HEY GUYS! Stay tuned for Episode 26 of @sowhatchasayin airing TONIGHT! We bringing that heaaaaaat, from what it’s like being blogger/creative, to my opinion on today’s Black America, my future plans for my career, the scoop on the twitter war that exploded within my mentions today, AND an all exclusive on my entrepreneur plans for fall of 2019. 🌚🌚🌚 I let my NO FILTER, authentic raw self looooooooose...You don’t want to miss this! 🗣🗣🗣🗣 Check the link in my bio!!!!!!
#SwipeLeft for a visual representation of the energy we bringing to y’all tonight 😂 thank y’all for having me ❤️

Episode 26 featuring the beautiful @yvungdom dropping tonight! Links will be posted shortly but in the meantime, go check out her blog. #sowhatchasayin #cosmicpsyche

#EPMD knew about OZ splits back in 1989. Must have got a package deal.
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Episode 24 w/ @branfrank_ dropping after the game. Also, be on the lookout for that @silentsupplyco4 merch dropping soon. Links to the episode will be posted per usual #sowhatchasayin #silentsupply

Episode 21 with @tattyjones dropping later on this evening🔥 links will be posted as usual, stay tuned! #sowhatchasayin

We wanna sincerely thank everybody for the constant love and feedback that we been getting for the podcast. Only been at it for 3 months and we’ve grown so much already and continue to grow over every episode and it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone that listens. With that being said, Episode 20 featuring our brother @tripplejonesge dropping later on this evening. #SoWhatchaSayin

最近はご機嫌ななめだよ😬😑🙄 .

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Episode 19 featuring our guy @og.dremarley dropping after the game, soundcloud and itunes links will be posted so stay tuned. #sowhatchasayin

The Dre Marley Show (@thedremarleyshow) premiering soon, starting off with the topic of Kanye West: Is he really crazy or really enlightened? // also I will be doing Ganja Reviews on @thedremarleyshow , basically judging different strains I get my hands on for all my stoners out there. Gonna be some dope, real nigga entertainment while learning new shit.. follow the talk show page @thedremarleyshow for a recap of me on #SoWhatchaSayin podcast that airs this Sunday!! Everybody go follow @thedremarleyshow

Catch me on #SoWhatchaSayin podcast this Sunday! I let y'all in on some future plans and give insights on a few topics!

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