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Good luck to all the Spartans here at beautiful Kualoa Ranch here for the Spartan Race! We'll be crankin' out Shave Ice all day! @spartanracehi #spartanracehi #kualoaranch #hnl #SPARTAN

Fun DUT classes from yesterday with Coach Chad and today with Coach Anika! Everyone always pushes hard and has fun!!! Getting ready for that Spartan Race this weekend!! #UFCGymWaikele #SpartanRaceHI #SpartanRaceHawaii

Look at Jennifer all stoked after completing the Super at Spartan Race Hawaii! Great job! #Repost @jenncabe When you're pau race be sure to come by our truck for Ono Cholo's Mexican grinds! #SpartanRace #SpartanRaceHI #SpartanRaceHawaii

We got hats to beat the heat on day 1 of Spartan Trifecta Hawaii. I still can't breath right but I have good spirits that I'll wake up ready! #spartanparadise #trainingforaspartanrace #spartanracehi @spartanracehi @spartanrace

Spartan Race photo #2. Somewhere around mile 'Is that pee or sweat,' is the remnants of the #jurassicworld film set. Look how much enjoy I have. #spartanracehi #spartanracehawaii #TeamBoloHead

Good luck to all the Spartans competing this weekend at Kualoa Ranch! Happy Aloha Friday!
#kualoa #spartanracehi #alohafriday
#lethawaiihappen #hawaii

Mud??? Now I know what everyone was talking about that damn mud!! This was no ordinary race, 5 miles was a hike climbing up mud grabbing branches to pull urself up, it was horrible, got to meet this cool dude Austin, he saved my ass from tight spots and I returned the favor, I can officially say i ran Hawaii, earned that trifecta and I'm officially done!! #spartanrace #SpartanRaceHi

What I actually did at the Spartan Race Hawaii 2016 Trifecta Weekend. From many boxes, we dwindled down to few. Almost everything sold out. Hope you all got the coveted coins and backpacks! #spartanrace #spartanracehi #spartanracehawaii #kualoa


Finally hung up my @obstacleracers medal racks today. These are my 2016 Spartan Race medals. Three trifectas and a sprint. Races in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Hawaii. So many great memories and so much hard work in those medals. Stoked to finally have them hanging up! #spartanrace #spartanraceau #spartanracehawaii #spartanracehi #aroo #spartanwomen #ocr #obstacleracer #obstacleracing #medalmonday #spartanwomen

Getting over those muddy hills in Hawaii, Spartan Race Brand Ambassador @ocrgirl isn't afraid to get dirty! #spartangirlsdoitbetter #spartanrace #spartanracehawaii #spartanracehi #spartanba17 #rollingmud #strongisthenewblack

TBT- about to cross the line at the Spartan Super in Hawaii last year. This was my biggest goal of 2016- completing the trifecta in Hawaii. Such a satisfying moment crossing that finish line 😊 #spartan #aroo #aussieinvader #spartanracehi #reebok #reebokallterrain

Playing around on the monkey bars with the 30kg weight vest before Transformation Training, inspired and filmed by @james.garlick

My life in spartan races.

It all started back in 2013, March 2nd down at Wonthaggi, the first Spartan Race in Australia. I signed up because @alscanlon and @james_kerrison did, not really knowing what to expect. As you can see it kind of started something, although I didn't do my second race until 2014 after witnessing @james_kerrison completing a trifecta in 2013 and knowing I wanted to be part of that.

Now three years down the track I am eight races in for the year, 3 confirmed races still to go and I'm still trying to see if I can make it work for a x4 trifecta medal.

I LOVE Spartan, I ❀️ the friendships we have made through it, I πŸ’œwitnessing people overcome their fears, their limiting beliefs and their fears through Spartan Races and I πŸ’™ being able to do it all with @james_kerrison
@spartanraceau you guys rock! Now to bring a race to Tassie 😜

My Hawaii Trifecta Weekend blog and video are now up on my website πŸ˜€ link in bio if you want to check out out!

πŸ’€ Finally found a race pic from Hawaii last weekend - somewhere in 2nd lap of the Ultra Beast (around 25km in), carrying a stupid bucket full of rocks, in the 🌧 and yet still managed a smile for the πŸ“Έ lol #bucketbrigade #wishmyarmswereactuallythatbig #spartanracehi #myhatispractical

Medal Monday.
At the beginning of 2016 I never thought I was going to be able to do the things I love to do again. My life went upside down in a fraction of a second. I was about to give up on a lot of things.Running trails,training to go farther,training with my daughter for triathlons, and yes even training for ULTRA TRIFECTA. I had to lose myself to find myself .Summer is coming to an end but I got 2 more major goals before 2016 end There are other goals for 2017.But that's for 2017 😎😎Thank you to 2 ppl that didn't give up on me. No matter how crazy it got they stood by my side. @_simplyagri and @ashleyfish_er ILOVEYOU2 πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #nevergiveup#dowhatyoulove#lifestyle#trainhard#trainyourmind#trainyourbody##triathlons#spartanracehi#spartanrace. #spartanendurance#trailrunning #endurancetraining #livelife#lovelife#livelifelovelifetothefullest#medaladdict

Something as rare as a pink unicorn...me doing cardio πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ putting in some hard work at #spartanracehi and getting my ass up and over that fire...#trapsonpoint if I do say so myself hahah

#beast #beastmode #fitlife #fitdad #fitdads #fitandtatted #fitandtattooed #fitpro #fitness #fit #dedicated #fitfam #fitforlife #nopainnogain #fitissexy #fitnessmotivation

Some #medalmonday action for all y'all :) This was our collection from the Trifecta Weekend in Hawaii πŸŒ΄πŸŒ„πŸƒπŸΌ #Repost @rkerrison
Today we achieved our first trifecta for the year. All in one weekend at the Hawaiian Trifecta Weekend at the Kualoa Ranch.
I am extremely happy to be done. Harder than I thought it would be but I fee better than I expected.

We did our Beast lap Saturday heading out at 6:45am. I failed 4 obstacles, the sternum check, the multi rigg, spear throw and second rope climb, a total of 105 penalty burpees plus 5 compulsory burpees. Total time was 5:57 and I ended 3rd in my age groups out of 45 and was the 25th female out of 268.

This morning we headed out at around 9am for our Super lap where I failed two obstacles, the multi rigg and rope climb again for 60 penalty burpees plus 5 compulsory burpees. Total time was 2:33 and I ended 7th out of 43 in my age group and 34th female out of 234.

Last up at 12:15 was our sprint lap, again 60 burpees. This time on the memory test and the rope climb. I completely memorised the wrong number grr. Took us 1:28 and my lowest placing at 18th out of 75 in my age group and 74th female overall out of 434.

All in all very happy. I think I'm better suited to the longer events, just don't have the speed to do well at the shorter distances. A little bruised and battered and so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an awesome event.

When Spartan is on your mind.

Our final burst of energy as @rkerrison and I complete the @spartanracehi Trifecta Weekend.

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