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Brave Book Tour Day 1: So so grateful to all the friends who came out to support my signing at @barnesandnoble Blossom Hill. We laughed. We cried. And we helped raise $ for @epilepsynorcal through a special book fair 💜 Message me for any details on that. Link in bio for book! #mariannerichmond #bebravelittleone #epilepsyawareness #sourcebooks

3 days, loves! 🔥 I hope you're as excited as I am! Click the link in my profile to preorder your copy.
I will be live on Bookstr's Facebook page on Sept. 6, Wednesday @1 pm EST! Will you be there? Post your questions here and I'll pick my faves to answer on Wed!
I will also be taking over Wattpad's IG on Chasing Red's release day on Sept. 5, Tuesday!
These two though 💔 Be writing their story soon on Wattpad! What do you want to know/read about the Kams?
What are you doing this weekend? I'm hoping I can finally go to the 🌊 as soon as I finish all that I need to do. I also want to catch up on new movies and Korean dramas! I haven't in sooo long! Any suggestions?
Thank you as always to my amazing bff for making this short, sexy 💔 clip! We stayed up until 4 am doing our homework.
I think it's very important to surround yourself with people who support you and uplift your spirits. Like Veronica, I'm the type of person who is very careful on letting people into my circle because I hold that circle very, very close to my heart. That circle can make or break me. You have the absolute right to block people from entering your circle if they are toxic. I think we're all working on this. Do you have a toxic relationship with someone? And if so, why are you still in it?
What would you do if that toxic relationship is with a family member or your bff or someone very important to you? Share your experiences and advice with us!💖

Support your local bookstore. #sourcebooks #Detroit #CassCorridor

Dad’s Expecting Too in Chinese. I’m really big in China 🇨🇳 #sourcebooks #expecting #pregnant #newdad

"Because sometimes the only way to find your footing is to let go." This book came out today but I've had an ARC for a few months bc I'm awesome. You're awesome too, read it! ☺️🍃🌊📚 #amreading #bookstagram #girloutofwater #sourcebooks

Books and girl power! Thanks to @bookishhq for spending the afternoon with us and sharing this lovely photo.
#bookstagram #sourcebooks #girlpower


Hello loves! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Rad Babes who celebrate it! Before you ask, why yes I made the pumpkin 🥧 featured in this picture because it is my FAVORITE
I wrote an article on the 14 books (out of the 202 books I’ve read this year) that I am most thankful for this year and why! I was getting all nostalgic writing it because there were so many amazing books that have impacted my life this year!
I am currently reading Wolf Hunt by @paige_tyler_author which is the 6th book in this SWAT paranormal romantic suspense series 😍 I really love this series! I recommend it for those who love: wolf packs, romantic suspense, The One, and sexy alpha wolves 🐺
Also featured in this picture is @novellyyours BOOKSGIVING Candle which smells amazing! It smells like cranberry, clove, cider, and pecan pie 🥧 Brittany is having an incredible Black Friday sale so I would check it out!
What’re y’all currently reading??
Charli 💕

Mail call! In our mailbox today: JJ’s best pal and feline nanny Ripley wanted to thank @sourcebooks for this amazing stack of goodies! Some are exciting upcoming and already-available titles for us to review, and some are part of an awesome Baby University prize pack that JJ and I were lucky enough to win (and that we might just review anyway, because we love science books)! Check back soon for reviews of these awesome educational titles, and come back later tonight for a brand new review! See you then!

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Visit Sourcebooks online and enter to win a copy for you and your book club. Use hash tag #ifthecreek GOOD LUCK!! #ifthecreekdontrise #kathleengrissom
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[Shelf Life Sunday]
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd
Monstrous Compendium 14 Fiend Folio Appendix
Several of the original AD&D Fiend Folio critters went on to become stable AD&D monsters between the two editions, but this MC feature many of those that didn't along with a couple of new ones, like the Gem Dragons which took over from the "Oriental/Neutral Dragons".
The Fiend Folio offer alot of variation and is a solid addition, especially if you like your creatures to be somewhat odd.
...Honorable mentions go to:
▪ Achaierai — beaked sphere on long metal legs [and the one I chose to draw for november]
▪ Adherer — sticky, faux-mummy
▪ Caterwaul — lightning quick, even on its hind legs!
▪ Fyrefly — everything is on fire now..!
▪ Retriever — cleaver-footed arachnid bloodhound
▪ Umpleby — static electricity-generating mound of hair

The Fiend Folio Monstrous Compendium Appendix should available as a PDF on dmsguild.com.

[Shelf Life Sunday feature things curious or cool that I may not interact with on a daily basis, but wouldn't want to be without]
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Tagged by..... @walkingfortheloveofbooks Here's a whole shelf of #prettyspines. #shelfie #bookphotography #georgetteheyer #sourcebooks #regency I'd love to re-read every single Georgette Heyer one day. 📚❤️

Two new titles from the Santa is Coming to Arkansas publisher. This is a great way to start a Christmas Eve reading tradition. #shoplocal #thecrownshoplr #santaiscomingtoarkansas #sourcebooks #nightnightarkansas #readingisfun #christmasevetradition

Merci to @everydayparisian for including Bonjour Kale on the Francophile holiday gift guide! What a stack! 🎁 #bonjourkale

Thanks to @Kirkus for the first trade review of MISTER TENDER’S GIRL! #MisterTendersGirl #Sourcebooks

I received my ARC of busted and all of these amazing goodies so quickly! Thank you again @gmciocca ! @sourcebooksfire #busted #ginaciocca #sourcebooks

So excited to share that Publishers Weekly happily reviewed my newest book Not So Small At All !! This little book with a BIG message will be in stores early January ! https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-4926-6081-1 #dream big#sourcebooks#bigideas

Did y’all really think I would forget about #arcstravaganza today? Well, I didn’t! And I’m so glad I didn’t because this ARC deserves an appreciation award. I literally BEGGED to have this arc from @sourcebooksfire and I ended up getting it at the#youngadultliteraryconference I attended in Naperville, Illinois! Which just happens to be my neighboring state (because I live in lousy Indiana). Anywho, I am so happy and grateful that I was able to snag this ARC and I’m so glad that I got to meet @stefanisloma there! I had so much fun even though I had to leave early, and I seriously hope I can attend the next one! By the way, I SAW @adamsilvera at the conference, but unfortunately, I did not get to meet him. 😩
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One of the most exciting & unreal feelings...holding our book!!! It's official - The Cookie Cure published by @sourcebooks Available Feb.2018 Pre-Order Now #motherdaughterstory#memoir#wewroteabook#cancertocookies#anythingispossible#sourcebooks#susansnaps#preorderyourcopynow

Happy weekend, loves! What are you doing today?
These past few days have been so busy so I'm really looking forward to just 💻📝 and 🥞 at home!
Thank you so much to everyone who has tagged and sent me pictures of their copies of Chasing Red and Always Red! It always gets me so excited when I see them. I love you, guys!💖

[Shelf Life Sunday]
Luis Royo: Malefic
The first illustration I saw from Royo was in an ad for a computer game, but like many the main exposure came through his covers for the "Heavy Metal" comics anthology magazine.
Then in the mid 90's a couple of cheaply produced books came out, and I picked up this and "Women".
Royo's style of glam-grit fantasy and sci-fi illustration is quite pin-up'y and feature alot of (out of place, really) nudity, but if you look past the exposed skin, there are stories to discover being told in the often very detailed environments — not that many of Royo's fans will ever notice.
(° * ω <)
Oh, and two of FASA corporation's RPGs are represented in here as well; Earthdawn and Shadowrun.

While most copies of the original series of books likely has fallen apart, Norma Editorial re-released hardcover editions around 2010 which are available online.

[Shelf Life Sunday feature things curious or cool that I may not interact with on a daily basis, but wouldn't want to be without]
#luisroyo #malefic luisroyomalefic #norma #normaeditorial #illustrator #fantasyart #scifiart #horrorart #heavymetalart #artbook #sourcebooks #characterdesign #monsterdesign #dungeonmaster #gamemaster #inspiration #shelflifesunday #earthdawn #shadowrun #fasacorporation #heavymetalmagazine

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