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WARNING! 🔺GRAPHIC PHOTOS! - A few days ago a woman reached out to me asking for assistance. She was feeding a stray cat that came around with an extremely severe neck wound. I immediately contacted @operation_paw in Miami. Thank goodness they caught him and brought him in for immediate medical care. I cannot imagine the pain he was living in that condition. I'm so grateful to Operation Paw for coming to his rescue. If you would like to make a contribution to his medical care, click on the link in my bio. Any amount is appreciated! THIS is why spay and neuter is important. I cannot tell you how many times I see cats with deep, infected wounds living on the street when I trap them for spay/neuter. Male cats especially since they are fighting to mate. Spay/neuter not only eliminates their desire to roam and fight, but prevents kittens from being born on the street to SUFFER! Do you have stray/neighborhood cats where you live? Call your local shelter or rescue and ask if you could borrow a trap and bring them in to a neuter clinic. Think of the suffering you will be preventing! #TNR #spayandneuter

Microchips, TNR, Collars!
Know what makes me sad? Kitties who sneak out or run away.... but worse, when they don't have a microchip, collar, and are not spayed/neutered. Mama stopped today to pick up a kitty who had been hit by a car in front of a school campus w/ an elementary, middle, and high school. He was already deceased and had likely been hit last night. She's done this before for a few reasons. It's hurtful/sad for kids to see animals lying roadside (esp in front of a school) and she takes them to a nearby vet who will scan for a microchip in hopes she can bring someone closure if the kitty has a human. If no human comes forward (yes she searches everywhere for missing cat notices) the kitty will at least be cremated and not just left on the road to disintegrate.
This kitty had no collar, wasn't neutered, and didn't have a microchip. He was likely a stray but there are so many stories of lost and found pets with no identification and mama wants to drive in the importance of wearing a safety breakaway collar with an ID tag and microchipping your pet so you can be reunited. Equally, if not more important is spaying and neutering. This poor kitty was probably part of a stray colony, a colony that will grow larger and larger if our humans don't help. There are TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs just about everywhere. Please consider volunteering some time to this very important cause to keep more and more strays from being born homeless.
The recent hurricanes bring to light another reason why microchipping is so helpful even if your pet never goes outside. We never know how natural disasters or other unforeseen events may affect us where we furbabies might wander away from home. We want to be reunited with our humans so please make sure we have a way to get back to you if we get lost.
Our thoughts and purrayers are with those affected by the recent storms and other tragic events happening in various places. 🙏😽
Thanks for listening! XOXO
Love, Venus
#adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #tnr #microchip

🎥Thank you thank you thank you to Sandra for Irene's new bed, and Abby & Daisy for her new toys. She is soooo happy and content. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so Irene has been loving her own private outdoor quarters 💁🏽 She is improving immensely as each day passes. Today she saw my dogs through the gate and completely ignored them. That is HUGE for her. I even got her to walk across the house floors! It took about 10 minutes, but she finally did it on her own. I truly adore this girl and all her quirks and surprises. I can't express just how special she is, you'd have to meet her to fully understand. She melts into your arms or lap when you give her affection, and when she walks by you, her shoulder is constantly tapping your leg because she wants to be close to you. When she does feel a little independent and starts to explore, if she hears your call, that's all that matters. It's only a few seconds before she's back tapping your legs again. Anyway, I could go on and on and on. I'll save more for another post and as we continue to see improvement. Long story short, I love her, she's amazing, she needs a home, give her one. Apply to adopt at fresnobullyrescue.org
#adoptdontshop #foster #rescue #spayandneuter #seniordogsrock

Captain No Jaw just reminded me that we haven't posted a normal pic in a hot minute. Hi Marshmallowwwww.

🌚 Luna
LOOK at that sweet face!!! She is finally putting on weight & she looks like a totally different kitten! Swipe left to see her 2 weeks ago and then when we got her! 💜
#alittlelovegoesalongway #rescue #foster #savealife #sweetascanbe #thatfacethough

Guess what happened today...

Girl meets boy, girl beats up boy, girl tells on boy. Poor Topo Gigio does not know what to think of his new girlfriend, Winter. #topogigio #girlmeetsboy #malecalico #calicocat #pinknose #kittensofinstagram #caturday #cutekittens #tinykittens #fosterkittens #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter @stfrancisrescuetampa @jessumicaaa @funluvinlez81

This is Roo aka Easy Greasy.
He was born with a leg deformity and was adopted today after being with the rescue for 2 years!!! Thank you to everyone that has helped support "less adoptable" cats 🤗
#azrainrescue #fosteringsaveslives #specialneedskitty #specialneedscat #lessadoptablecats #lessadoptablepetweek #spayandneuter #catsofinstagram #roo #easygreasy #rescue

🔸 Vet Day 🔸
The best thing you can do for your cat is to spay/neuter it. There are so many benefits besides the obvious one, which is to prevent pregnancy. Your cat will also be less likely to develop tumors of the ovaries and uterus, or mammary gland tumors (which almost all are cancerous), and testicular cancer is also eliminated as well.
Momma Duchess and the Aristo kittens all did very well with their spay/neuter surgeries and are recovering nicely.
Marie's eye: I had the vet do a culture of Marie's eye, which is looking worse each day. The culture takes a few weeks to get results, but my vet is sure it is a fungal infection (aka ringworm). She checked it with a black light, and it glowed, so all of the kittens and momma will be treated with oral meds as a precaution. My FIRST fungal infection in 13 years of fostering! I needed a few glasses of wine after hearing that news. 🍷🍷
#vetday #spayandneuter #theAristoKittens


Still beach weather! 🙌🏽 #beachdogs #cherrybeach

Yummy 😸

For about a week now, we've had a tummy bug! We got the first medication and we hated it. As soon as we see the bottle, we are already salivating. But that didn't help much so #fistermama brought us,back to the vet, so now we got another medication! Two every morning and every evening! They are horrible ....but today we haven't pooped that much...its a good sign i think. We are eating soft food slowly too as its best we have something in our tummy. We like to lick the sauce .. and we are so clever cause we can use the litter box already if its nearby and we can see it! Hopefully we will be better and bigger soon. But more importantly , hopefully we find a home! #cats #kittens #cutekittens #kittensofig #kittensofinstagram #thedailykitten #adoptdontshop #rescuedkittens #spayandneuter #catlover #catloversworldworld #mustlovecats #furballs #meow #kittylove #kittycorner #feline #animallovers #puspin #catsofmanila

پيشي خانم فاز يك مسجد بعثت.البته اين خانم كوچولو مامان آقاي مندي خان هستن🎗🐾❤️🙏
Trap/Neuter/Spay Return
Iran,tehran,Apadana cats🐱 🙏🐾💝 ٥٠٢٢٢٩١٠٥٣٥٧٩٠٦٤/بانك پاسارگاد-صفائي
شماره شبا :IR740570023480000111428001
و يا از خارج از كشور👇👇👇 ‏http://mailto:tavassoly@gmail.com🙏 #حمايت_از_حقوق_حيوانات #حمايت_گربه #حمایت_حیوانات #عقيمسازي #عقيم_گربه #گربه #گربه_خیابانی #شهرك_اكباتان #اكباتان #گربه_هاي_اكباتان #ekbatan #ekbatantown #ekbatancats#catsofekbatan#trapneuterreturn #streetcat #sterilization #spayandneuter #spayneuter #spayandneutersaveslives #helpanimals #help #animals #catlover #catsofinstagram #vaccinations 🎗طرح ٢٠ تومن در ماه / شهريور ١٣٩٦🎗
٥٠٢٢٢٩١٠٥٣٥٧٩٠٦٤/بانك پاسارگاد-صفائي
شماره شبا :IR740570023480000111428001
و يا از خارج از كشور👇👇👇
١-حنا خانم(٢٠)🐱
٢-مامان حنا خانم(٢٠)🐱
٣-باباي حنا خانم(٢٠)🐱
٤-دائي حنا خانم(٢٠)🐱
٥-پفك و تنسي(٢٠)🐱
٦-خانم پوپك و پونه و مامانشون(١٢٠)🐱
٧-خانم خديجنژاد(٥٠)🐱
٨-خانم ياسمين تابش(٢٠)🐱
٩-مامان اژدري(٢٠)🐱
١٠-هپي و نقره(٢٠)🐱
١١-خانم خليلي(٥٠)🐱
١٢-آقاي اميرحسن شمس(٦٠)🐱
١٣-آقاي پژمان(٢٠)🐱
١٤-پنگول خانم(٢٠)🐱
١٥-خانم پونه گرجي(٢٠)🐱
١٦-مامان صفري(٢٠)🐱
١٧-خاله فرخي(٢٠)🐱
١٨-خانم حسامي(٢٠)🐱
١٩-آقاي فرهاني(٥٠)🐱
٢٠-خانم بهار همتي(٥٠)🐱
٢١-آقا آرش(٧٠)🐱
٢٢-خانم فاريا(١٠٠)🐱
٢٣-خانم جهان(٢٠)🐱
٢٤-تيله و نفخي(١٥$)🐱
٢٥-سپيده جون وشيرين جون(٦٠)🐱
٢٦-شانتي خان و دوستان(٣٠)🐱
٢٧-خانم سودابه سيف(١٠٠)🐱
٢٨-خورشيد خان(٢٠)🐱
٢٩-خانم شهره(٣٠)🐱
٣٠-خانم بهرامي(١٠٠)🐱
٣١-باباي پفك و تنسي(٦٠)🐱
٣٢-مامان هپي و نقره(٢٠٠)🐱
🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊خبر خبر
بچه ها مبلغ جمع شده تا امروز ١٣٥٠٠٠٠ يك ميليون و صد نود هزارتومن ميباشد.
مبلغ هزينه شده ١٥٥٠٠٠٠ يك ميليون و سيصد و پنجاه هزار تومن.

بدهي ١٨٠ هزار تومن🙈🙈🙈
همه رسيدها و فاكتورها با تاريخ تو كانال گذاشته شده.
🐾🐾🐾ازينكه هستيد و اعتماد ميكنيد يك دنيا ممنون❤️❤️❤️

What a day. Mama had a major medication mishap. It all ended well but we hope that never happens again. And somehow this is how the day ended, with me, the #SmallOne looking like I been drinking and got a neck tie around my head... here's to #wild #Saturday nights!
. . . . . . . (Filter: Lo-Fi) #DarlingSnow #wildchild #mybaby #cutekitty #fiercekitty #kitty #cat #cute #meow #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #pawsneedclaws #cats_of_instagram #instacat #mamaneedsmoresleep #anyonewanticecream ?

Saw this on the SPCA page. Thousands of animals are euthanized each day due to people's ignorance. So true and heartbreaking. Please spay and neuter your pets. Opt to adopt than to support a breeder. Be the voice for the voiceless! #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #supportanimalshelters #dontbreedandbuywhileshelterdogsdie #animallovers #sentientbeings #betheirvoice #speakforthosewhocant

🤣🤣🤣 @redandhowling has the best cartoons. #spayandneuter

André Breton, the father of surrealism, talks to us about love and beauty through his writings. He tells us to love, cause love's always ahead of us. And we, in the paradoxical reality we live in nowadays, decided to listen to him.
We looked for love and beauty in the streets and beaches of an ugly city, in the pile of trash, in the polluted coasts. We didn't give up. We followed our hearts and guess what, somewhere amongst the filth of the obliterated nature and the indifference of humans, we saw a pair of warm brown eyes waiting for us.
It was no other than the orange little cat, who instantly let us know he was exactly what the poet meant when he talked about love and beauty.
It's André Gaton, an invaluable successor of the vision inspired by surrealism. Tender, loving, uniquely beautiful, a little creature that gave up stray life to embrace us and, in turn, seek his forever family.
Born approximately in July of 2017 and will be given away for adoption somewhere within Attica, exclusively to be indoors, vaccinated, requires being neutered at the right age . The cost of placing a microchip will be taken care of by the new guardian.
Contact phone number; 6937602154

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An extreme closeup of my girl :)
Currently posting this from the hospital because my blood sugar levels have spiked to seven times the normal limit, so I'll be here for a while.
Wish me luck, guys!

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