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VA Pittsburgh wished World War II Veteran Joseph “Joe” Wilbon of Pittsburgh a happy 100th birthday this week at their University Drive campus. Wilbon was sworn into the U.S. Army on July 12, 1941, at Fort Benning, Georgia, and worked as a truck driver. Thank you for your service.
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A twister rips across the ocean behind the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford as they transit the Atlantic. (Photo by Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Martin Widenhouse/Release)"
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240, 241, 242…
Your wishes the @Marines a very happy 242nd birthday.
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"If we don’t get off this roof, we are going to get f$&king shot” these were my last words before my world was turned upside down. A minute later I was off the roof and rounding the corner of the building when it felt like I had been hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer. Minutes felt like years as the pain pulsated through my body. As my teammates tended to me they told me they loved me with tears in their eyes. 45 minutes after being wounded I was on the operating table with two requests 1) save the bullet 2) I need a Catholic Priest to give me Last Rites because I am going to die. I silently asked God for forgiveness from my sins and said goodbye to this world as anesthesia was administered. 4 days later, I woke up and asked someone if I had gone to heaven or hell. I was relieved when they said neither, you are in Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Each year I learn something new from this experience and this year I realized that the experience of pain, suffering and misfortune can destroy you or it can refine your character, humble you and make you into the best version of yourself. Getting shot was the best thing that has ever happened to me, I thank God every day for this experience because this crucible has produced the best version of myself. #specialforces #gwot #afghanistan #perspective #lessonslearned #alive #aliveday #greenberet #motivation #inspiration #resilience #disneyworld #disney #hospital #happiness #forgiveness #redemption #family #thankyou

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