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Kimberley area wildfire update
The following is an update on the Meachen Creek Complex, Lost Dog Complex and Mount Dickson wildfires, as submitted by the BC Wildfire Service this afternoon (August 21). A 22 person Incident Management Team from Ontario assumed command of the Meachen Creek Complex Sunday night. The complex comprises three incident sites.

The Meachen Creek Fire (N11886) is�6,996 hectares in size (estimated), with�14 firefighting personnel on site�and three helicopters are assigned to the complex along with seven pieces of heavy equipment.

This wildfire is located in the Kianuko Provincial Park and the Meachen Creek drainage, approximately six kilometres southwest of St. Mary Lake and is classified as Out of Control.

The safety of the residents of the St. Mary Valley and the safety of our crews remains the first priority. Today, crews will work the northeast corner with hose, working 20 feet into the perimeter, to support the area where there was the planned ignition on Sunday.

Yesterday there was a one to two hectare excursion in this area. The area was suppressed using hose lay and extensive bucketing operations with retardant. As well, there was a small spot fire on the east flank in the south. Because it was in an inaccessible area, bucketing operations will be used today to suppress the area. Structural protection Units will begin protecting values in zone 2, which is to the east of St. Mary’s Lake up to Lake Front Road.

There will be no planned ignition in the Fiddler Creek area as it is unnecessary at this time. Heavy equipment continues to work in the area east of the fire and south of St-Mary’s FSR as a contingency line if the fire were to encroach eastward.

A new perimeter will be done in the coming days by means of a high-level scan. In recent days, smoky conditions have been moderating fire behaviour. As the smoke clears today and tomorrow, more extreme fire behaviour may be observed.

The Lost Dog Complex is now 706 hectares in size, with�41 firefighting personnel on site�along and three helicopters are signed to the complex along with seven pieces of heavy equipment.
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Significant progress reported on Wardle fire
Parks Canada reported this morning that “significant progress” has been made toward containing the Wardle wildfire in Kootenay National Park and it is now being held at 3,600 hectares. “This means that the fire is not expected to spread beyond existing or predetermined boundaries, given prevailing and forecasted conditions,” Parks Canada stated in an update. “Fire and highway crews continue to work on the wildfire and keep Highway 93 open. Many of the personnel are working along the highway to extinguish active fire, limit growth and ensure the safety of the public. For their safety, and that of all travellers, traffic calming measures are in place.” Highway 93 through Kootenay National Park continues to be affected by wildfire, smoke and fire suppression activities, and is subject to temporary closures or reduced speeds to ensure the safety of the public, Parks Canada noted.

For the safety of the public and fire personnel, a no stopping zone through the fire-affected area along Highway 93 remains in effect.

Today there are 120 firefighting personnel, two pieces of heavy equipment and six helicopters working on the fire.

AREA CLOSURES • As of Monday morning, August 20, two area closures at the north end of Kootenay National Park are lifted, including northern section of the Rockwall trail north of Tumbling Pass. • The southern section of the Rockwall trail, including Floe Lake Campground and Numa Creek Campground along with the Floe Lake Trail and Numa Creek Trail, remain closed. • At this time, all trails, backcountry campgrounds and day-use areas remain closed from Numa Falls day-use area south to Cobb Lake trail.
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Ktunaxa Nation disappointed with BCSC Jumbo ruling
The Ktunaxa Nation is deeply disappointed in the BC Supreme Court’s August 17 ruling that found unreasonable the former Minister of Environment’s decision terminating an environmental assessment certificate for the Jumbo Glacier ski resort proposed to be located at an area sacred to the Ktunaxa. “While our concerns about the proposed ski resort’s profound negative impacts to Ktunaxa spirituality, culture and identity remain paramount for us,” said Kathryn Teneese, Ktunaxa Nation Council Chair, “the court’s decision should concern all British Columbians given its potentially negative consequences for the environmental assessment process. “We also note that this court decision is not a green light for the project to proceed. The court merely asked the current minister to re-consider Minister Polak’s 2015 decision with more attention to ‘mitigating circumstances’.” The decision under court review was the June 18, 2015 termination of the Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort’s EA certificate because the project had not been substantially started by October 12, 2014, a date identified in the certificate. The court said that the Minister had not adequately considered factors other than what the proponent had built on the ground.

Unless the province appeals the court’s decision, the present Minister of Environment, George Heyman, must reconsider whether the project had been substantially started by the October 12, 2014 deadline. If so, the proponent may be able to build a large ski resort in Qat’muk, an area of profound spiritual and cultural significance for Ktunaxa citizens. Given the importance of the Minister’s decision, the Ktunaxa Nation looks forward to providing meaningful input, as it did when the first no substantial start decision was made in 2015, the Ktunaxa Nation stated in an August 21 media release.

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A large cougar was reported by mountain bikers on the Blue Matador Trail last night, Monday, August 20, WildSafeBC Elk Valley reported this morning.

The trail is located just south of Fernie.

Cougar safety tips

Attacks by cougar are rare but can be fatal, especially if young children are involved. In all cases you must fight back as cougar attacks are always predatory and the cougar sees you as a meal. Use rocks, sticks or whatever you have at hand to protect yourself.

If you see a cougar that is watching you, maintain eye contact with the cougar and speak to it in a loud firm voice. Reinforce the fact that you are a human and not an easy target. Back out of the area and seek assistance or shelter.

Bear spray can be used as your last best defence on cougars.

Call the BC Conservation Officer Service reporting line (1-877-952-7277) to report cougar sightings and incidents.

Find out exactly where Blue Matador Trail is located.

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MPs to speak about cannabis legalization

MP Murray Rankin
MPs Wayne Stetski and Murray Rankin will be hosting two meetings about cannabis legalization Sept. 6 and 7 in Nelson and Cranbrook.

Kootenay-Columbia Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski has invited his colleague, Victoria MP Murray Rankin, to speak with constituents in Cranbrook and Nelson about the new cannabis laws. “As the NDP Justice Critic and an esteemed lawyer, Murray was at the forefront of the government’s framework to legalize cannabis,” Stetski said. “I know that our local communities have many questions, so I’ve asked Murray to come and speak to the issues. “There’s a great deal of confusion about the new laws, including how and where cannabis will be sold; how legal access to cannabis will affect our border crossings; and what municipalities and police forces need to do to prepare for legalization, which is barely 10 weeks away,” Stetski said.

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20 wildfires burning in region
The BC Wildfire Service is currently taking on or observing 20 wildfires in the East Kootenay, though only one is considered new as of this morning, August 20.

Two evacuation orders remain in effect for the St. Mary Valley west of Kimberley and Cross River area, adjacent to Kootenay National Park’s southern boundary.

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There are also two evacuation alerts remaining in effect: the City of Kimberley due to the Meachen Creek wildfire and the Ta Ta Creek area due to the Lost Dog fire.

BCWS announced today that 22 firefighters from Ontario have arrived to help it take on the Lost Dog fire.

The following is an update on the fires as per BCWS…

Meachen Creek

Crews continued to build guard yesterday with the aid of heavy equipment and air support. Retardant lines continue to be placed by helicopters to reinforce the guards.

Ignition operations were also underway. Expect to see an increase in smoke on this fire today and in the coming days, if visibility permits. “The fire size has changed due to a more accurate map of this fire. The fire has experienced minimal growth. We experienced favourable winds yesterday. The northwest and northeast winds pushed the fire back into itself in the lower part of the Meachen Creek drainage. The fire has not entered the valley; it has remained in the Meachen drainage. Little change occurred on this fire overnight,” BCWS reported.

Located in Kianuko Provincial Park and the Meachen Creek drainage, approx. 10 km southwest of St. Mary Lake, the fire discovered August 1 is now an estimated 6,996 ha.

An evacuation order has been issued by the Regional District of East Kootenay in the St. Mary Lake area from the west boundary of the City of Kimberley to the Redding Creek/St. Mary River convergence including St. Mary Lake Road and Lakefront Road. For more information on this order, please call the RDEK at 250 426-2188 or visit their website at: buff.ly/2Pqtfeb
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