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In Vilakazi St last Friday, Jane from Cape Town and Holger and Susanne from Sweden joined us on a hot hot day in #soweto #vilakazistreet #sketching #joburgsketchers @cathartland photo by @venterleonora

Wêreldklas Mzansi Jeugkoor by die #Wynoesherdenking op Groot Constantia: Die Suid-Afrikaanse wynbedryf vier die jaarlikse Wynoesherdenkingsgeleentheid op Donderdag 1 Februarie 2018 op Groot Constantia-landgoed, die oudste wynproduserende landgoed in Suid-Afrika. Kom geniet ‘n gesellige aand saam met ander wynliefhebbers – met ‘n fynproewersete deur Simon's at Groot Constantia, bekroonde Groot Constantia-wyne en wêreldklasvermaak deur die Mzansi Jeugkoor. Dié koor is in 2003 gestig met die doel om aan talentvolle, minderbevoorregte jongmense van #Soweto die geleentheid te bied om plaaslik en oorsee op te tree. Die woord #Mzansi beteken “suid” in isiZulu en “Suid-Afrika” in die volksmond. Die koor word wyd beskou as die beste optredekoor in die land en het internasionaal hul merk gemaak in Kanada, Denemarke, Engeland, Skotland, Rusland en Turkye. Hul repertoire behels ‘n verskeidenheid van Suid-Afrikaanse musiek wat elemente van tradisionele musiek, pop en jazz insluit. Die koor se jeugdige klank, opwindende choreografie, aansteeklike energie en toewyding tot Suid-Afrikaanse musiek is ‘n ervaring wat nie misgeloop moet word nie.

Hierdie formele aand word gekenmerk deur drie besonderse gebeurtenisse, naamlik die Seën op die Oes, die herdenking van die 359ste bestaansjaar van die wynbedryf, en veral die verering van ‘n wyn-ikoon of -instansie wat die spesiale 1659-erepenning sal ontvang vir sy, haar of hul bydrae tot die bedryf. Die erepenning word sedert 1974 toegeken aan mense wat diep spore in die bedryf getrap het. Hulle dien ook as ambassadeurs.

Bespreek dus u tafel van agt of tien mense teen R800 per persoon en wees deel van ‘n onvergeetlike geskiedkundige aand. Kontak vir Razelle Galant by 021 975 4440 of razelle@agriexpo.co.za vir meer inligting en om te bespreek. Die geleentheid word moontlik gemaak deur die finansiële ondersteuning en vennootskappe van Groot Constantia-landgoed, Die Burger, Standard Bank, VinPro en Agri-Expo. Die Mzansi Youth Choir word ondersteun deur AVBOB South Africa, wat vanjaar 100 jaar oud is.

Pew love! #hardwood #pew #soweto

Steve Biko was an anti-apartheid activist who spearheaded SA’s Black Consciousness Movement, giving rise to the ideology that sociopolitical change starts with one’s own self-determination and identity. His writings and activism sought to empower black people, and his phrase “black is beautiful” continues to ring true worldwide.
40 years after his untimely death in police custody, these South African artists honor Biko through the ways they know best. As artist Vivien Budge perfectly told @10and5, “Old ideas around race continue to marginalise people and Biko saw that people have to be in a position where they own their dignity and are allowed to take responsibility for their own creativity and way of life.”
Swipe left to view these artists’ tributes. From left to right: Keza Gatari (@kezishere) and Sean Dalasile of SoulProviders Collective; Thabiso Moledi (@nokoane); KentLingeveldt of @alphalongboards; Lungile Mbokane (@lungile_hipnotic_mbokane); and Vivien Budge (@vivbudge)

Day 399: The Soweto slums are a spot that reminds you that happiness isn't something that can be bought. Touring here and meeting the locals who had basically next to nothing, yet they were all still so happy and willing to share what little they have. I think this something that everyone can learn from.
I signed up to do the Soweto tour during my last day in Africa. This neighborhood was recommended as a must visit, and to save time I decided to do a tour instead of explore on my own.
Our first stop was the slums and we were introduced to some of the locals and volunteers. They took us around the neighborhood and explained how people get their shacks and how life here works. What I loved most was meeting the children. They loved holding our hands, smiling at us, and having their photo taken. But you always had to show them what the photo looked like after!! We then made our way to one of the most famous locations of the Soweto uprising, the block where Hector Pieterson was shot and killed by the police. The photo of this scene became the Icon for the uprising. And then we walked around Nelson Mandela's old home. I learned so much about the conflict with the apartheid and how freedom was finally granted to all people. Reminded me quite a bit of MLK and his fight for equal rights. We ended the tour at the World Cup Finals stadium, and as I sports fan I loved seeing it!! If you have a day to spare, it's worth doing the tour.
For dinner, I enjoyed my first Ethiopian meal. Boy was it good, reminded me of India food except it contains meat. Really fun final day in Africa! #findfolan #folanfinds #exploretheworld #southafrica #wildlife #joburg #neverstopexploring #africansafari #livelikealocal #nationalgeographic #worldviews #Johannesburg #soweto

when you choose to see beauty everywhere #Soweto #sunset #chooselove #rayoflight

Royalty Wear SA👑 #king #queen #localbrand #soweto

To offer a comprensive context of our side of the #SouthAfrican #lovestory... a visit to the #HectorPeterson #museum is also essential (when #friends are on a short #holiday in #Jozi) - #Soweto holds it's own against #povertyporn and doesn't pander to #tourists (unlike other #townships)... instead - this local museum tells it like it is... that all we had were #stones and #tin #bin lids, to #protect ourselves from the indiscriminate #ruthless #armed #brutality of the #apartheid #security #police (even towards #school #children) .... so much so, that even the #irony of the inclusion of a #poem by #IngridYonker in #Afrikaans, is not lost on us... #singing: To be #YoungGiftedAndBlack... it still sings - #MakeMeNumbNelson

Skrrr is Lost

Portraits of myself as I try to find myself behind all the stresses of being a black creative in an unprivileged community and the challenges of my mental illness.

#levels_of_skrrr #king_of_light #chris_x_mbawu #photography #soweto #people #selfportraits

Skrrr is Lost

Portraits of myself as I try to find myself behind all the stresses of being a black creative in an unprivileged community and the challenges of my mental illness.

#levels_of_skrrr #king_of_light #chris_x_mbawu #photography #soweto #people #selfportraits

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