My friend @asmaravilla once made this risotto for me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Google Ottolenghi barley risotto 👌🏼👌🏼 super easy and super delicious. Perfect for entertaining cos it makes you seem heaps more fancy than you are 😜.
I then sautéed up mushroom, peas and some parsley to put on top.
And since we had guests around I thought I should make an equally fancy salad..enter lettuce mayo & macadamias 👌🏼
I mixed up olive oil, mayo, lemon juice, mustard, s&p and poured it over fresh n crunchy salad leaves. Then toasted some chopped macadamias with salt and sprinkled on top. Delish ☺️
M x

In case you're wondering how I'm coping with the heat, these are my essentials:
✔️ wet shirt frozen over night ✔️ personal fan
✔️ strategic placement under aircon vent
✔️ Netflix

These guys killed it tonight! 👍🏻🔥#MOSHi #moshitheband #oxfordartfactory #futurefollow #sozfortheshitphoto

Thanks heaps to my amazing friend @bobbydunbar for getting this awesome tribute knee piece started today! @angusmacintosh @sharkriot would have loved it! Can not wait to get it finished in the next few weeks! #bitchedout #grevilleinntattoo #nowillcarryyouboysaroundforever #rip #bobbydunbar #sozfortheshitphoto

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TOOM! Hope ya having a party on ya boat tonight ! Catch up when your here next! ❤️🍻 #sozfortheshitphoto 😳 @jasstoom

I got to tattoo my panther snail today :)! Thanks heaps for braving the shitty weather and driving up Sam (It's on an inner side elbow so was impossible to photograph )

Day 8; Path, the same path I see every morning waiting for my bus to school #oldphoto #sunrise #busstop #marconi #sozfortheshitphoto

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