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It is an #obodooyinbo something.
Yeaaaa, it's a Malaysian Wedding!!! We made 100pcs of note pads for #MelVic17

We particularly did not want to put this out for obvious reasons but the not-so-good-output is really part of the success story.
We are glad to be part of this and thanks to my big bro @cakeswalkintall for the referral.

When we say we are the Grand Masters of Souvenirs, you had better believe it!!! Congrats to Melsie and Victor, may your love stand the test of time and may the joy of your marriage last longer than the happiness of your wedding. Amen.

#Above #Souvenirs #NotePads #MalaysianWedding #SouvenirSaturdays #GrandMastersOfSouvenirs

Shawty don't need Bae.. she just watches 😎. #lookulooku #souvenirsaturdays

#souvenirsaturdays When you're born with a Rowdy Heart & end up developing a Broken Wing it helps to have people along your journey to remind you of who you are. During my adolescence I was fortunate enough to have a teacher that cared enough for me to remind me of this....even while I was mad as hell on the inside and didn't want to hear it. This simple cardboard heart has been a souvenir that I've treasured for 30 years....a reminder that "it's ok to love ourselves sometimes." #souvenir #drewholcombandtheneighbors

#souvenirsaturdays. For years my best friend in all the world has texted me almost every morning saying "good morning sunshine". Then on our 4th annual spring camping trip she finds a token with a "sunshine" on it at our campsite. Not only is this a #souvenirsaturdays from her, it also was found in the woods, which is a souvenir from our Creator to show us the magnificence and glory of His creation.

#souvenirsaturday Popal Wells was a time keeper. He collected and repaired antique clocks. It was one of the things he was most known for in the community. As a child, I remember hearing multiple clocks sound in harmonious unity each hour as hands rounded the number 12 and announced the new hour. He was a humble man and precious soul. On this eve of day light savings time, he would be spending his time winding and springing forward the many clocks in his cozy, modest home. One of my most cherished possessions is an antique clock he gave me before he stepped over into Glory. A post appropriate for #souvenirsaturdays in connection with the authentic & eclectic Drew Holcomb of @drewholcombmusic

Joining in and posting souvenir's from my life for #souvenirsaturdays.
The pink spoon is from Baskin Robbin's - the place where Dave and I had our first real kiss after having ice cream.
The nickel was laying by my foot when Dave proposed to me under the gazebo at Opryland. I picked it up knowing I'd want souvenirs from that special day! #souvenirsaturdays #memories

One of my favorites, @drewholcombmusic is starting a new weekly post! Here's my first #SouvenirSaturdays: My Papa used to work for a phone company. This phone was on a tree in the woods and would ring so loud you could hear it from anywhere... it even survived a tornado! As a little girl, it was one of my favorite "toys" in my Mimi's playroom. Our family lost it for a while after she passed away. My Mom just recently found it, so now it's a part of the family again. So many memories!

An aerial photo of my Great Grandparents farm that I just inherited, before my Grandparents lived there in my lifetime....from the 70's I believe.....after some research, I discovered that the little blue truck in the middle was my dad's first vehicle and was his grandfather's before him. It was a 53' ford. This aerial shot is actually a painting. I have vivid memories of climbing hay stacks in the barn, shooting pest birds, finding snakes, family reunions, and lots of love...I was blessed with a wonderful loving family...#blessed #souvenirsaturdays

Starting a new idea today, #SouvenirSaturdays. Every Saturday I'm going to post a souvenir from my life, a book, a memento, a family heirloom etc., to tell parts of my story. I hope you will do the same, and I will pick someone every week to get a signed copy of "Souvenir" and a letter from me. Can't wait to read more about you guys and hear some stories from your lives.
Around 1900, my great great grandmother gave this gold pocket watch to my great great grandfather on their wedding day. It was passed down to me from my grandfather on my graduation from high school. My grandpa was Jim Holcomb, World War II Navy Pilot, calculator salesman, seafood lover, collector of bawdy jokes, and world class crossword puzzler. I hope to pass on this tradition to one of my grandchildren one day. By then, this gold watch will be probably 150 years old. #SouvenirSaturdays

nook cam | embracing this rainy Saturday from our favourite shop spot. #nookcam #souvenirsaturdays

A romantic luxury for the celebrant won't definitely spice things up.
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He/she's birthday is tomorrow, but what to get seems hard right?
Well look into there personal life ,like their office life,and I bet their desk is definitely a mess,well doing a total re branding would keep you in their mind and heart forever.
#stationaries #interiors #office #heart #love #birthday #art #officeeverything #souvenirsaturdays #chevron #companies #fitfam #family

Looking for that special gift or souvenir to give someone special or a crowd of people??
Well follow and get inspired because Saturday just got exciting. #souvenirsaturdays #gifts #birthday #instafollow #instagramers #lagos #london #russia #dubia #nms95 #stationaries #school #mums #parents #parties

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