f a d e o u t // I loooove the fadeout process just as much as the initial color. Color placement makes all the difference; it’s not just about slapping color on all willy nilly. I used a mixture of @pulpriothair @kenraprofessional and @gkhair for her color.

b a b y l o v e 💕 // when your 4 year old rocks her cut and style like a pro. I do what I do for her.

s u n k i s s e d ☀️💋 // a subtle and soft balayage on this pretty redhead. It was a gloomy day and the sun came out while I took her photos. Y’all she was literally kissed by the sun in this shot. 💕 #sunkissed #madeafunny 🤣

Race day followed by salon day. Very grateful to Rico, Sabrina, Nancy and Spencer. #sabrina_davis_life_style #spencermalayhair

c h e r r y p o p p e d // 😱 this was my client’s first time getting any highlights in her hair. We started off with a natural level 7 and this was our end result. She had a great base naturally so I just played off of that as far as choosing the tone of her highlights. She’s a busy college student so I wanted something that would grow out nice for her and is manageable. Such a pleasure when you get to make your clients happy. ☺️💕

s u n k i s s e d // I truly enjoy enhancing someone’s natural. The client gets some longevity out of their color; especially if it’s difficult to make it in to see me often. We all know life gets busy but it’s always nice to make a little time for ourselves. We all deserve it. 💕

f a d e o u t // 3 months since we last did her color. I love the fade out that her color has given us. 😍😍 @cmshair is always a great canvas ☺️

Full head of foils with a root melt to freshen up her look. Used @matrix 5A + 10vol for her melt and 7P + 10vol on her mids to ends.

f a d e o u t // my midnight blue girlie. When the fade out becomes a whole new combo of colors, it’s like making the hair new all over again. Used @pulpriothair @kenraprofessional and @gkhair .

It’s quite a production in order for your lovely hairdressers to get an awesome photo for social media. Although, it’s quite an amazing thing. I feel like clients get to have a small moment to enjoy being fabulous, “celebrity style”. 🌟📸

s u m m e r ☀️ v i b e s // summer is approaching, is your hair ready?

s u m m e r r e a d y ☀️ // Gave my girl a more ash tone blonde using @matrix Socolor. 5A on her roots melted down with 7P on her mids and 7P + Clear on her ends .

It’s finally Friday! Me and the girls here at @spencer_malay_hair hope everyone has an awesome Memorial weekend! Just a reminder our salon will be closed Sat-Tues for the holiday weekend. Be safe and rock some great hair in the meantime! ❤️❤️❤️

f o i l a y a g e // spring & summer ready. Sometimes you just need a little bit ❤️

Well it’s official, I’m a bonafide red head. Thank you Viola and all the girls... I simply love it! #spencermalayhair #buckhead

t h r o w b a c k // #tbt to this soft caramel #foilayage with #babylights on my pretty client using @matrix Socolor for her overall tone. 😍

b a l a y a g e o m b r e // open air balayage on my girl using @gkhair Miami Beach Bombshell balayage lightener and @framar brushes and Funked Up Film. Overall quick tone with @gkhair 8.11 w/ 8vol. @olaplex No. 3 for her aftercare. 😍 Assisted by my girl Jamie.

b r i g h t n e s s // when you need just that little bit of pop to get you spring and summer ready.

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