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Tarde libreeeeeeee
#Specopstheline :3

One of the most memorable scenes in gaming history. This game will make you see how terrible the war is, it will open your eyes. And THIS is what happens when you try to be a hero. Do you feel like a hero yet? #specopstheline

I zostałem bohaterem kina akcji 😎 #gamer#ps3#specopstheline#polishboy#szczecin

Spec Ops The Line : "Pas d'armes dans le camp." #SpecOpsTheLine #YagerDevelopment

I'm streaming spec ops the line today twitch.tv/drzchamp (link in bio) #videogames #twitch #twitchstreamer #specopstheline

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RAM : 2 GB
VGA : 1 GB
WIN : 7.8.10. 32BIT OR 64 BIT

Yeah, this game (a military shooter) often gets compared to survival horror in its design. It's one of the reasons why it's unique.
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время однообразных летних фоточек🌝
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Finally got the chance to 100% one of my favorite games of all time and still every time I reach the ending it hits me like a fucking truck. The atrocities you commit and are forced to deal with are brutal and make you question everything you've done in other military based games, cod, battlefield, etc. every chapter slowly shows the decline of walker and his squad mates Lugo and Adams from upbeat military bros to ptsd having murderers who don't even know why they came anymore. The gameplay is generic third person shooter, but the combat has moments where walker starts to lose it and it further shows the decent walker has gone through. The starting chapters of the game walker is professional about his kills with executions you use to finish off enemies being quick and to the point, but by the end of the game after all he's been through they become brutal acts of murder that are simply overkill. Spec ops the line is a game that will make you feel like a solider gone through hell. It breaks the illusion of every military game where the protagonist is completely fine after killing hundreds of people. It shows the dark heart of war and the ugliness it comes with. Spec ops the line isn't a game that should be played it needs to be played. The story itself brings this to a perfect 10/10 for me you grow attached to Lugo, Adams, and walker. So by the end of the game you're heartbroken to see what becomes of these traumatized men. Spec ops the line is a masterpiece in video game storytelling and immersion that needs to be studied to reach this level of griping storytelling again.

For anyone who didn't know, there's a damn good Humble Bundle going on right now, and a console one at that. This 2K Bundle with games for PS3, plus some PS4 and Vita may have some duds (Evolve, Battleborn) but is heavy on XCOM, which I've heard good things about, and is worth it for the stacked Ultimate Edition of Borderlands 2 alone. Spec Ops: The Line is also an absolute masterpiece, as is Bioshock if you've somehow not played it yet. And most importantly, it's always for a good cause, well worth the $6 or so for the above average tier. #humblebundle #2kgames #2k #playstation #playstation3 #playstation4 #psvita #playstationvita #xcom #bioshock #mafiaii #specopstheline #borderlands

My top 5 PS3 games: 5. Ni No Kuni, 4. Spec Ops The Line, 3. Final Fantasy XIII-2, 2. Beyond Two Souls, 1. Nier #PS3 #Playstation #Sony #NiNoKuni #SpecOpsTheLine #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIII2 #BeyondTwoSouls #Nier

"The US military does not condone the killing of unarmed combatants. But this isn't real, so why should you care?"
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White phosphorus - Spec Ops: The Line

Have you ever seen the war in this way?

Survivors one too many! The End of Spec Ops The Line my favorite game amazing story and great voice actor @reallynolannorth #specopstheline #captinwalker

Ive spoken a few times I think on quality vs value in collecting. As in, much of my collection isnt at all that valuable to many because so much of it is niche that only resonates with me. But to me, the quality of these titles are beyond measure.

Nothing is more symbolic of this than Spec Ops: The Line. This title can be had sub $10 even new, and is one of the best stories in all of gaming (no joke). Part Tom Clancy, part Silent Hill, SOTL paints a truly grim portrait of what would happen to the psyche of videogame characters if they actually had consciousness and guilt. It is a truly profound experience and for such a small price point, cannot recommend it enough to everyone reading, and is a title I dont think I could ever part with.

ProTip: The Premium Editions, as seen here, do not contain anything overly special. I think more weapons in a "Fubar Pack" for the terrible tacked on Multiplayer that the dev team neither made themselves not wanted in the game. No love lost whatever edition you pick up.

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