My office for the day 💁‍♀️
Taking sessions for @sweatwithsoulfitness_ 💪🏽👟☀️🍃💦

My girls working hard on this fine Tuesday morning ☀️🍂🌿 - Day 2 of my program is an upper body / abs workout 💪🏽💪🏽
Come join my team if you’re ready to TRANSFORM yourself!

There’s nothing I love more than helping women become stronger and more powerful versions of themselves - it all starts from the inside out. If your mindset is not working optimally, how can you expect your body to? I recently did an entire course on how to change mindset and psychological patterns, this course literally blew my mind 🤯
I walked away feeling like a brand new person, I overcame soooo many of my own barriers and excuses and old habits that I used to do daily in just a few days of learning these techniques. I literally transformed my entire world, I have a whole new perspective on life and all I did was.. DECIDE. I decided to change. I decided to face my fears and stop using old excuses. It’s really that simple 🙌🏽
I want to share with you all exactly how you can do the same and gain back control over your own life and become the boss of your own mind & body!
Becoming fit & healthy shouldn’t be over complicated or fancy - I’ve designed a new system that is simple and fun so it’s really easy to stick to, let me teach you how! 💁‍♀️🤓
Come join my team if you’re ready to TRANSFORM yourself!
CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE 💗👙🌸💕#empoweredwomenempowerwomen

New obsession with Stella McCartney x Adidas.. Ethical & sustainable fashion & sooo comfy 💙🌏🐳🌨❄️ #prettyhappyaboutit #newclotheswhodis

(Part of) mine and @georgeeraptis meal prep for 4 days 🌶🥦🍠🥑🌽
Stir fry recipe: 2 packets of Fry’s brown rice & quinoa protein strips as meat substitute (17g protein per serve), a few cups of brown rice, shit loads of veggies, we used: kale, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and onion. Sauce I just made up, using Braggs all purpose soy seasoning, ginger, garlic and a touch of maple syrup for that honey-soy taste (only no bees were harmed in the making of maple syrup) I hope. 🐝
Anyway, that’s my cooking lesson for the year 😂✌🏽 #veganmealprep

I’ve been MIA on this page for a while.. Focusing more on personal goals, so here’s a reminder to eat your veggies and not animals. Plants have all the protein you need, after all, the animals that you eat get their protein from plants too, so no need to eat them when you can go directly to the protein source aka plants 💁‍♀️🌿🐮🐷🐣☀️🌏 #plantpower #plantprotein #eatveggiesnotanimals

My kids were driving me bonkers today with constant nagging and constantly wanting things!! So I told hubby I was going to the gym so he could sort dinner out while I was at the gym!! Take time to take care of you Mummas and sweat it out or escape the house for some you time! 💗💗💗

When people ask me what’s my dance background? I smile because I don’t really have one since back when I was younger we weren’t priviledged to learn how to. I just tell them I love to dance and sing lol. I guess when you have the passion,you work hard to be better and share that love towards others you can never go wrong..😉💃🏽❤️ #lesmillstribe #lesmills #shbam #shbam30 #vainrant #reebok #ignoremyvanity #groupfitness #southpacificstkilda #southpacifichealthclubs

Throw back 🔙 cos it’s back day & I always take videos and forget to post them 🤷‍♀️ here’s some of our New Year’s Eve workout, last one for 2017 💪🏽☀️🌴💦👙✨ #newyearnewgoals

Christmas Party with my clients 💕🎄🎉🥂🍾
A massive thank you to these ladies & all my other lovely clients for an amazing year of training & thanks to George for putting up with me for another year and supporting me through all my crazy ideas 😁❤️
You’ve all helped me more than you know - my goal for a couple of years now has been to start up a women’s only personal training business & I’m so lucky I’ve been able to achieve that this year in the best gym in St Kilda!
Some of you already know but my next big life goal I’m working towards is to own my own “female only gym”, there’s a lot of reasons why I want a female only gym, but the main reason being I love empowering women by helping them gain confidence through weight training in a non-judgmental, comfortable and positive environment.
The times where someone tells me they are feeling their best they ever have and say how much it has changed their life is the reason I love my job!
It’s the best feeling knowing I’m helping someone get stronger physically & mentally.
You girls keep me motivated towards my goals every day! Can’t wait to help you all progress even further in 2018! ❤️💪🏽👯‍♀️👙💦

Goodbye to our lovely client & friend Grace, who’s moving overseas today 💕 You are a super woman, the only person I’ve met who’s crazy enough to have 2 trainers so you could train 5 days a week! 😆 It’s been a pleasure training you and getting to know your beautiful family. You are such a kind hearted and generous person, thank you for everything! Wishing you all the best for your next big adventure, we are definitely going to miss you but I know we’ll meet again someday soon! 💜🌏✈️

I’ve been waiting for summer all year to be able to do some rooftop workouts again and this is what we get. Thanks Melbourne. ☔️🌧 #summerinmelb #whattajoke #disappointedbutnotsurprised .
📷 @_tomnoske

Go check out @georgeeraptis and give him a follow! He’s training for his first bodybuilding comp next year and he’s competing on a plant based diet 🙌🏽🌿🦍
Would be much easier to help him with posing practice if he was competing in the Bikini division tho 💁‍♀️👙👯‍♀️💪🏽💕✨ #mensbikini #yougogurl #soproud #hesgonnakillme

Feeling nostalgic ✨
It’s messy, nowhere near perfect and my fear is still holding me back, but it’s me.
Exactly 2 years ago I was recovering from hip surgery, unsure if I’d ever dance again. 2 years of healing, I’ve often felt very trapped within my body, but I’ve learned to accept every stage of the healing process, I’m slowly learning to love and trust again.
I’m grateful I can move even though I can’t express movement the same as before. When something is a part of your soul it will never leave and it will always make you feel like you’re home 🔮💫#hellofromtheotherside #nostalgic #improv

We hope you all have a fantastic public holiday tomorrow! Don’t forget you can still access us with your 24 hour pass or you can pop into St Kilda for the day !! Play hard but train harder #morethanjustagym #southpacifichealthclubs #melbournecup

Sometimes I have no idea why we are on this earth or what the meaning of life is and if I think too hard about it my mind nearly explodes 🙃 so instead of stressing over the future and things I cannot control, I try to remind myself of these points which I believe we should all live by:
🤗 Find what makes you happy
💕 Do what you love, every day
🐮 Be kind, to everyone
💫 Chase your goals & dreams
🌏 Inspire & help others along the way .
Every day is a chance that we get to make changes or make new decisions to shape our paths so make sure you are making choices every day that your future self will thank you for ✨
📷 photo wizard @_tomnoske

24 hour passes now available !!!!
Come down and book in your safety walk through and then grab your 24 hour access card!
#tooeasy #southpacifichealthclubs #mentone #southpacificmentone
#trainwheneveryouwant #iworkout

The floor is lava 🔥
Just hangin’ out with @marcos_souza81 doing some #ninjatraining 🤸‍♀️

W O R L D V E G A N D A Y 🌏
How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place?! I hope future generations get to see the beauty in our world too.
Unfortunately if we keep going the way we are so much damage will be done to the planet that is irreversible, the next generation will not live like we are today!
I’ve definitely made a lot of bad decisions in life but going vegan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!
It has made me so aware of everything happening around us, I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to do my part in protecting all the beautiful animals & our environment.
There are so many ways we can all still improve in every day life, instead of feeling helpless like you can’t change the world on your own, focus on the positives - if we all make small changes to our lifestyles, with the goal of harming less people, harming less animals and doing less damage to the planet then we can definitely change the world!
We all know what needs to be done so we need to work together to help save our planet and ensure the next generation have a future here without dealing with the damage we’ve done.
You don’t have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle, you just have to start somewhere!
It feels so good to give back and knowing that there’s so many others out there doing their bit too! Be kind, love more & give more. ✌🏽🌏🐨🌿 #worldveganday

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