A few days back my wife and I had brunch at a local bar-restaurant in my town, which we have not visited before
Interesting open-plan design with natural themed layout ranging from wood benches and tables to greenery hanging off the roof to camp-based utensils
Very interesting tongue-in-cheek menu, with descriptions such as "Triple Bypass", "Moaning at Midnight", "Evil Twin" and more, just for the burgers! :-)
We went for the traditional South African breakfast which was served in iron-cast pans and wooden platters
Exceptional food, as expected from a town growing a reputation for its culinary food and wine products
Worth the time to visit Tiger's Milk here in Stellenbosch!

One of my top five destinations in the world. From a perspective of surfer, wildlife lover, food, and culture enthusiast, South Africa is an endless fascination for me. Having spent few months in South Africa in 2007, I've long since wanted to return and share the journey again with my future wife, here together, relaxing at our amazing home away from home overlooking the perfect surf at Cape St. Francis.

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