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say my name ♡

↳ cc. voidgold / for noura, inés and gab!

» happy 24th birthday to the owner of my heart & the love of my life who deserves the world, mrs emily fields-dilaurentis! i miss you more and more everyday babygirl come back to me 🎈
» my audio and transition!
» song: say my name - destiny child [cyril hahn remix]

[ #hellgrp #shaymitchelledit ]

p.s: If the quality is bad for you, your internet is slow at loading it. refresh it a couple times and it should be good! :)

Who actually thought Ali killed Mona?
#prettylittleliars #pll

– 7x20
Sorry I’ve been so inactive 💓
I went on a road trip so I haven’t had to time to make edits! I’m on Thanksgiving Break now, so I will have more time to edit :)
q: Rank the endgame ships! (Favorite to least favorite)
a: Emison, Spoby, Ezria, Haleb

“that boy is my brother.”
— for tayla
— svp trash sorry

‘s post
✎Daily reminder that Spoby deserved so much more + I have my netball moderation tomorrow and I wanna cry❤️
➵fc ↳1748
∞ check out my last post!
ᵜ creds @ vanilla121627 on twitter
ღFave subject at school?
ღPhysical education & biology
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♡ which liar looks best in leather?
➳ a: Alison & Hanna
➳ b: Emily & Spencer.
♡ i'm changing this up today. Daily deed: Make someone smile in a positive way. Comment a "💜" if you do.
➳ current mood - tired.
➳ current obsession - TVD books.
♡ fc: 10, 448
➳ New York - November 20 - 2:39pm
➳ Australia - November 21 - 6:09am
♡ Isabella.

#pll #prettylittleliars #whichliar

emily & alison ♡

↳ cc. maliexotic / dt. emison grp! <3

» best ship development and one of the best ships of all time, i sleep on emison way too much. maya is shook from her grave! 😋

[ #hellgrp ]

The most underrated parallel. Only the true Spoby shippers will understand 😭😍❣️ @sleepinthegardn @keeoone @prettylittleliars #spoby #spobyisendgame #spencerhastings #tobycavanaugh #prettylittleliars


— hanna marin
for @prettyslittleliars
she’s so underrated
ac; maliaeth
cc; oml.baddiesx
I’m so sorry for
this crappy audio
quality omg

Gotta live up to my username
Ac maliexotic / cc @loyaltyedits / tc prettyslittleliars [#omgpage]

they’re eachothers home ❤️

» cc; chaotictutorials / ac; void.grande i think?
»for my idol taylor

you slay and ily and your edits you’re an inspiration to many people so keep slaying!

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