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Watch out! The severe weather in #SouthernCalifornia gave way to a massive #sinkhole in #StudioCity. Two cars fell in to it and thankfully there was only one minor injury. Drive safely out there! (Via @abc7la) @worldstar #WSHH

Art Car
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There's something fishy about the donuts at @ProjectPokeCo. 🍣🍩 This week they just started making #SushiDonuts -- sushi rice donuts filled with avocado or spicy tuna topped with pieces of salmon, tuna, and more. @DailyFoodFeed has video for us, so it must be true! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹ Tag a #Poke lover who needs to be one of the first to try this. #OCwanderlust

Had such a great time celebrating Ilene's birthday in San Diego. Hope you enjoyed it babe! #sandiego #california #southerncalifornia #coronadoisland #wilsoncreekwinery #temecula

Legitimately asked Joe if we could get married again because this place was that gorgeous! 😍

I was supposed to meet Achilleus (Who's 5 years old and battles two forms of brain cancer) in Southern California back in September 2016 but the morning of he became too sick for me to visit so we left toys at his doorstep. Today was finally the day we met in person! He showed so much love and could hardly contain it as he hugged me a million times in our hour visit. Achilleus is fighting the same brain cancer as little Ellie Walton was (@prayersforellie ) and in fact, they met several times and were friends. His mother explained how sad he's been since Ellie's passing so today was my chance to bring him a piece of Ellie that he can always hold close, cheer him up and give him the strength to continue his fight! I could literally feel Ellie in the air. It was magical. Achlleus has a spirit like no other and his heart is so HUGE. Unfortunately the cancer and treatments have rendered him completely blind in his left eye so his parents are attempting a 100% holistic approach in hopes it works. After this visit today I am feeling very very emotional and I know its because of the amount of love Achilleus showed, the connection between him, Ellie and I, and the fact that I KNOW she was there with us. Achilleus and family WE LOVE YOU and are there every step of the way. If everyone could PLEASE follow @TeamAchilleus (on IG) that would mean the world to him! Thank you and God Bless (to see the full 2 1/2 minute video go to my FB at www.Facebook.com/RickyMena ) #HeartOfaHero #TeamAchilleus #AchilleusTheGreat #Love #Smiles #Prayers #ElliesFriend #MoreThan4 #PediatricCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #YellowRibbonWarrior #Blessings #SoCal #SouthernCalifornia #Emotional #Beautiful #Friends #Family #Faith #Hope #Spiderman


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One of the last photos I took of my grandfather. In life, I'm slowly realizing, it's all about parts of your heart being chipped away with sadness and slowly filled in with other happiness, but the hole is more like a crater and the happiness more like a sprinkle. Basically, the loss and sadness is always there, just covered with some sprinkles to make it not so sad. This was the happiest proudest moment I ever saw him--walking down an aisle once again to present a diploma to my amazing sister. Envious of her experience, but oh so thankful she had it and we all got to witness it. #4years #stillloveyoumore #southerncalifornia #photographer

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Slick's bomb shop.
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Gone fishin'

Goodnight and sweet dreams from adoptable Jack! If you're looking for a snuggly, cuddly, lovable pittie, look no further! This boy absolutely loves his people and gets along well with other dogs. Jack is available for adoption in Southern California. For more information please visit itsthepits.org.

Looking through some of my old photos and came across this. ❀️ When we lived in Southern California, we were able to take a trip back to my hometown. A lot of people think So. Cali is all palm trees, beaches, and deserts but there is a wonderful place up in the mountains, elevation 5,800 ft. called Lake Arrowhead. It's a magical place full of pinecones and acorns. We went to twin peaks, then to Crestline to see my old house and my grandparents old house. Then we stopped by beautiful Lake Gregory seen here in this picture. It smells like pine sap in the mountains and the air is so cool and crisp. The trees are so tall they look like they can touch the sky. I miss my mountains, it's always amazing going home. It makes me so homesick for my family though, especially my mom.
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We're getting there!

My new canon M3