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Ô Juliana! desce uma caixa de cerveja que eu bebo🎶

Vocês usam óculos de sol ? • @sejadetumblr

Oi nenês 👶 // @viralizow 💝

- Já almoçaram ? ❤😍
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You usually use makeup?


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My cutie his smile all my life

Todo lo que es fácil no siempre vale la pena ☄️.

I feel nauseous hah ha •

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She can't forever forget the place from which she came from in such haste.
But evermore she waits for something that will never come. Her arms are swinging side to side.
High & Low,
They crow and crow l
As the body slowly withers.
Feast upon the rotting corpse.
The cruelty of this rabid place, a claw rips through this peaceful night to shred the kindness of no light.
A calling from so far away, take her to the dreadful fray. Gun in hand she presses the barrel firmly against her throbbing temple.
Press the trigger, hear the bang, she hits the floor with a clang.
Her country calls to her tonight.
But she is nowhere in sight.

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