Legend has it the coupe glass was modeled after a certain part of Marie Antoinette’s anatomy...
Myth or not,
this elegant stemware adds sparkle to any occasion!

I have the most awesome group of girlfriends EVER!!! I’m so grateful for my ITP friends and always miss my OTP besties...#SparklePlenty

Enjoying every second {and sip} on the last Sunday of Summer ☀️ Rosé can still be consumed in Fall... right?!

Don’t dim your sparkle for the light sensitive. Some won’t understand your positivity or your vision. And that’s okay: It gives you your edge. .
(And if/when they show up later for the party and the free champagne? ...Consider embracing them fully with that radiant heart. Because people show up when they are ready, and rainbows aren’t judgey about where they land.)
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What’s the key 🔑 to the perfect Saturday Night Soirée? 🍷🍇
A chilled bucket of all the wines 😍

Super excited to be on set to film a national infomercial for a new hair solution coming soon😜 #RebeccaWaldenWigStudio #ChemoHairReplacement #AlopeciaHairReplacement #SparklePlenty

Without this guy, my husband and best friend, Rebecca Walden Wig Studio wouldn’t even be possible. I’m so blessed to be married to “Coach Sweetie”😜😜😜. His patience and support has made ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE!!!! So much love to you @lancewalden #RebeccaWaldenWigStudio #ChemoHairReplacement #AlopeciaHairReplacement #SparklePlenty #BlessedBeyondMeasure

Sooo many people have asked me or commented on my Hair+Summit video!!! Did I get Botox! Did I get a face lift?!?! NO!!!! ...it’s just makeup and a Costco lamp😜😘👊 #RebeccaWaldenWigStudio #SparklePlenty #ChemoHairReplacement #alopeciahairreplacement #ItsAllAnIllusion

Happy Birthday to our favorite Boss Babe, Andrea Ballus! 🍾 Wishing you a day full of bubbles, oysters, and the finest wines. 🍷Cheers to you! 🎉

Baby you’ve got it! #blueboy #sparkleplenty #barclaybutera #onfire #starpower 🌟✨💫

Anyone else completely obsessed with waffle fries? 🍟 We’re drooling over this waffle fry and spicy tuna tartare dish from @othermamalv 😋
📷: @the_hungrybeast

When it’s been a week and you’re ready for the “Midas” 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
#Repost from @wineenthusiast. When it's #winewednesday and all you can think about is how big your next bottle of wine should be. 🤔 Head to the link in our profile for your cheat sheet to wine bottle sizes (even ones you didn't know existed) and some of the history behind their names. #wine101 #wineenthusiast

We can’t wait to enjoy what’s inside. 🍇
🍷 📍@pride_wines

I know we all remember where we were on 9/11/01. I was working at the bookstore at the University of New Haven. Marie was listening to the radio in the cash office when the news broke through about the first plane. I knew in an instant & I said to Marie: This wasn't an accident. Minutes later when we heard about the second plane we were numb. I'm numb again just writing this. When Dawn & Karen came in we just sat there waiting for more news. Students with relatives in NYC & siblings in NYC schools started streaming into the store maybe not knowing where else to go. The school closed & we eventually went home & all I did was sit in front of the tv in a daze. I don't think it wasn't until the next day that I cried, the magnitude of what took place hitting me hard. The world changed that day & my life changed. I vowed in that moment to do what I needed to do to be happy even if that meant walking away from everything I'd known for the past 9 years. I know I wasn't the only one who did this & I struggled for almost another year with fully committing to those changes. But eventually I did & I never looked back. That started a brand new journey for me & I don't even recognize that person I was on 9/11/01. But the world isn't much better, is it? We still have so much hate, so much violence, so much “I'm better than you because of my beliefs." So when you post Never Forget ask yourself: Have I forgotten? Have I forgotten what it feels like to watch thousands of people die? Have I forgotten what it feels like to hold my friends & family close just out of the sheer knowledge that they are alive & well? Have I forgotten how bravery makes the biggest difference of all? Have I forgotten that it doesn't matter what the color of my skin is, what my sexual preference is, what gender I identify with, what my religious or spiritual beliefs are, what country I was born in - have I forgotten that we were all One that day? It's the same after these kinds of tragedy - as time goes on the numbness is gone, the intense emotions are gone & what we are left with is, hopefully, new wisdom that changes our lives, our world, for the better.
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Monday’s are meant for Pizza 🍕 & Wine 🍷... Amirite?!

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