We can’t possibly explain how much it touches our hearts to have people enjoy our music so much! Thank you Wildwoods fans for nominating us for the third year in a row as one of the best Americana/Folk bands in the area! #oeaanominee #omahaentertainmentartsawards #makingmemories #yourethereason #soverythankful

Gosh...life! Some days you’re coming so, other days yuh going so...whether yuh coming or yuh going...remember to stand in YOUR truth! #Say! #Do! #Share! #Live! #Laugh! #Respect! #Love! Happy birthday to ME...you too! Thanks Allyuh 😘! Happy SuperSoul Sunday Framily! #cindyannjane #mauvaislangue #mybirthday #life #trinigirl #doingmything #keepkeepingon #dance #soverythankful

Happy Sunday Everyone!!💜💜💜 #todayisagift #enjoytoday #sundaybliss #soverythankful

Some days even your bike has an off day, today mine did but thanks to @cooper_____261 for lending me his bike so I could power on and finish off the day coming home with a 4th in Ladies 🤘🏻 #ariderisntariderwithouttheirbike #allovertheshop #soverythankful
Had a great time racing with @_jamous @ellyse288
@rydeclothing @fxrracingaustralia_ridetribe @nextgenmx @daytodayconstructions @jp_moto_yeppoon
@kane_tougher353 📷

Home again from a too brief dash through Bologna and Modena - our first trip away, together, alone - since I was 25 weeks pregnant!?! It was hot and included a meal I will never forget. All because someone will sit on a website, in Italian, months in advance. Then plan flights and trains and a gorgeous b&b. Thank you @davidchristie_86 - you make magic happen with that phone! And to your parents (only @marie.christie.9615 on here!) for entertaining William for a few days for us xxx
#italy #holiday #anniversary #soverythankful #wealsobickeredbecauseitwashottoo

Being over 1000 miles away from home, we’re still trying to make our apartment feel a little more homey. With the amount of baby toys and books we have everywhere, the holiday decorations have to be a little more kid friendly{also because she’s been throwing everything she can find over the balcony🤨}. Hob lob to the rescue with the cutest plush pumpkins🎃🎃 -
Biscuit cicat keeps us decorated for halloween all year round, and the random Mardi Gras beads we have from the move has given us some little reminders of home.
As the leaves start to change up here and the weather actually becomes cold😂, it’s a quiet reminder of where we have come. Today and everyday we are thankful for the things we have and the opportunities we have been given🧡

#madisonwisconsin #louisiana #hobbylobbyfinds #soverythankful #momlife #edenjane #biscuitlove #itsfallyall

I am learning about the balance between good stewardship and faith (which I think is a very personal one!). For a long time so much of my thinking when it came to health was fear-based. I think a lot of what we call wellness and wisdom is propelled by fear. If we don't do this, then this bad thing will happen, etc.

My goal nowadays is not to create a perfect environment but one of balance, with joy, in faith. I'm slowly learning what that looks like for OUR family.

It means choosing the best that I can to feed my kids but fully enjoying pizza, desserts, and Starbucks treats, too (not as "cheats" but as treats that don't make up the bulk of our fuel). It means choosing things that are safe and not loaded with tons of untested chemicals when I can but not worrying if my mascara isn't non-toxic or we eat meat that wasn't grassfed/pastured. It is a really great place to be - a humbling one, a freeing one.

When our daughter started needing deodorant, it was an easy choice. For me, this fell into the good stewardship category. This is something she will be using every day long-term and with her hormones already changing and making life a little more complicated, it was a no brainer to find a deodorant that was safe (and effective!) and wouldn't mess with her hormones or clog her lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is a system of waste removal and under our arms is a big area of lymph nodes and an important place we detox waste through sweat (which most antiperspirants prevent). This toothpaste is what I've used for deodorant for the last 4 years or so, so this is what our Ro was introduced to when the need arose. It is the best deodorant I've ever used, nontoxic or not (might have something to do with bacteria making sweat stink - if you look up the oils in it and what they do, it makes a lot of sense). It may look like a tube of toothpaste sitting in the cabinet - and it is! - but it is also the best deodorant around and I'm so thankful to have it for not only myself but our girl. One less thing her body has to fight against as it grows and changes and for that, I am thankful!

It may not feel like it, but tomorrow is the first day of FALL! Come pick up a fall treat today! #museebath #itsfallyall #soverythankful

🍁Give Thanks. So Very Thankful. Gather. 🍁 All wonderful reminders as we head into this fall season (even though it’s still hot!). We are thankful for the smells of pumpkin pie and orange clove- the scents of these cute little bagged candles. Perfect as a hostess gift or a personal present to get your home smelling good and giving you all the warm and cozy feels! .
Tag someone you’re thankful for or who loves fall/pumpkin candles! .
#givethanks #soverythankful #gather #fallseason #thanksgiving #hostessgifts #gifts #giftgiving #giftstore #giftideas #pumpkinpie #pumpkinpiecandle #orangeclove #fallscents #smellslikefall #candles #candleshop #shopsmall #shoplocal #shopwalworth #smallbusiness #walworth #fontana #williamsbay #lakegeneva

What did I ever do to deserve these sweet blessings??? #soverythankful

Who loves FALL tees as much as we do?! 🙋‍♀️
New arrivals😘😘😘
Click links on photos to order yours! Comment below w/ email & we will send you invoices during business hours ———
#happyfallyall #givethanks #soverythankful

Our beautiful suite in the most romantic setting 🤩 couldn’t resist a little video 🎥
#moroccandream #moroccandecor #marrakesh #morocco #kasbahtamadot #virginlimitededition #instaview #welcomedrinks #amazingstaff #alhaouz #atlasmountains #sliceofheaven #soverythankful we are very lucky @chanbu8

Random date with my Cisum. 👧🏻❤️🍝🍗🍞🥞 ...and while she’s eating “Mommy, ang sarap.. sayang wala si Tatay.” ❤️ ( lab na lab nya yung tatay nya.. 🤣) #RandomDate #MommyAndCisumMoments #MyForeverDate #iLoveCisum #MyCisumRocks #MyLifeSupport #Talampunay #Cisum #PancakeHouse #SoVeryThankful

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