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Totalt bodde det 5000 personer i området, varav 110 civila som ansvara för sjukhus, skola, affärer etc och resten var militärer 🌫☠️ #latvia #skrunda1 #sovjetunion

Original found #ddr #sovjetunion

Onverwoestbare sovjet techniek 😜 #sovjetunion #СССР #russia #газ

Какая экономия..🤓🤓🤓 я только сейчас поняла, что раньше не было никакой другой туши, кроме этой,которую выпускали для актёрского грима:)) в продаже и по сей день, дизайн мне нравится!👌#mascara #sovjetunion

Het is 'nationale vlagdag' in Rusland, vandaar dit eerbetoon bij het Kremlin. Op deze dag wordt gevierd dat de vlag van de Sovjet-Unie werd vervangen door die van Rusland | EPA

Bulgaria’s UFO. 👽👾
In Shipka Pass, it’s hard to shake the sensation that you’re being watched. Atop a 1441m peak in the raw, mountainous scenery of central Bulgaria, a saucer-shaped building stands like a watchtower. This concrete behemoth on Buzludzha mountain is a relic of the communist era, wryly called ‘Bulgaria’s UFO’, and it’s beaming up increasing numbers of curious visitors. Perched on the northernmost edge of Stara Zagora province, right in the heart of Bulgaria, Buzludzha monument’s sci-fi architecture, history and setting cast a powerful spell.
Bulgaria 📍
#Visitbalkan 🌍
📷 @triphackr

Who's not fitting into the picture?


Patton urinating into the Rhine: On 24 Mar 45 as the US Third Army crossed into Germany, a photographer caught General George S Patton standing in the middle of a pontoon bridge directing his stream defiantly into the enemy's larger one, like a dog marking its territory.

The King Tiger was the most powerful tank fielded in WW2, made by the Germans as a means of turning the tide against the Russians. While invincible, it was made in too few numbers to make a difference. Only 492 made it to the field starting in Sept 1944. Many were lost due to lack of fuel or when untrained crews damaged the sensitive transmission. It was too heavy to be recovered. However, on the field, they destroyed everything in sight and could only be damaged by aircraft or heavy artillery.

Assault troops with the III Amphibious Corps, composed of the 3rd US Marine Division and the 1st Marine Provisional Brigade leap from their amphibious tractors for the shelter of the sand dunes, during the Guam assault on July 20, 1944.

Нина Свиридова Дмитрий Воздвиженский
Перед приездом гостей

Members from the 607th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached to the 95th Infantry Division) load their 3 inch M5 anti-tank gun on one of the approaches to Metz.

One of the first buildings you will find when you are visiting Vogelsang | Lost city of Vogelsang, Germany

A German soldier returning to his home after WWII, who just found out all his family was killed and his house gone due to the Allied air raids

A group of American pilots of the 379th Fighter Squadron U.S. Air Force captured German Messerschmitt night fighter BF.110 G-4/R3. Lt. Robert Hagen (Robert S. Hagen) tells his comrades about the last air battle. Germany, May 1945.

Lt. Col. Robert Wolverton, C/O 3 Btn, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, checking his gear before boarding the C-47 "Dakota", 8Y-S, "Stoy Hora" of the 440th Troop Carrier Squadron at an airfield in Exeter, England. The evening of the 5th June 1944.

Mortar fire WWII Third Infantry Division soldiers are firing 81-mm mortar M1, somewhere in Italy. Corporal receives adjustment of fire by telephone.

M4 Sherman of 'A' Company 763rd Tank Battalion and troops from the 96th Infantry Division in battle at Okinawa, April 1945.

Commandos of 1st Special Service Brigade after landing on Queen Red beach, Sword area, 6th June 1944. Following close behind the 8th Brigade on Sword was Brigadier The Lord Lovat's 1st Special Service Brigade. No.4 Commando, with two French Troops of No.10 Inter-Allied Commando in hand, were the first to arrive on the beach, landing an hour after the assault troops.

SU-152 production line, Chelyabinsk

Operation 'Market Garden', September 1944. (Operation market garden is the single largest airborne battle in history and it is the largest Europe has ever seen, even till this day)

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