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YOU HOLD MY HAND!!! #Repost @delvineugene.rhys
• GOOD MORNING • ....my friend. He (God) is leading and guiding us. No worries! He holds our hand. Please keep going! You’re headed toward your best days yet. Thank you @tashacobbsleonard. 😘 #soulwork #music #tashacobbs

Working on my “Shadowwork” painting during my daily classes at @academyofvisionaryart here in Vienna. Bringing in the double lighting approach that @luke_brown_spectraleyes taught my students right before I arrived here. I thought this dark creature was a good one to try that out. Listening to “The Power of Now” to help me be more present and go beyond my minds control. Observing the darkness so I don’t become it. Also, day 10 of my no-food cleanse, jonzing for it bad but learning strength from the experience! #shadowworkpainting #vienna #viennaacademyofvisionaryart #acrylic #painting #acrylicpainting #soulwork

Thanksgiving -

I hope that when you woke
awareness dawned on you:
that many did not live to see
shine anew.

Thanksgiving -
I hope that as you laugh
with Love surrounding you,
you spend a thought
the whitewashed lies comsumed.

Thanksgiving -
I hope that you give thanks
for they had families, too,
but the skin tone of entitlement
was blind,
it only saved you.

Thanksgiving -
I hope you understand
the Now is up to you,
but if we’re to make
the future fool - proof,
we’ve got to acknowledge
the Truth. © 💜

#Thanksgiving #Truth #poetry #Writing #writer #wordstoliveby #gratitude #consciousness #hereandnow #mindfulness #love #Lightworker #Truthseeker #Inspiration #awareness #higherself #awakening #wakethefuckup #humancondition #humanity #healing #humanityhealing #healtheworld #soulwork

Sometimes clarity comes from letting go 🍃 @m.firechild 👑

Oh what a time we had celebrating life, extending gratitude, laughing uncontrollably, sharing love, eating good food and enjoying even better drinks. •

We are Thankful AF! Here's to our first of many #Thanksgiving holidays together.
#Friendsgiving2017 #Friendsgiving #thanksgivingeve #friends #Framily

"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it." - Ellen Goodman #riskhappy

For as many times as you have felt us reaching out to you, so have we felt you reaching out for us. We all need a hand to hold. We all need to be reminded that in our tough times we are not alone. And we all need someone who can light our way when our night is too dark. We got you. xo Ella & Leila

#handinhand#soulwork#freespirit#healing#lightworker#reiki#love#chronicpain#hope#encouragement#takemyhand#staystrong#peace#spirituality#selflove#dontgiveup#domesticviolence#depression#chronicillness#survivors#namaste#rebelthriver#tribe#youareloved#empath#holdon#youarenotalone#struggling#loved#friendship www.facebook.com/rebelthrivers ⚓️Poster by Ella⚓️


If you had told me 25 years ago I was gonna work with Santa Maria I would have told you to fuck off. Jajajaja 🤣 growing up I was never exposed to “drugs”. I didn’t get into drinking either. In Mexico alcohol is not a forbidden thing as it is here, but at a young age I learned alcohol was not good for me. As you know indigenous people shouldn’t really drink alcohol, it’s bad for us.

I was 21 the first time I smoked weed. I was living in Playa del Carmen, dating a French guy, he was cute, Patrick Forestier. I started hanging out with all his European friends, they would smoke splifs, I didn’t smoke cigarettes so I would ask them to just give me joints.

I loved it, I would smoke everyday and it was great. There was one time I remember I got so high I thought I was gonna die jajajaj 😂 those were definitely good times.

Growing up in Mexico, Marijuana was seeing as something bad, something-only losers would do, people in the streets or in jail. I had that domestication so I wasn’t open about it at all.

I have come far in getting rid of my domestications. I imagine that some of my family, which they all follow me either here or Facebook, might be shocked to see how I live my life.

It hasn’t been an easy path, but I have always followed my heart. I know at times this can be hard for a lot of us. Because we feel we have to do the “right” thing in order to be successful. In order to pay the bills. In order to be accepted by society. Etc.

We are never gonna be happy when we think we can only find happiness on the external things we do, or the external things we buy.

This coming March I will be sharing all of this with people that attend my Retreat. How to really get rid of our domestications. Our lives don’t have to fit any mold.

Which mold are you trying to fit? The one that fits your desires? Or the one that fits all these other people in your life? This coming March I will be sharing ways on how to step in our power and let go of our domestications.

These holidays instead of buying material things that won’t help you in your growth. Give yourself a gift that will transform your lives.

Link in bio!!!

#cannabis #ganja


When I get kick back or people disagree with me, I choose to see it as a POSITIVE sign. It’s a sign that I’m speaking up. It’s not possible to control other people’s reactions, so I see it as information. I see it as a human exposition.
I take it all with a grain of salt, and continue to focus on where I can learn, where I can grow and adjust, what I can release and expand, and how to step more deeply into my VOICE and my POWER.


The Masks we live in

I have been thinking about this lately as I have been very active with bringing awareness regarding social justice activism. I am loud, I curse, I sometimes don’t use the right words and I’m aware I am not saying things trying to find validation.

My masks were revealed a long time ago and I can’t go back to how I used to be. A lot of people get triggered with my words and assume I am angry or I hate People. I believe this has to do with the domestication we all have been part of.

If you notice we engage in this world wearing masks all the time, we have to use different masks with different people, and situations. I understand this is sometimes necessary, but if we look deep down we are able to recognize that these masks or identities we use will never encompass our Life Force or our Authentic Self.

When we are domesticated these masks hide who we are and we believe that who we are is “The Mask”.

Why do we hide? Why do we feel we can’t show who we really are?
We can see nowadays how many people suffer from Anxiety, depression, etc. We also hide behind the use of drugs or plant medicines to alleviate and numb those aspects of ourselves. How many people nowadays have trouble being out in the world, we hide, and at times it’s better to be alone than having to “deal with other people”

The reason of this is because in our True Nature we can’t longer continue living with these masks, but at the same time we don’t know how to step in our power and get rid of our masks.

This is part of the experience we will be having at my upcoming Retreat in Guatemala. We will create a transformational experience, while identifying our domestications.
YOU will step into Your Power so You no longer have to wear the masks that are killing our Spirits.

We are going through a major shift as a humanity and we need to become the Warriors of our own story so we can be of better service to Ourselves, Our Children and Our World.
I’m offering a discount code that will go until Tuesday, November 28th, 2017.
Discount Code PILAR100
Looking forward to share this time with you! 🙏🏽

♥️Connecting to Nature♥️ The thing is we don't have to go "out in nature" to connect to nature. We only have to understand that we ARE nature. We ARE the Love, the Beauty, the Harmony, and the Balance that we admire when we observe and emerse ourselves in the natural world. When we unplug and disconnect from our human creations and focus on the SOURCE of all that is, then we are connected to our True Nature.🔼 It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I needed this. As I stepped out this morning to a beautiful, cool, late-fall day, with the sunshine on my face, I knew I needed to be outdoors today. A walk in the woods. Some fresh, wood-soaked air. Just a dose of pure love.🔽 I imagined finding some kind of winter red berries to gather for a nature project I'm working on. And even if I didn't find any I knew I wouldn't leave without some kind of gift. And I was right.🔼We found these at a point on the trail where it got a little dense and confusing... Our turn around point. Before we did, thanks to mobile data, we were able to find out that these are Barberries (most likely of the Asian variety) & they're edible. 🍒 Bitter, but EDIBLE. Anytime I find anything edible in the woods I connect to my inner-child. Excited. Connected. Happy. Grateful.♥️ This is what I needed today. A great day for my root chakra. May the journey continue as smoothly.♥️ #journeythroughthechakras #earthmedicine

My Friday is looking something like this😘😘😘 #artlover Painting of my Fire 🔥 Element in process...#fireelemental #salamanders ....a wall hanging for my client LinkedIn... multiple project in works.... ohh and of course my all time fav artist #anoushkashankar #insideme #traveller album #traditionalindianpercussion #sitar #flamencoguitar #muah #lovemynewjob #loveworkingformyself #soulliving #soulwork #soullove #happyfreakyfriday #💗💚💛

n a t u r a l X n a t u r e
Loving my simple drop hoop earrings in the colour natural x

I N S P O <<<•>>>
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• The Bear Mother lumbered out of my dream and into now, into here. She took much patience, surrender and innovation before finally coming into being. Not an easy birth but ultimately one rich with meaning, with effort shared, midwife to each other.

Her soul sings from deep within the forests of night, carrying the redemptive power of fairy tale, the medicine of myth. She is keeper of dreams, of secrets, of fertile ursine silence. I’m listening, Bear Mother.

#soulwork #bearmedicine #bearmother #sacredfeminine #dreamwork #sculpture #oraclecardreadersofinstagram #oraclecards #animalspiritsknowledgcards

When last did you intentionally do a power walk or ENGAGE your body directly to enhance your confidence and PRESENCE?
This is one of the GREATEST tools I use to increase my effectivity during the day.


The way we make everything stop.. i dare you to only comment "🌊🌊🌊 "emojis ||||||| get my book on amazon right now! link in bio!

Ponderings on The Sun... ☀️🤔 I have always found it far easier to connect with the Moon and its energies than I have with the Sun - to the point where I must admit I’ve blocked it out of my spiritual practise completely. To me it was easy to accept the Moon as the symbol of femininity, intuition, inner growth and aligning with the cycles of Nature. The Sun however has just been a globe in the sky that gives me light, a bit of warmth, and if I’m lucky a nice holiday to Italy🙊😂 Really wondering now if this has been a glaring oversight on my part, having been so focussed on the Moon and its cycles. Yet, how would we know of those cycles if the Sun were not shining on it - the Moon has no light of its own. And maybe, just as the Moon gladly receives the light of the Sun to help it shine, perhaps we could do well to open ourselves up to receiving more inner brightness and see then how much more radiance our outer world takes on. Just like the Moon has its cycles, the Sun has its own too. I’d love to start learning a bit more about the Sun and how to incorporate its energy into my personal development. If anyone has any guidance on this I would love to hear 💖🌝 #guardianangeltarot by @doreenvirtue

STOP spending energy on your grand illusion of control, and START spending your energy on things you can actually impact.

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