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Kick and Punch your way through 45mins of non-stop aerobic fun (and burn some serious calories while you’re doing it). Join Agnes for Body Combat 7.30pm! #morethanjustagym #southpacifichealthclubs

i never possess the motivation to train legs...until today 💁🏻 maybe it was the hot cross buns 🙈 #legday #gymtime #southpacifichealthclubs #burningoffthebuns

To celebrate Fri-yay...let us know what or who makes you feel like this after a workout 💪🏋️👊👯 #southpacifichealthclubs #portmelbourne #healthylifestyle #weekendvibes #workoutbuddy

This is what a clean gym looks like! #southpacifichealthclubs #chadstone #gym #fitfam #personaltrainer

Post body attack recovery, @acaibrothers_portmelbourne tropic thunder bowl and @remedykombucha hibiscus kiss. Awesome start to a Saturday 💜#afewofmyfavouritethings #acaibrothers #bodyattack #remedykombucha #southpacifichealthclubs

The girls representing at the #southpacifichealthclubs admin meeting. #legends #theAteam #goodgroup #gettingshitdone <3


A big thank you to Açai Brothers for the delicious samples on Saturday and for giving us 50% off our next coffee! #southpacifichealthclubs #acaibowl #superfoods

Finally made it to one of @_tomnoske’s Saturday morning rooftop workouts. If only it was as effortless as we made these photos look. Thanks bro, I didn’t need my legs anyway 💀 #dead .
📷 @_tomnoske

To celebrate Fri-yay...let us know what or who makes you feel like this after a workout 💪🏋️👊👯 #southpacifichealthclubs #portmelbourne #healthylifestyle #weekendvibes #workoutbuddy

V for VEGAINZ 😆💪🏽🌱💦
Throw 🔙 to when I had biceps vs now 🤔
Tbh I haven’t been doing a lot of weight training for a couple of months, most of my sessions have been rehab exercises to strengthen my hips. So I’m pretty happy that I’ve been able to stay fairly lean and my lanky limbs have maintained some form of muscle thanks to a #plantbasedlifestyle but I’m back now & chasing those vegainzzzz 🏃‍♀️🐰🌿🥕 .

When someone says “let’s go get vegan food” 😁🌱👍🏽
📷 @_tomnoske

GIRLS! I’m starting my new Bikini Body Program next week! Currently taking on new clients.
Head over to my PT page for more info @baysidebikinibodies 💁💕💦🌴☀️👙
Photo: @_tomnoske

Hello lovely ladies of #Melbourne!
Excited to say, The Bikini Body Program is back!! 👯👙
I am now running evening sessions as well as mornings so you have more flexibility to make the program suit YOU 🤗
This is a 3 day split program targeting all the main muscle groups; glutes, legs, arms, back, shoulders & abs! So by the end of the week you should be nice & sore everywhere 😉
This time I’ve added in more of a functional training aspect including interval training and our new extension in the gym is perfect for this type of training so we can all increase our fitness as well as strength 💪🏽💦👟
Last year spots filled up quickly coming into summer so book your spot in ASAP!
For a limited time I am offering EVERYONE their first session free to trial out my new program, even if you’ve trained with me before because I want you to see how much better my new program is 💁👯✨
Contact Mikaela for more info: baysidebikinibodies@outlook.com
👙💪🏽☀️💦🌴 Photo: @_tomnoske

Need to work on our insta fitness model posing but at least we know how to work our glutes 💁🍑good session with ma booty sista 👯🔥✨#bootywerk

You can't out train a bad diet! All South Pacific Members receive a medium salad for only $10 #southpacifichealthclubs #foxesden #healthylifestyle

Purpose fuels passion. Passion creates energy to deliver. It empowers you to believe you can🙏🏽 #PurposeFuelsPassion

Client Kyri smashing her morning workout!!
Try this HIIT circuit - 3 rounds as fast as possible 💪🏽😤💦
- 5 sprints
- 1 min skipping
- 30 sec step ups each leg
- 10 wall balls
- 30 sec med ball slams
- 1 min wall sit

#rooftopworkout 🙌🏽☀️🌴👙

Here's a lil booty burner to start the week right! Add this superset to your leg workouts:
- Barbell box squats x 10 // weights: 20kg, 30kg, 35kg, 30kg, 20kg
- Smith machine reverse lunges x 10 each leg // weights: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 10kg, 5kg
- 5 sets each // pyramid drop set - start light building heavier then drop weight back down & feel the burrrnnnn 🔥💪🏽🍑✨#mondaymotivation

So happy with my new logo design! 🙌🏽
Hope you all have a great week & keep chasing those goals!

Winners are grinners! Congratulations to Port Melbourne for winning the 2017 VFL Grand Final, in a nail biting finish! The team sponsored by South Pacific Health Clubs! Special thanks to the team for the opportunity to see the game in style!
#port3207 #portgymisthebestgym #southpacifichealthclubs #portmelbournefootballclub #2017VFLPremiers #etihadstadium #limelightroom

Congratulations to this beautiful girl @annabelle_maurer for competing in her first bodybuilding competition in the fitness division! You looked amazing on stage, with under 3 months to get ready, you absolutely smashed it! Your hard work & dedication is inspiring! 💕👙✨

Welcome to my fitness page!
I run my personal training business at South Pacific in St Kilda. I offer 1 on 1 PT sessions & small group training. My aim is to motivate, educate & give you all the right tools to achieve your health & fitness goals! 💪🏽
Just over a year ago, I created a training program called the Bikini Body Program. This program is designed for small groups of up to 4 people per session. It's a 3 day split program, working all muscle groups using weights and incorporating HIIT circuits (High Intensity Interval Training). .
Following my program along with my nutrition advice will help you burn fat and build lean muscle that is maintainable long term - this is a lifestyle program and not a short term "challenge" or quick fix solution. I want to help you achieve results that you will actually be able to maintain and not plateau or "yo-yo". Sessions can all be tailored to suit any level of fitness and ability. .
My aim for the Bikini Body Program is to create a supportive, safe & fun environment for women to learn how to use weights correctly & build confidence inside & outside the gym.
All my clients who train with me are so supportive and encouraging of each other & I couldn't be prouder of the team we've created! 💕
So I hope I get the chance to kick your butt in the gym soon and have you join my team of boss ladies! 👯
I am now taking on new clients for my Bikini Body Program, summer is just around the corner so it's time to start now!! PM me for more details! 💌 baysidebikinibodies@outlook.com
Bayside Bikini Bodies -
Build Muscle, Build Confidence.

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