Snapper power for $40 at a yard sale
I'm now $50 invested in land management tools.
#southwestwashington #lawncare #witchcraft

"Canadian Visitors" taken by A. McNabb, edited by S. Clark. #pnw #pacificnorthwest #lakesacajawea #southwestwashington

"Wild Places" by S. Clark. Taken while kayaking with my daughter. #pnw #pacificnorthwest #southwestwashington #outdoor #outdoorwomen #magicalplaces

We always have unique beers on tap that you're unlikely to find elswhere. Beers on tap to note at the moment are:

Petite Sour Peach by @crookedstave Artisan Beer Project

Weihenstephaner Braupakt is a @weihenstephanbeer collab with @sierranevada

Scotch Ale by @bbaybrewery

Tell us about your house! Call (360) 612-1440, email mike@j10properties.com or peruse our website! We’d love to connect and see how we can help you sell your home.

We know how thirsty Thursdays can get.
Come fill up two growlers, and when you order we'll only charge you for one.

Only for the promiscuous palate.

Jurassic Queen Anne Lace. #coastaljungle #southwestwashington

Yellow is the color of the day. #lighthouses #southwestwashington #columbiabar #buoy10

Visited an amazing garden this weekend. These little beauties are summer in a flower.

#flowers #beautifulgarden #southwestwashington #summer #yellow

We are proud of Heathen Brewing Feral Public House for winning not just 1 award but 3 for Best of Clark County!

Thanks to everyone who voted for them for Best Bar/Tavern, Brewpub and Taproom!

Sometimes you need a to-go order.

Choose from our list of 17 beers on tap! 🍻

If you live in Southwest Washington, and would like to know the value of your home, I’d love to help by doing a market analysis for you. Maybe today is the day to start taking the first steps towards the home of your dreams. #realestate #realestateagent #realtors #realtorlife #southwestwashington #vancouverwashington #home #swwashington

Join us in remembering the 38th anniversary of the Mt St Helens eruption at our Eruption Day party tomorrow!
The 2018 Truman's Goddamn Strong Ale bottles will also be dropping 5PM!

Fanboy Juice Bomb Hazy East Coast IPA is here! Our second iteration of the fabled N.E.IPA has all the best things in the hazy world. Grab a pint and drink up cause there's no shame in drinking a Fanboy Juice Bomb!

Rat Rod Weed Eater. This vintage land management tool is an oldy but a goody. $10 at a yard sale because I am more conservative than a Conservative. Geting her done on Moma Day. #southwestwashington #ratrod @kirathebadvegan

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