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my favs!!! qotd: did you see dwsa when it was still open?🌻

Cast of Deaf West Spring Awakening! qotd: what tv show are you watching right now? ✨


gotta love @austineyes and @sandy21mae 💖💖💖 qotd: how cold is it where you live? 🌻

Look how cute they are💘💘💘 qotd: did you go back to school today? 🌻

SQUAD UP!! qotd: who’s your squad? tag them below!!!🌻

i am LIVING for Austin’s black and white pics omg anyone else?🌻

I love this pic❤️🌈 qotd: do you have finals coming up? 🌻

Austin’s love for dogs is just adorable <3 qotd: do you have any pets?🌻

Thankful for him and lots of other things today❤️ qotd: are you going to go Black Friday shopping?🌻

Thanks to @griffinm797 for telling us about this post!! QOTD: what’s your fav thanksgiving food?🌻

just look at him!
qotd: who has put up Christmas decorations already? ✨

he’s so great ahh qotd: fav tv show? 🌻

look at this amazing fan art made by @reverend.robel !! honestly I wish I had half as much talent as they do!!! qotd: are you doing anything fun for Halloween?🌻

Look how cute they are!
qotd: what are you going to dress up as for halloween? 🌻

cool shot from deaf spring awakening!
qotd: what’s your favorite holiday? ✨

enjoy this adorable vid of @austineyes singing💖 qotd: how many theatre productions have you been in? 🌻

Deaf West Spring Awakening opened this day in 2015!! QOTD: What is your all time favorite musical? 🌻

another spring awakening cast pic! qotd: if you could speak another language, what would it be? ✨

qotd: if you could be in any broadway show, what would it be? 🌻

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