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"Oppa just let me go this once.."

Ep_ 95

🎤 Yesung
🎵 Its Has to be you

"Good morning, Selamat pagi, Gunaydin"
"Ngk afdol Kalo Liburan gini ngk ngeshare mereka berdua.. " :)) <3

#spartacemoments Ep_249
" Songs 🎵 You Know everything
"🎤 Kim Jongkook feat Soya


Sometimes I think that this account is not just a spartace account🙈but it is my personal journal to record my feelings and moments I love about Jong Kook or spartace💓
I have never thought of having 1000+ followers😂this is a huge number to me
If you are one of my earlier followers, you may understand me a little more from my posts😋
Jong Kook: He is the first idol I'm really in love with💕not only because of his appearance, his superficial qualities, but also because the way of how he lives and the values he uphold, which attracted me😍
You know Running Man Kim Jong Kook is different from real life Kim Jong Kook💕
Ji Hyo: She is a role model of mine💓she is beautiful inside out✨she is brave, clever, kind-hearted and so much more😍she is who I wanna become💪🏻and she is really perfect💕
Spartace: to be honest, I start shipping spartace because I like Jong Kook😂🙈but the fact is they are really a perfect match😍their interactions are so natural and cute✨
Running Man: I have been watching Running Man for 5/6 years🙏🏻it has already been a part of my life✨every Monday, I will wait for subtitles and sit in front of my computer to watch it💕there are so many ups and downs, but Running Man members have faced them all💪🏻this is what a family is like💙(still miss Kang Gary though😢)
Without Running Man, my life will not be completed! Through Running Man, I know Jong Kook💓and I understand what a family (without biological relations) is like👪
I just don't know why I'm typing so much today😂just maybe I have to leave awhile, as my public exams are approaching (in April)
During this period of time, I won't be able to update much, but I will still watch Running Man every week😋
I don't know whether this account means anything to you, but I do hope I bring little changes to someone's life💓
Running Man brings laughter to me, but far more than that, it brings tears, anger, and so much more feelings💘and to me, it is not only a TV programme, but it means a lot to me. Hope that you will feel the same too.
I don't know when Running Man will end. I don't know when my followers will be all gone. But I'm sure about one thing, I will walk with them, no matter ups or downs❤️
© kjkchina

• EP 367 •
Don't know what they are doing but this is so cute😍💕
Is that boxing?😂🥊

• EP 365 •
When one bowl of noodles is not enough for you😋💕

Long-waited spartace preview picture❤️😍

cr as shown

• EP 358 •
Spartace were eating💕🤤
Thanks SBS for posting this😂
After so long🤤

🎵Kim Jongkook x Soya ➡ You Know everything

• EP 356 •
When Ji Hyo has "love lines" with Se Chen and Seok Jin😂
Jong Kook's reactions😛

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