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С недавних пор являюсь менеджером компании NL International 🌍
Чему весьма очень даже рад 👍🏽
Никогда бы не подумал, что буду этим заниматься и тем более, что это работает и ещё приносит хорошую прибыль 💰
Не слушая никого, я лично окунулся в это дело с голой во всю предоставленную информацию и убедился, что все это правда и те, кто говорят, что это ерунда - ну и пахайте дальше за свои копейки и тратьте по 12 часов в день..

Если вы не окунётесь в это дело, как сделал я, то вы всю жизнь будете ходить вокруг да около 🔁, как будто песня играет на повторе. Вы будете стремиться к своей цели, а она так же на таком же расстоянии будет отдаляться от вас, как и в начале. Разве это устраивает? Действительно не хочется подумать? 🤦🏼‍♂️

NL Int.🌍 существует на рынке с 2000 года и с 2003 на международном рынке, как вам рывок?🔝
Компания объединяет тот процент населения, которые понимают, что устали и хотят большего, тех, кто устал ходить по кругу, предлагая им возможности для построения собственного бизнеса в партнёрстве с NL International 🌍

📍Мы создаём и продвигаем продукты, предназначение которых — улучшать качество жизни любого человека📍

Миллионы людей разных возрастов построили свой бизнес благодаря NL Int.🤑

Миллионы менеджеров и клиентов, которые пользуются продукцией и получают от этого только удовольствие! 😇

Ты просто подумай кем ты хочешь быть?
Успешным человеком, построившим свой бизнес без вложений или же хочешь пахать и губить своё здоровье?

Это, конечно же, не все!
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"Хочу в команду" и город!
Давай вместе строить бизнес и нашу сказку!
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Last night I had the honor of being the Women's History Month speaker at Keystone College in northeastern Pennsylvania. My topic was "The Career Spark: The Best Way to Leap into the Work World." I was able to detail my career path and the lessons I learned along the way. My goal was to both inform and inspire them. Ultimately it was a mutual exchange as they truly motivated me too. I look forward to hearing all about their future successes.
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Today, I served as the moderator of the panel discussion at the #PhenomenalBrunch at @mintonsharlem. In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth , the theme of the day was "Breaking The Glass Ceiling," which included only female panelist. These women were powerful and had some impressive titles/roles in their prospective careers. I was equally excited as I was scared to take on the task because of who they were, not fully realizing there was a reason I was asked. At the end of the day, the universe is working for me and I honor the process. 🙏🏾✨✨

The discussion was heartfelt, honest, and funny. The ladies dropped some gems, I also took notes. All proceeds benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem. Once a club kid, always a club kid. 😉 #AyanaIman #Speaker #LifeCoach #blackgirlmagic 📸 @mamaplusrose

Creando espacio para ponernos al día y alimentar además del estómago, la complicidad. ❤❤😊😊 #losnonos #pareja #familyfirst #voypormas #voyportodo #speaker #coach

Doing road trips with @christoffer.west ... without the roads 🛩🍾✈️💵 Hello Milan🇮🇹

Visualize this sick studio sent in by @matthand__. ___________________________________________#spotify #soundcloud #ableton #logicpro #mac #keyboard #midi #speaker #producer #dj #music #pc #studio

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"The price of greatness is responsibility." - Winston Churchill #Speaker #LeaderTrainer #TeamBuilder #TeamHuman

Sunday Audio Boost, small but Loud!🔊
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Only compare your actions of today with the ones you had yesterday. Just thought I'd share some of the real me with you guys.

Tywana has her copy of my new book #sixstepstosixfigures . It's a blessing when your partners supports your personal efforts.. ❤️ Get your autographed copy today by going www.successgeeks.com or Amazon. It's also available on Kindle.. #rochellewilson #author #speaker #wealth #empire #empowerment #career #business #boss #bosslady #bossbabe #bosschick #success #successgeeks #goals #goaldigger #firstlady #executivepastor #anotherlevelchurch

One of my favorite pictures from the conference this weekend. We all have a story worth sharing! #wearethestory #sundaymorning #storyteller #speaker

Always use the moment you get to do something you never done. Don't make yourself regret why you did not do it!

I miss when my bong was clean and new.
Tip: built in perk and downstem make it hard to keep clean #glass #bong #piece #rocket #red #ice #ganja #marijuana #maryjane #speaker

About last night... so, I know this powerhouse woman. Her name is Lenise Williams aka @mompreneur_esq. She's an attorney who loves to teach other women how to jump off their business ideas and not only bring them to life but teaches them how to PROTECT their business and brand legally and MAKE MONEY from that business. She flew in from Atlanta to grace Houston with her presence. But the trip wasn't about her. The trip was about LAUNCHING A GROUP OF WOMEN (who had never met each other) into the world of authors. These women are now published authors because of Lenise's vision. It was an honor for me to sit at the table of distinguished guests such as @iconwomen @nakeithaross and @fiercelapierce who were honored for their own work in the Houston community. @ladyjermeka sat next to me and told me she was there to support her friends. @jivejuicecompany is rocking her business and changing lives. @accessorychick1 @thetyemiles @lakesha_curtis @loveleigh143 were amongst the brand new authors I met last night. I know how they felt as Lenise afforded me the opportunity to launch my own book last year. Being in a room full of POWER and POTENTIAL has a way of making you DREAM BIGGER. I actually left the room with a collaboration project! Congratulations to everyone. I'm so humbled to have been in the midst of so much greatness, fierceness and influence. @mompreneur_esq thanks again for your amazing leadership and tenacity. You always put the spotlight on others and that is truly selfless. I'm so glad I can crash at your pad when I come to Atlanta. 😂😂

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