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There are still a few things left to do in Mrs. Rogers classroom but these students are definitely walking into a different space tomorrow!!! So excited to hear how they respond! It's simple but happy and there are so many positive and encouraging things happening! I love everything from the growth mindset bulletin board to the 'You matter' every time they check the time and don't get me started on the reading nook 😍😍 #laboroflove #mrsrogersclass #happystudents #happyteacher #ittakesavillage #teamgermaine #yayforpinterest

Wishlist overflowing? There is a boost sale happening tomorrow and I have a tpt gift card to giveaway!!! To enter to win it: 1️⃣ like this post 2️⃣ follow speech time fun 3️⃣ tag a fellow SLP that would wanna win this! I will pick a winner randomly and tag them at 9pm EST today!

When we first started speech it was a struggle to get her to say anything 😍❤️😢She's so good!! #slp #slps #slpeeps #speechtherapy #speechpathology

If mealtime with young children in your house is making you tear your hair out, our resident speechie, Alison, shares some tips on how to make mealtimes more fun. And, as an extra bonus, you can see a video of Nicholas eating yoghurt 😉

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What an incredible day at the Teddy Bear Hospital ❤️🐻I'm so happy to have been part of such an amazing committee this year and so proud to have brought speech pathology into the teddy team. Thanks to all our awesome volunteers today 😊 #teddybearhospital #speechpathology #chadstoneshoppingcentre #royalchildrenshospital #universityofmelbourne

Here's what I'm doing today. I don't think I complain much, at least not out loud. But this was the prompt on The Five Minute Journal today. 📓 And it got me thinking 💭 🤔 hmmmm maybe I silently complain more than I realize. Like about bad drivers, so many passwords, having too much to do and a myriad of other things. 😯Let's see if I can catch myself today and let those thoughts go. 💕Double tap if you can relate or just tell me, Anne you're crazy I love complaining.

Lunch break photo just because I hardly everr wear scrubs to work. Usually business cas or a white coat. But today scrubs it is! 💙 hope you're having great day!
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Toys for Speech, Language, and Communication!

Here are some ideas (with goals) of how to promote speech, language, and communication using a Little People Farm from Primary Punch (What's In Your Early Intervention Bag? Blog Post)! #SLP #slpeeps #speech #language #communication #requesting #animals #commands #naming #sounds #basicconcepts #prepositions #preschool #EI #youngchildren

Idk about you, but I'm going to embrace the criticism. I have a voice and you do too so don't be afraid to use it 🙌🏽

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness." -Oprah
College.2. After failing during my first try at achieving my bachelors degree, I'm back at it, ready for GREATNESS! #speechpathology #yesqueen

We have NEW Assessments for the New School Year - such as the BESA: Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment Kit! Learn more at -> NorthernSpeech.com/therapy-materials/.
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James 1:3
Claiming this today. 💙

Happy Solar Eclipse Day! Have fun viewing this historical event with family, friends, students, clients, or anyone else you may be viewing it with. Stay safe and enjoy!

I'm just gonna leave this right here....⠀
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I couldn't let this equally great app update go to waste: Lemon Lumberjack's Letter Mill is currently free BUT the in-app purchase to unlock the ENTIRE game is also free right now. Don't hesitate, go grab it for yourself and help those elementary kiddos!

Anyone going to #interspeech2017 that would lend me their name tag so I can attend some of the talks? Tack! #Linguistics #SignalProcessing #AI #Communication #SituatedCognition #EmbodiedCognition #SpeechPathology #Polyglots #CodeSwitching

I am so pumped to announce my podcast "Swallow Your Pride" will be available on iTunes on Sept 1! .
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We'll be doing an AMAZING giveaway to those who are subscribed once it's released! (That may include registration to DRS but more details to follow next week!)
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