The only life you are here to lead, create or improve is yours. .
It’s not your duty to change or be overly concerned about others if it puts you in a position where you end up forgoing your own needs and sending yourself into a realm of paralysis or poor health. .
By harnessing your positive vibes and nurturing yourself, you are able to share your Light and Serve well. .
Let’s be lighthouses. ✨
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Yoga in the park tomorrow at noon 🤸🏻‍♀️🌱 Is there a better way to round off the long weekend? I don’t think so! Signup link in bio

NYU people - 🆓 yoga this friday • 11am • Gallatin Room 430

Flu season is upon us - try cultivating acceptance if you’re sniffling and try practicing gratitude if you’re not 🤧 This yogi has been sick in bed all weekend and it wasn’t fun, but nothing makes you more grateful for your breath than losing the ability to breathe through your nostrils!

Pulling from the cards 🔵✨
Picked up this Mindfulness Deck the other day. It has 52 fantastic simple ways for you to be more mindful in everyday life. Techniques like these help me chill out, be more peaceful, patient, and help manage stress and anxiety. I’ll be bringing these along to my next Virtual Wellness Group starting Oct 1.
After 3+ years my passion for holistic wellness rings truer than ever. I’m constantly growing and learning and would love to have you in my next group where we work on 3 vital areas - fitness, nutrition, and the mind to help us live our best most beautiful life. Let’s #growforward together!
Drop me your email 👇🏽💕
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NYU students - I’m teaching the first *free* Gallatin Yoga Club class of the semester this Friday at 11am in Gallatin Rm430 🕉

Monday Mood 🌞🌵 it’s a new week and the sun is out! Shake off the blues and make it happen and most importantly have fun doing it. .
In other news... we have #PiYoLive class tonight @qlfhou $10 drop in / no gym membership required 6:30 pm. Oh yea, and we’re putting in some extra leg work! Want to come?? .
And enrollment officially begins today for my Virtual Wellness Group: Mindfully Fit 4 Days x2. Launching Oct 1. Beginner, Advanced, Clueless (my favorite and most relatable category) are all welcome! 🙏🏽😻💪🏽 Holler... 📞 .
Saguaro Set @sovifit #sovifittribe
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Be all in or get all out.
There is no halfway.
On the last 2 weeks of this amazing program & I am feeling the difference. Ontop of teaching my Insanity & Piyo classes, the circuit training has added that extra push. Starting a new round October 1st, shoot me a message for details. 💪
👖 Super cute leggings by: @sovifit
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The story of how you got here doesn’t have to define your experience. If you work on cultivating nonjudgemental awareness today, you could make yourself and the world a little bit of a better place tomorrow 💕🌎

We can use awareness of physical alignment and sensation to ground our minds in the present moment

Baby I’m back and I’m covering classes today, Saturday and Sunday at noon in Central Park. New York let’s floww 💚🧘🏼‍♀️

In this pose it’s super tempting to peek through your legs and check out what the person on the mat next to you is doing. If you feel comfortable, draw the eyes closed to invite the practice inwards 🙏🏼🧡

In yoga we seek to find balance between effort and ease. In upward facing dog, if you're experiencing any sort of pinching sensation or pain in your lower back, you're exerting too much effort and you should ease out of the pose. Pain is your body communicating with you, and we should strive to honour the wisdom of our bodies.

If your pants don't make you do this you need to reconsider how much fun you're having...and get new pants 😜💃🏻☀️
While most folks are out on vacay we've been grinding it out... I'm forecasting some legit ocean 🌊 tropical 🌴 vibes coming our way soon. #dreambigworkhard #manifestdestiny #texasheat #bohomama #advancedselfie -
Get the Goddess pants over at @sovifit #sovifittribe

And, naturally, to complement drawing, here’s a little movement. I find this pose very restorative, with the just the right amount of tension to keep you focused 👁
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Last classes before I leaf 🍃 today and monday at noon in sheep’s meadow

Try to cultivate body awareness not only in your yoga poses, but also in your transitions. As you move out of your bridge pose, see if you can slowly lower yourself down, one vertebra at a time. Practicing mindful movement on the mat strengthens the connection between our minds and our bodies off of the mat too.

central park yoga tomorrow at 6pm - you down dog?

Wondering what you should do tomorrow? Yoga with me in Central Park! Sign up for the class at 2pm using the link in my bio ✌🏻

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