Thinking about these wonderful #humans today @rizabiz & @orlando.bowen Highlight of my year was meeting you both and being apart of the #SpeakAndSpill Motley Crew in #toronto Grateful for @unmarketing & @alisonrobin for their #goodworks Extra grateful for my Prince @rossi_bobby for The Best Birthday gift ever.


Welp. I went and did it now.

My first book is officially written and available for pre-sale on Amazon and in bookstores near you soon. Oh and it’s highly giftable, colorful and all the good shit, too. So that never hurts.
Think of it like a book version of my Instagram account , favorite quotes and shortened words of wisdom ...but daily for 365 days. Yep, it’s that good.

The link is in my profile and I do hope you’ll buy a copy and then...buy 5 more for your fave friends. Hell, since I’m asking...I may as well make a bigger ASK, am I right?! But all joking aside, THANK YOU for supporting me in the crazy journey of writing a book.

Five years ago, I still worked in the fashion industry.
Four years ago, I was starting Cyndie Inc.
Three years ago, I launched The Collective (of Us.)
Two years ago, well...I didn’t do anything new two years ago.
One year ago, I did a TEDx talk and then launched The Community (of Us).
And today, I’m a published author.

Life, ya’ll. I suppose anything is possible.
Thank you for following along and supporting my crazy all the way.

I really don’t know where I’ll go from here but I know you’ll walk right alongside me wherever it is.
And for that, I am unfuckingbelievably grateful.

Thank you.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn. xx

Now go buy my book! And then share your order on IG stories and tag me so I can reshare it (and you) on my stories! #ayearofpositivethinking

This week marks two years since I first attended @heroicpublicspeaking live with the @convinceandconvert team. Jay wanted us to level up our presentation skills and content development as a team (super smart leadership). By day two I had discovered a calling I couldn’t ignore. Signed up for #HPSgrad immediately and started pursuing #professionalspeaking. Through this journey, I found my people. Today I have friends across the world connected by the passion to serve audiences, do the work, and make big choices. Last Thursday I joined some incredible speakers, including my friend/mentor @leminheads and teacher/pal @mikeganino, in LA for a speakers lab. We tried out new content in front of real audiences, captured it 🎥📸 and cheered each other on. I’m super bad about taking compliments, and I got a lot of them that day 😊 It feels like I’m finding my groove, getting less 🦋🦋 and more ❤️❤️ about being on a stage of any kind, and finding ways to teach, empathize and serve. I love this #speakerlife. #speakandspill #storyconferencela #socialmediaspeaker #lovewhatyoudo

Proud member of a very special group of professional speakers! This group rocks my world! We encourage each other to heights previously unimaginable, pick each other up, share our strategies and in every way possible, make one another better speakers and change makers. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of such a community. #speakandspill #speaker #professionalspeaker #facebook #group #community #motivation #inspiration #speakerlife

Kicked off an amazing night at The EO Alchemy Event with @unmarketing. Scott Stratten is hands down one of the greatest speakers in the industry. The craftsmanship, comedic timing and content is always on point. The whole event was an amazing experience and truly one of the highlights of my career. #eoalchemy #speakerlife #angelsanddemonstour #onetwopunch #whatanight #speakandspill #friendship #keynotespeaker #lovewhatido

This is a world-class speaker. .
This is a side-splitting and profound performer. .
This is a thoughtful, generous, and kind human. .
This is someone who makes the world a better place with his words and his actions. .
This is @rontite .
This is someone someone you should know! .


Those #Toronto woodpeckers are serious. #SpeakandSpill

#skelfie FTW! 🌆👯‍♀️ #speakandspill

Walked out of the hotel and had to grab this. Love ya, Toronto. 💋🇨🇦 #speakandspill

Toronto was an incredible experience this weekend at the annual Speak and Spill event. I have literally transformed my whole business after learning, listening, and rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest and most giving speakers in the world. These two days have set me on a better course that will impact me, my family, and our speaking business forever. Special thanks to @unmarketing @bryangroks @mikerespects @scottmckain for giving your time, wisdom and mentorship #thankyou #speakandspill #goodfolks #speakerlife #lovewhatido #bethebestfortheworld

I got to hang out with a hero of mine today. As my favourite @muchmusic VJ, @ericaehm inspired me to believe that women could be in the spotlight as smart, capable, kind human beings. As a teenager, I thought she was pretty much the coolest human being ever. I found out today that I was more than right. I’ve interacted with Erica over the years (online mostly), but got to really sit down and connect. Once again, she’s inspired me to dream about new possibilities. 🙏❤️ #speakandspill

I'm gonna need a cold one as soon as I get home #hancholo #speakandspill #ET #speakandspell #pins #enamelpins #sdcc #sdcc18 #comiccon #sandiego

Love watching fellow speakers do their thing in fun unique ways telling stories and bringing the audience on fun journeys!
@michaeljbarber + Beyoncé are gold!
If you get a chance to see him on stage at one of the @digitalsummits events this year DO IT! Not because I say so but because BAE says so!
📸 from #DSphx
#KeynoteSpeaker #SnS

Thank you @kateoneill for the wonderful lunch and conversation. 2018 is going to be your year! And please no more colliding with cars. #vegan #speakandspill #nyc

@annhandley made a new friend at dinner in Raleigh. #eatthemupyum #speakandspill

Community is such a powerful thing and when you find a community that's filled with amazing people that you look up too and that also happened to be your peers it can be life changing...
No matter your industry or current role I truly hope you find your community and you take the time to not only engage, learn and share but make strong friendships that extend both online and offline.
I was honored to join an amazing private speaker community in March of 2016 and it's the only group I've been a part of that I've kept the notifications on for every post as it not only changed my business but it's been my speaker group therapy and kicked off some amazing friendships!
I've believed for a longtime that "Community Is The Future of Business" and great communities require amazing leadership. Scott and Alison are amazing leaders that always put the group first while keeping it exclusive, organized and engaged.
This community has proven to me that even in a crazy digital world a group of people with different skillsets and backgrounds that span 3 generations can come together with a common purpose, led by great people and accomplish great things!

Keynote speakers having Bowling fun and epic photo bomb by @dynamicjill ! #SpeakandSpill

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