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#SoundsGood ・・・
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Starting the morning off right with a little #PostOlson. @matt_olson21

OMG OMG!!! Livy Girl just made her first goal!! This is the girl who never played a team sport her whole life until last year when she decided to "pick up" water polo. She's had a goal... to make a goal ❤️. LOVE her and her sweet spirit... and this goal 🤽🏼‍♀️❤️💛👊🏽 @olivianeal7 @vintageathletics @crusherpolo

It's the last day of #summer. Make it count.

Have you listened to the newest #SoundsGood conversation we released this week? We love how Adam is so passionate about equipping our communities and local prosecutors by way of bringing about transformative change into our criminal justice system.
Adam is the perfect example of what we mean when we talk about #helpers working toward messy hope — the kind of authentic optimism that only comes from getting your hands dirty. And Adam has clearly demonstrated he is not afraid of this.
“Tradition often gets in the way of innovation and creativity. Always question why we do things.” —@adamjohnfoss
The next time you’re coming to grips with the severe pain or injustice in the world, ask yourself the question Adam did at the end of the show, “Is it that I feel guilty and bad about this? Or am I looking at something in a different way because I’m starting to understand context?” Once you’ve done that and filled your empathy tank, it will lead to real, authentic and lasting solutions.
(Link in bio to the full conversation)

John Baldessari | Honey - what words come to mind?
#soundsgood #johnbaldessari #thebroad #iputmyhanduponmyhip

My little clarinet player !! #Music #Practice #SoundsGood #Proud


Asia /America Dj Tour, my gig at Club Vasco's Vietnam. I was away for 3 months. I broke my arm within 48hrs playing football in New York, but still managed 15 plane journeys and played in 6 countries with one arm afterwards. In the hospital I contemplated flying back home for all of 5 mins. F**k that, I worked to hard for this, let's keep it moving. #asia #vietnam #djlife #mistanugget #soundsgood #macbookpro #soulful #housemusic #deephouse #birmingham #londonliving #london #astonbirmingham #dedication #keepmoving

The Mind of Gil Scott-Heron
(A Collection of Poetry And Music) (1978)
랩 선구자, 흑인 밥 딜런 '질 스콧 헤론'이 1978년 발표한 정치&사회 문제를 다룬 앨범. (사회 비판적인 태도와 가사로 잘 알려져 있음)
1970년대 미국 역사에 한 획을 그은 사건들을 집중적으로 이야기하고 있습니다. 특히 71년 아티카 교도소 사건, 72년 워터게이트 사건에 대해 읊조리는 듯한 구어 위주의 보컬로 자신의 생각을 드러내고 있습니다. 이 앨범은 그의 다른 앨범 보다 시를 낭독하는 느낌이 강합니다. 곡 제목에서 특정 사람과 사건을 언급할 때, 화학공식을 사용하는 독특한 특징을 발견할 수 있습니다. 예를 들어 Side 1 첫번째 곡 Watergate는 H2O Gate Blues. 24p 분량의 가사가 담긴 소책자가 들어있습니다.
Gil Scott-Heron ‎– The Mind Of Gil Scott-Heron (1978)
Label: Arista
Format: Viny., LP, Album, Deluxe Booklet
Country: US
Released: 1978 / 1st
Genre: Jazz, Non-Music / Spoken Word, Poetry, Monolog
Condition(Cover / Record): C(VG) / B(EX)
A1 H2O Gate Blues
A2 We Beg Your Pardon
A3 The New Deal
B1 Jose Campos Torres
B2 The Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dot Dit Dot Dot Dash)
B3 Bicentennial Blues
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Energy drink made of concentrated beetroot juice and lemon juice..let's give it a go before my workout 😏#beetit #soundsgood

Still can't believe this was real 😵😵😍

I could go for a nice cold adult beverage bout now. #thirstythursday #soundsgood #countmein

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