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MEET with your neighbors MONDAY 2/19, Torrance Sizzler's back room, 6pm, 2880 Sepulveda. WE HAVE ABOUT 2 months to convince the AQMD to DO ITS JOB and "protect the health of all residents in the District.” Jan 20, senior AQMD staff rewrote it’s technical staff’s scientific assessment that MHF safety claims are UNPROVEN and a MHF PHASE OUT is necessary to protect public health. Instead, senior staff proposed NO BAN---just MORE HF EMERGENCY systems, over 8 years.
It’s a bad case of regulatory agency CAPTURE by industry. If MHF is deadly, how can they justify doing nothing, risking a disaster of Bhopal-like proportions in LA? Far easier—plead inability to do their job. MHF is so complex, poor little AQMD reports, we are, like, totally CLUELESS. WE GIVE UP!
Don’t let them get away with it. Moderate efforts from a large number of residents can TURN THIS AROUND, FAST. Read the text of TRAA Pres. Dr. Sally Hayati’s comments at Saturday’s march and rally: http://bit.ly/2oeSpzO
Make a difference even if you can’t come to a meeting! Visit TRAASouthBay.com: sign up for newsletter, sign the petition, get a Lawnsign, send letters to the AQMD, contribute $$. EMAIL: TRAASouthBay@gmail.com

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Honk to ban MHF van from the Rally and March on February 17, 2018.

I have been stuck at home sick.
I haven’t been able to work or workout. I won’t lie I am going absolutely nuts.
However I do believe at times we’re forced to take a much necessary break from “it all”. I’ve been running on auto pilot for months. Juggling three kiddos, a full clientele, studying nutrition, volunteering in the classroom, working out, meal prepping, the list could go on. So when I get down about being “stuck” I try and remember that god has a plan for us all and perhaps this is his way of letting me know it’s ok and necessary to slow down.
Regardless, I am so looking forward to seeing my beautiful clients faces. And to getting my booty back in the studio to move.
Never take your health for granted. Remember to slow down when you need it. It may be hard but it is necessary. ✌🏼❤️💦 *
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I call this one “The Judgemental Ocean Bird”

For County Supervisor Janice Hahn: Matt Johnson reading her statement in support of a ban on MHF.

Happening now.

Hey hey, ho ho, MHF has got to go!

Statement read for Al Muratsuchi in support of a ban on MHF.

Torrance City Councilman Tim Goodrich on the right side of history.
Speaking at the protest at Columbia Park.

Torrance City Councilman Kurt Weideman on the right side of history. Speaking at the protest at Columbia Park in Torrance.

Jimmy Gow. Founding member of TRAA.

Now at Columbia Park in Torrance.

Now at Columbia Park.

Exercise your FREE SPEECH RIGHTS this Saturday, 9:30am (come early!) Columbia Park, Prairie and 190th (rally location off Prairie), Torrance. Stand up and take a stand against deadly modified hydrofluoric acid (MHF) at the refinery! Family Friendly Rally and March. Let the AQMD and local cities know you won’t accept continued existence of 250,000 lb. MHF in our back yard. Ask your neighbors, friends, and local elected officials to support and attend this rally. EVENT PAGE: http://bit.ly/2DAV7Kx https://www.dailybreeze.com/2018/02/14/free-speech-is-free-after-all-for-refinery-protesters-in-torrance/

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