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Quite proud of myself for actually cooking instead of ordering take away for the 5th night in a row 😂 #spaghettimarinara #seafood #spaghetti #pretendingtochef

Spicy Spageti Marinara with Grill Lobster
Bahan :
Spageti satu genggam utk satu porsi rebus

Sauce spageti homemade (--resep sdh pernah d share)
Bawang bombay iris panjang
2 siung bawang putih
Minyak zaitun utk menumis.
Lada cukup banyak
Garam secukupnya
Gula 1/2 sdt
2 sdm tabasco
Kaldu sapi (dr rebusan tulang iga/daging sapi jg boleh)

Tumis bawang sampai layu. Masukkan saus spageti. Aduk rata. Tambahkan kaldu. Aduk sampai sedikot mengental. Lau masukkan spageti. Aduk. Sisihkan

3 lobster air tawar. Kupas. --Cara mengupas dpt dilihat @sillyfishindonesia
Cuci bersih. Beli perasaan air lemon. Garam & lada. Lalu diamkan dulu sblm di grill.

Panaskan teflon lalu grill dg api sedang. Kurang lebih 4 menit.
Stlah matang. Tata spageti & lobster.
Selamat menikmati 😊 --dibuat utk sarapan td pagi krn mamake msh capek. Jd disuruh masak sendiri buat sarapan 😂


Gung Hay Fat Choi!
I had planned to sketch during the Chinese New Year parade, as in previous years... but my hands succumbed to the cold. However, I managed to do some quick sketches of my meal afterwards (nice to feel my hands again) at The Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Vancouver, BC (Watercolour and markers) #watercolour #watercolor #theoldspaghettifactory #theoldspaghettifactoryvancouver #vancouver #ChineseNewYear2018 #urbansketchers #urbansketch #usk #yvr #spaghettimarinara #bread #garlicbutter #deliciousfood

Sunday spaghetti marinara 🍝One of my favourite dishes. I used the pulse pasta which changed the texture a bit, it’s an interesting alternative with high protein per serve and a good source of fibre but you can definitely taste the difference. Still super simple and tasty! 🙌🏻🌱 #madeforyounutrition #pastaislife

Feeling MKR inspired! Whipped up this tasty little number 'Spaghetti Marinara' for my little love bug ❤️️

My belly is filled with the sweet spaghetti.
Helps to releive you of your regretti.
Eat spaghetti when you are sore.
Its tomato sauce will fill your core. 
When you are have woes or filled with sorrow.
Spaghetti will carry you to tomorrow.
by James Mcsweat

#orange #orangevibes #spaghetti #spaghettimarinara #carrotjuice #healthyjuice #pasta #nook #nookbali #seafoodspaghetti #bali #instafood #foodgasm #foodporn #deliciousbali #foodtravel #foodtravelling #canong7x #canong7xmarkii #delicious #yummy #foodphotography

What's your favourite pasta?

Mario's Marinara is a popular choice - mixed fresh seafood, in a sauce of blended tomato, garlic, parsley, white wine.

#mariosrestaurant #spaghettimarinara #gcfoodie

Baby carrot salad and spaghetti a vongole for dinner! I tweaked one of Jamie Oliver's recipes :) his vongole recipe is an Italian classic.
Ash Wednesday and Valentines day, it's a wrap.
Seafood by @westnfresh_seafood
New stock daily, I can't keep up. Come down to see the latest catch.

stumbled upon an excellent value $12 2-course set lunch the other day with the running peeps. The flash sale deal is still on in the @sunteccity app although the menu items might have changed.
We had a choice of Mesclun salad with chicken and lemon dressing or mushroom soup, and spaghetti marinara or chicken Milanese
The lemon dressing went well with my salad and chicken, and the mushroom soup looked thick and blended from a decent amount of mushrooms.
My spaghetti was al dente and chock full of seafood, while the chicken Milanese went down well with my lunch companions.
It’s definitely a worthwhile deal to check out while it lasts!

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