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I was lucky enough to spend some time in sunny Cairns last week with the team from Elite Real Estate. 'So privileged to have @joshphegan here with us in Cairns just 2 weeks after a monster Blue-Print course. His systems and process are key to providing the best service possible to all of our valued clients' - Daniel Roser #speakertrainercoach

What's your legacy going to be? #samburnsbiz #motivationalspeaker #SpeakerTrainerCoach

Explicando los Orígenes, las causas y las consecuencia del miedo Escénico desde la lupa de la ciencia y la Neurociencia.

#oratoriadealtoimpacto #oratoriapersuasiva #oratoriaprofesional #oradoresenformacion #speakertrainercoach

Meet @Damiencooley
Damien is our List Sell Negotiate Co-Founder and Director of @cooleyauctions. Damien’s business conducts over 6,000 auctions every year. From one-bedroom apartments to the high-end properties, he’s the go-to auctioneer for Australia's leading agents. Read Damien's Q&A now #LSNXVII #Auctioneer ☝🏻 Link in the bio .

What is your pursuit? Launching this Friday 24th November. Link in the bio ☝🏼 #thepursuit

It's October. My calendar has been stuck on July. That's when my life started spinning. I haven't had time to change it and didn't want to change it.

But it's October and I guess my mother isn't going to come back and tell me "I was just kidding. I would never leave you! You know I didn't die Teisha don't be so silly! Come on let's go get something to eat!" Then to, she might...maybe?
In either case, I should change my bedroom calendar.

#slowlymovingforward #itsoctober #iwantmymommy #thebusinesscoachformoms #speakertrainercoach


What is your pursuit? Launching this Friday 24th November. Link in the bio ☝🏼 #thepursuit

Are you ready to go from zero to hero? Link in the bio ☝🏼 #thepursuit

The number one question I get is why don’t people succeed? Link in the bio ☝🏼 #thepursuit

The Pursuit. Want to build your dream team? #comingsoon #maketheimpossiblepossible

The Pursuit. Want to holiday more? #comingsoon #maketheimpossiblepossible

Never forget that FAITH is a force! It’s literally the substance of the thing that you want. Once manifested it becomes the evidence of that thing.

#keepthefaith #holdon #faithispowerful #keephopealive #speakertrainercoach #thebusinesscoachformoms #faithisthesubstanceofthingshopedfor #mompreneurexpert

I was honored to speak to women at the Unity Church in @elpasotexas. Delicious healthy foods, great friendships and great trainings on Getting Past Your Fears.

#unitychurch #speakertrainercoach #travelingmom #licensedminister #womensempowerment #movingpastfears #thebusinesscoachformoms

The Pursuit. Want to win the listing? #comingsoon #maketheimpossiblepossible

The Pursuit. Do you want to step up your career goals? #comingsoon #maketheimpossiblepossible

The Pursuit. Want to grow your income level? #comingsoon #maketheimpossiblepossible

It's time for our FREE webinar with Matt Hayson. This year the market has had some rapid changes all across Australia. With 2018 fast approaching, now is your time to tune-in to our live webinar about how to generating lead and sell in a rapidly changing market ✔️ Link in the bio ☝🏼

Play a bigger game and be purposeful in your actions. Know your goals, your insecurities and your excuses #jpthoughts

A quick reminder to register for our FREE webinar with Matt Hayson from Cobden Hayson. These opportunities don't come round often ✔️ Link in the bio ☝🏼

It’s my birthday month and a great month for gratitude and wishes to my friends.
#samburnsbiz #speakertrainercoach

There's not a day on my watch where I'm not looking for constant improvement, looking for better ways to serve the customer, to provide a better insight, to learn and to grow #lonelyinbusiness

Jump on over to our Facebook Page and check out the photo album from List Sell Negotiate 17. Link in the bio ✔️

Roooad Triiip! On the way to my old stomping ground, #alabama #birminghamalabama #oxfordalabama #travelingmommy #speakertrainercoach #nowbooking2018

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