✨"Mi fuerza física me hace imparable, pero mi fuerza de voluntad me hace indestructible"✨
Cuando tuvieron que sacrificar su pelo para que les entrara el gorro de Londres.
When they had to sacrifice their hair to get the #London2012 swimming cap.👏

This pic deserves a meme.😂
Free team #Eindhoven2012 🥇🐠

Memories of a synchro wedding 💧💙 #CarlosyAlba

Felicidades Pauete!!! Porque siempre sigas siendo como eres, nunca pierdas la sonrisa y nunca dejes de luchar por tus sueños!!! @pauribes_sincro @pauvale46pauet #artisticswimming #spanishsynchroteam #friend #happybirthday

With one of the best coaches of the world and that I had the opportunity to work with... Thanks Mayuko chan for the visit! 😊♥️

Free team final #Beijing2008
The theme was 'Africa'.
They got 2nd😍🥈

Some cool photos of #Beijing2008 🥈🏆
I love their expression in the 2nd and 3rd pic🦁

Her second Olympic medal! 10 years ago! 🥈🏆#Beijing2008

Fabulous lift from the Free team in #beijing2008 🥈

Technical team #beijing2008 almost TEN YEARS AGO! 🥈🏆

Intense look 👀
Final Free duet #Beijing2008 🥈🏆

This is my favorite duet ever. It's not easy to find an error.
Free duet final #Beijing2008 🥈 10 YEARS AGO!
@andreafuentes83 @gemmamengual @olympics

10 years ago, they got their first Olympic medal!
Free duet final #Beijing2008 🥈🏆
My favorite duet😍

I'd like to see that graffiti 😍😍
Free duet #london2012 🥈

Exactly 10 years ago! Seems that it was earlier😅
Technical routine #Beijing2008 🥈🏆 Their first Olympic medal

One of the best duets ever. Free routine #London2012 😍🥈🎉 👉You can watch the whole video on IGTV👈

In this video they were checking that the caps did not slip. And they worked perfectly🎉
#London2012 🥉

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