Little #bird design I have available . Got be me a shout if you fancy it or something similar. #birdtattoo #birddesign #dotwork #dotworktattoo #dots #dot #wiseguysink #rotherhamtattoo #barnsleytattoo #sheffieldtattoo #southyorkshiretattoo

When the traffic report on the radio says, “if you’re trying to get out of Sheffield tonight, I feel sorry for you, this rain is causing havoc with the roads!” All you can do is laugh, right? The raaaainn! Am I the only person in the UK that actually likes it? It’s just taken me a figurative lifetime to get home (I was in the car for so long MY HAIR DRIED!) but I still love it! Getting to spend today tattooing this fox on the sweetest person and listening to the rain was my idea of heaven! Thanks @missalex2690 for coming all this way to get this snoot! I hope the weather hasn’t hindered your travels! The storm made the light pretty much disappear so it’s an overcast, heavy rain cloud kind of picture with some serious autumnal vibes going on. Drive safe if you’re out there people!

I FUCKING love wolf tattoos! Always the best way to spend a working day! Come at me if you’re ready for a sick wolf tat bro!

Some of the best people are the ones who just send me a list of amazing things and say, “these are the things I like, do what you want from there!” Who travel such a long way, sit tremendously well for their tattoo and introduce us to such a thing as kiwi berries! (What?! They’re amazing! Try them!) Thanks @toryortori for such a great afternoon. I know you loved the music choices. Despite all the pictures we took, it isn’t the best! I think we missed the lovely daylight by the time we were done!

Got an almost fully healed shot of this one from a while back just needed a few little touch ups doing but other than that it healed amazingly! 😊

One from last week. Had great fun on this one dispite my misgivings for the subject matter... (I don’t like patriotism at all. I feel it’s a silly thing to be proud of somewhere you are randomly born... but hey ho whatever floats your boat...) Craig was a real trooper and sat like an absolute rock for this!

One from a week or two back. Really enjoyed this one and I love the idea of it! Thanks Laura for being a pleasure to tattoo! Hope it’s healing well!😊

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