Hendrea has been getting a special calcium-enriched breakfast almost daily to help her with her calcium intake and her laying. She’s just not picking up enough free choice oyster shells on her own. Today her breakfast consists of almond meal (leftover from making almond milk), cucumbers, parsley, raisins and crushed eggshells. Notice how she keeps missing the food on the ground? I’m surprised it actually didn’t take her long to pick up that dropped piece of cucumber. She sees high contrast better, hence the white bowl. She can see a little bit, but her vision loss includes lack of accuracy and depth perception. She also seems to favor her right eye more. .
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I've shared both these girls before, but the story gets a little more heartwarming. Maleficent, the black hen, is my #specialneedschicken. Boots, the Cochin, has been sitting on eggs for weeks and has babies now. Maleficent started laying eggs last week, so she crawled in with Boots to lay her eggs in a "nest," and now the two are inseparable. Maleficent is always the "nursery worker," since I try to keep roos off of her and keep her locked up for safety. She's never had a "friend" before. I've had to lock her away from the babies because hopping around on one foot makes it difficult to not land in the wrong place. But sweet Maleficent gets as close as she can to the border that separates them. Sharing for #30daymyflockrocks with @coop_crate. #bffs❤

So much fun doing Bunny Yoga tonight with our Bunnies and of course Twisted! #twisted_acres #bunnyyoga #specialneedschicken #happyfit #belgianhares #bunnylove #clubfitnessmtwashington

Giving these two love birds some grass time out of the coop today. Some of you may remember “limber legs” from a post several weeks ago who I took in to try to rehabilitate her severe spraddle leg, which turned out to be some kind of deformity that I couldn’t correct. Her larger buddy with the big red comb that I also took in as company, we’ve name Kowalski. I’m 99% sure that he is a rooster and she is a hen. Undeniably bonded, these two are so adorable, 😍 especially the little contented sounds that LL makes. Because of the brutal nature of flock hierarchy, I doubt that LL with her deformed leg and small stature will ever be able to have a peaceful life around other chickens besides Kowalski, as she will be bullied. I don’t have a set up for these two to live separately either, so it’s my hope that I will be able to home them somewhere eventually. #lovebirds #preening #specialneedschicken #itwasntspraddlelegs #itried #whiteleghorn #thethingswedoforchickens

Twisted was on a roll this morning...hush chicken! #twistedchickens #specialneedschicken #farmlife #thethingswedoforourkids

Y'all, it's a miracle. My #specialneedschicken laid an egg. Her first egg ever. I was going to post a hen I lost last year for the chicken that stole my heart, but there's not just one chicken that did so. So for #30daymyflockrocks and because Maleficent laid her first egg, she gets the feature. We never expected her to lay an egg. Many would have culled her, but we move her in and out of the coop every night. We keep the roosters away from her. She's like the flock nursery keeper (not sure she's a fan of that but she's in a protected run each day). She's the sweetest hen, happy to let us guard over her. If she never lays another egg, that's okay. #shesakeeper

It’s national pet day! We have way to many pets to post them all so here’s Twisted. This special needs chicken was the start of our lil farm we call Twisted Acres 💕 #scissorbeakchicken #specialneedschicken #chickensofig

I got a new beehive tattoo, but more importantly- Crossley ❤️😂 #MeMeMe #LookAtMe #Crossley #lovesthatnailpolishshade #CuckooMarans #Crossbeak #SpecialNeedsChicken #HotofftheNest

Peaches is an adorable snuggly little scissor beak I met the other day. I'm not sure if she is an #ameraucana or an #easteregger but either way those #muffs are stinking adorable! #farmlife #chickenlife #fluffybutt #crazychickenlady #scissorbeak #specialneedschicken #chickentherapy #chickenlove

Tapping into the weekend like 😁😁😁 ((((sound on))))) #Crossley #CuckooMarans #Crossbeak #SpecialNeedsChicken #HotOffTheNest

Happy 2nd Hatch Day to the sweetest little soul I know 💞 My Criss Cross Applesauce, my Sneaky lil’ Beaky 😘 So thankful for the joy she’s brought to me and others. Some things are meant to be, and I don’t think it was chance my hand found her in a box full of chicks... Here’s to many more Crossley 🎂 #Crossley #CuckooMarans #Crossbeak #SpecialNeedsChicken #hotoffthenest

The little black cutie in the center is Forest 🌳 He was hatched with a leg deformity I couldn’t fix with casts ☹️ However he is learning to get around with his good leg and is the most adorable little Mr Mom I’ve ever seen ❤️ he calls the newly hatched crew of bantam wyandottes over to the food and water and is perfectly content with them constantly crawling around his legs and cuddling up to him 😍#heartmelted #Forest #SpecialNeedsChicken #SvartHonaCross #hotoffthenest

Stop and smell the roses 🥀
This little #chickadee is catching up to her sisters. She has made a full recovery!

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Thanks for the tag @5rfarmoregon
I would love to play along for #chickthrowback hosted by @urbannarnia

This throwback is a tribute to Banshee. She was one of our first 5 chicks we purchased when I was forced to quit my job as a veterinary technician 4 years ago. I had been diagnosed with Lupus, I couldn't keep up anymore. I was starting chemotherapy and needed something to keep me busy.
Banshee was "normal" when we purchased her, but at about 2 weeks old, her beak began to look deformed (pictured 1st). Most of my research and inquiry told me she wouldn't survive and that this was a genetic flaw. They told me she'd starve and that she would never be able to get enough calories to ever lay an egg.
Armed with all that knowledge, I couldn't bear to give up on her. Giving up on her, felt like I would have to give up on myself as sick as I was. So needless to say, I dug deep and put all my energy into making both of us "functional" beings and succeeded!
After weeks of trial and error, I figured out she could eat wet food from deep bowls. In time, she was able to transition to a 5 gallon bucket half full of feed. She was doing fine. She bonded to me through the struggles and became more of a pet than a chicken. She taught me to "speak chicken" and understand their behaviors on much deeper levels. I loved her so much.
Her crossbeak never held her back. She was a boss and the most compassionate chicken I've know. Every quarantine I set, she broke to be with the lonely critter.
At 11 months old, she laid her first egg. She was as surprised as I was!
She lived and laid for 3 years years before vent prolapse took her from me. Even in her last moments, she taught me so much. She lives on through her daughters and granddaughter today. I can confidently say that her crossbeak was NOT genetic, but her awful singing voice was! Banshee was the chicken that brought me to really love chickens. She taught me to accept and cope with my "new normal" and to never give up on living life to the fullest. Rest in Peace, Bansee. I'll never forget you ♥️#throwback #crossbeak #scissorbeak #chicken #chickenlove #specialneedschicken #Lupuswarrior #chronicillness #missionspringshomestead

I put the babies outside with Maleficent in a blocked off section of the run. Maleficent being handicapped makes her a great companion for any chicken. I'm hoping I can move them to the brooding box where they can snuggle with her inside the coop at night. 🐣🐤🐥 #imabigkidnow #specialneedschicken #eastereggers

Meet our sweet hen Crooked. She's got the slightest little disability, but it doesn't slow her down at all anymore.
As a young chick, she struggled to get enough food while competing with the others, but I always dropped extra treats for her. She grew up with just enough sass to make it in the flock and in my top 3 favorite chickens ever. 🐔
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