And finally. A whole 7 minutes for me to speed shop while the kids and grandparents sit in the car. #speedthrifting #vintageart #vintageloveliness

Had two hours (thanks to the babysitter) — still managed to fill my cart. #speedthrifting

#thriftingquestion #lookingforinput #thrfiter #thrifting #ebayseller 🔴I look at activewear / bras first 🔴second I look at shoes
I usually only have 30-60 minutes to thrift, I have noticed there are a handful of people who work full time and do ebay / thrift part time. I am curious to see which areas everyone goes to first if limited on time. Whether you are part time or full time ebayer / thrifter - which areas of the thrift store do you go to first ?

Grabbed this pair of stacking hairpin stools today for $2 - I will replace the seat with a piece of oiled Kumaru and use them outside at the cabin as side tables on the deck. #thrifted #vintage #midcentury #hairpin #lzcabin

I had 15 minutes at the thrift store and I made it count. Winter stuff for the kids and a pretty scarf for me. #speedthrifting #10bucks

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