cuts both mine and hubby’s hair for free 🙌🏼 I also finished growing/cutting out any dye/bleach from my hair earlier this year and am now back to my natural dark brown and have every intention of staying that way, greys and all.

2. Make-up... I use to love nothing better than a big payday splurge on expensive make-up that I hardly ever wore. Now I literally own 4 things (eyebrows, mascara, concealer, cheeks/eyes compact)

3. Skincare... Again, every payday I would be seduced by fancy skincare promising miracles. Now I slather on Johnson’s baby lotion every morning and night, wipe it off with cotton pads and moisturise with olive oil. My skin has never looked better 🤔

4. Alcohol... Me and hubby have never been big drinkers but even less so now. I could hand-on-heart go the rest of my life without having another alcoholic drink again 👀

5. Eating out... I generally begrudge paying restaurant prices anyway so that wasn’t hard to give up, but when we do go out we look for deals where it’s cheaper on a particular day or during a certain time.

6. Take-away... We definitely still treat ourselves to the odd Indian but nowhere near as much as we use to.

7. Clothes... Since I’ve bought a house and worked for my current employer I hardly ever buy clothes - jeans and converse are the office norm at my non-profit so no need for a separate work wardrobe.

8. TV... We cancelled our Sky subscription earlier this year and have just cancelled our TV licence too, saving us over £100 a month. We’re also watching a TV that we’ve had for about 7 years which is big enough but doesn’t have a DVD player or a USB. Both highly annoying but I know for sure we won’t upgrade it until it dies, and even then we won’t be in a rush.

9. Car... We bought ourselves out of a car finance plan in February after seeing the light and now share a 2009 Fiat Panda which use to belong to my mum.

10. Full price bread... Freezing bread has been an absolute revelation so now we always buy reduced!

Throwback from Halloween a few years back. We made our costumes with Goodwill buys (including that red Prada purse) and clothes we already had. Can you guess who we dressed up as?
#halloween #tbt #halloweencostume #couplescostumes #thrifty #frugal #goodwill #frugalliving #frugalfun #millennialmoney #financetips #frugallife #shoppingtips #savingmoney #spendlesslivemore #aspiretoinspire #financeblog #behappy #liveauthentic

kouzlo zadarmo.

dnes me napadlo prirovnani prahy a “zlate klicky”. vsude kolem je spousta krasy a lakadel, ktere se daji koupit. vydelavam, utracim... a casto premyslim, jestli to neni zbytecne. co mi to prinasi? radost? no, dobre espresso by mi asi chybelo :) po ceste z jedne takove spis “klece” vidim, ze stejne to nejkrasnejsi mame (zatim) zadarmo.

#prague #sunset #nature #magic #nofilter #natureisfree #spendlesslivemore

A little #widn thanks to the lovely @mattresstomaison... I wish it was more exciting but unfortunately I’m just living my weekly Sunday hell of about 5 loads of washing and drying (the state of my post-burst-pipe kitchen floor though 🤦🏼‍♀️). The ordeal being made that little bit sweeter by Spotify shuffling its way through a bunch of old songs (goodbye Premium) and me jumping in the shower between cycles to come out feeling like a new woman ready to snuggle up and get stuck into my book. FYI, I bought this shampoo and conditioner when it was on an introductory offer at Boots but ohemgee it’s bloody amazing and smells like an actual spa 🍃 Highly recommend and will be faithfully repurchasing until the end of time (the Oliver Bonas scrub is to die for too but super expensive and, you know, mortgage) 🙅🏼 Fancy joining in @ajourneytoalifetime @shoestringchic_ @frompenniestopounds @timeandpence_ @bluesky_rachi? 💃🏼 #whatimdoingnow

This first #nospend week has been made a bit easier by us using whatever change we had lying around to buy a bottle of milk here and a loaf of bread there, without us having to use the bank card and it coming out of our £50. Unfortunately we are now completely out of change and the real challenge begins I suppose! I also used some of my #nectarpoints in Sainsbury’s last night to buy a hot chicken which has given me enough meat for four meals (hubby is eating out of the freezer at the moment for his dinner). I forgot about the bloody window cleaner but he shouldn’t be back again for a while, and I’ve bought a #groupon voucher for £40 worth of shopping from #ocado (and a three month free-delivery pass) for £29, which means that we are under the £30 a week food budget in week 1 and shouldn’t need to spend anything on food in week 2... winning! 🎉 Going to while away the rest of this afternoon watching #bridgetjonesbaby, #mealplanning and doing my online shop 🚚 Happy Saturday folks! 🙌🏼

The best three months of the year are upon us! 🍂

A year after we had been in the house we had a convo along the lines of ‘fancy getting married?’ ‘yeah alright then’ and then thought it best we get a ring so we look ‘properly engaged’ 🙄 to ‘everyone else’ 🙄 I know right.
So off we went to the jewellers and somewhere along the M6 the budget went out the window and I lost my mind telling myself that if I was ever going to buy a beautiful sparkly piece of bling it was going to be my engagement ring, forgetting that a) I don’t particularly enjoy wearing jewellery, and b) we’s broke 💸💸💸 Cue falling in love with a gorgeous ring four times the original budget and wacking it all (save for a 10% deposit) on 0% finance for 3 years with the view to having a long engagement.
I literally had buyers remorse within a couple of weeks, we ended up getting married 9 months later and now (when I remember) I only wear my non-matching (but stunning diamond and emerald 🙌🏼) wedding band which use to belong to my mum and cost me £50 to resize 🌚 I do crack out the sparkler on occasion when I want to feel sophis and like I’ve got my shit together, but for the most part it lives in its box.
Basically my moral of this sad, sad story is two-fold... 1. If you don’t have the money there and then, you can’t afford it, end of story! 2. It’s just a ring. You don’t need (him) to spend an arm and a leg on it when you could use that money for a fab holiday making amazing memories or a home improvement that will see you through for years to come. It’s definitely been a lesson that *things* don’t make you happy and as a result we only spent half of what the ring cost on our registry office wedding and I love love loved it and we’re just as married as we would have been had we spent £20k. Saying our vows was the best moment of my entire life and my heart still feels like it could burst just thinking about it. That, to me, is what your entire wedding day is about and I have no doubt that in 20, 30, 40 years time no bride or groom will remember the table decorations or flower arrangements or favours... It will always be the way the other half of your heart was looking back at you when you said ‘I do’ 💕

I never buy anything nowadays without checking for discount codes or using cashback sites like #Quidco but whyyyyy does it have to take so long! 5 months, really?! 🙄🙄🙄

Following on from my previous post, I’ve temporarily disabled my personal Instagram account as the FOMO is real most of the time, nevermind during a spending ban! I love this debt-free community and always feel so inspired by all you lovely likeminded people, so I feel like this is a good distraction unlike my personal one. I don’t have Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, a blog, anything and I deleted Facebook years ago and have NEVER looked back, honestly it was like a weight had been lifted and I felt relieved to never have to read another persons inane over-sharing post ever again! It’s probably due to this social media black-out that I regularly toy with the idea of a ‘full house’ and ditching my personal insta as I don’t often post on it so who knows what a ‘temporary disable’ may lead to... Anyway, it’s Sunday tomorrow (or today seeing as it’s 3am!) and other than cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry I intend on spending my Insta-free day drinking tea, getting stuck into my new book and being generally very #hygge. Night y’all! 😴

So in an effort to save some money ahead of Christmas we’ve decided that for six weeks we’re going to do a #nospendchallenge save for food and fuel (slashing our weekly food budget from £60 to £30 in a bid to stop wasting so much). I’m currently busy making a list of free days out and date night ideas to keep us entertained and motivated over the six weeks and looking at what gift cards we have and where we can spend our Tesco Clubcard points! The only other exception of sorts will be paint and decorating materials as we are currently revamping the hallway, stairs and landing but this will be coming out of a savings pot that’s already set aside for that purpose 💸 Feeling pretty inspired and excited right now but I’m sure the novelty will wear off about 3 days in!

Super duper exited to have just booked a cosy little coastal #sykescottages for the end of November next year for me and hubby 🌊 Being #gazelleintense on overpaying the mortgage means staycations are going to feature heavily over the next 5 years, but if they're all this cute then I won't mind! We also decided earlier in the year that we would start trying for a baby next Christmas so in my head this little break marks the start of a new adventure (fingers crossed!) 🌈

A little update on our mortgage-free journey... After crunching some numbers and spending far too long staring at an Excel spreadsheet, I've worked out that if we overpay the maximum amount we can each year (and interest rates don’t suddenly skyrocket) we can knock another 7 months off the overall term and bring forward our completion date to no later than December 2022! This would mean that from when we took our mortgage out in August 2015, we will have paid it off in less than 7 and a half years and be mortgage-free almost 20 years earlier than originally planned! 😵😵😵 Mr PMF gets paid every four weeks (13 times a year) so we have one month each year where he gets paid twice, sort of like a 'bonus', and this would allow us to make even more of a dent without missing the money! 🎉

It's the little things that bring the joy ❤️

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