I'm gonna need a cold one as soon as I get home #hancholo #speakandspill #ET #speakandspell #pins #enamelpins #sdcc #sdcc18 #comiccon #sandiego

Love watching fellow speakers do their thing in fun unique ways telling stories and bringing the audience on fun journeys!
@michaeljbarber + Beyoncé are gold!
If you get a chance to see him on stage at one of the @digitalsummits events this year DO IT! Not because I say so but because BAE says so!
📸 from #DSphx
#KeynoteSpeaker #SnS

Thank you @kateoneill for the wonderful lunch and conversation. 2018 is going to be your year! And please no more colliding with cars. #vegan #speakandspill #nyc

@annhandley made a new friend at dinner in Raleigh. #eatthemupyum #speakandspill

Community is such a powerful thing and when you find a community that's filled with amazing people that you look up too and that also happened to be your peers it can be life changing...
No matter your industry or current role I truly hope you find your community and you take the time to not only engage, learn and share but make strong friendships that extend both online and offline.
I was honored to join an amazing private speaker community in March of 2016 and it's the only group I've been a part of that I've kept the notifications on for every post as it not only changed my business but it's been my speaker group therapy and kicked off some amazing friendships!
I've believed for a longtime that "Community Is The Future of Business" and great communities require amazing leadership. Scott and Alison are amazing leaders that always put the group first while keeping it exclusive, organized and engaged.
This community has proven to me that even in a crazy digital world a group of people with different skillsets and backgrounds that span 3 generations can come together with a common purpose, led by great people and accomplish great things!

Keynote speakers having Bowling fun and epic photo bomb by @dynamicjill ! #SpeakandSpill

This guy! He rocks. Thank you for the best scotch of the year, and awesome company 🙏 #speakandspill #speakerlife #scotch

Workshopping some public speaking ideas with @tamsenwebster at #HPS #speakandspill hosted by @iammichaelport and @theamyport @unmarketing

Nothing better than speaking at an event that included amazing friends and fellow speakers! Excited to close out #barkworld2016 after the audience gets to enjoy @bryankramer1 & @leminheads keynotes!
#SpeakerLife #keynotespeaker #publicspeaker #Barkworld #EventProfs #SpeakandSpill

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