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When the guy working cloakroom knows you're the devil 👹 #soulution #drumandbass

Magico S1 MK2 and S3 MK2 speakers, Critical Mass Systems Sotto Voce Rack, Vitus Audio and Soulution Audio electronics, DigiBit Aria 2 music server #magico @magico_llc #vitusaudio #soulutionaudio #soulution #criticalmasssystems

#Kef #Muon #loudspeakers , #Soulution , #FMAcoustics , dCS, Acoustic Solid Round/SME 309/Koetsu Black , MIT, Siltech #w_s_d #highendaudio #listeningroom

If you know you know💥 #mangoandlashes ep out now via itunes & Spotify - #Soulution 🌹

Calibre & DRS slaying it on Friday. Intrigue 14th Birthday x Soul:ution was huge!! Thanks to everyone who supported and to all the artists involved. Jam packed, wicked vibes and amazing music all night long! Here's to the next 14! @marcusintalex @fabiodnb @delrokski @collettejwarren @deepspacerecordsuk @theklabris #drumnbass #intriguemusic #thekla #calibre #soulution

A sustainable #SOULution to ending waste 🌎 our signature glass bottles feature the Celtic symbol for balance between #mindbodyandsoul #morethanastore

"Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul"-- Walt Whitman #Mana #EarthWaterAirFire

You can't manufacture forever...you have to choose it everyday! #soulution #soulutionary #forever🌹 #him #kissofpeace

Throwback from summer, playing b2b with ma bro @black.on.track soulution party at eden ibiza 🎛 #darktechno #techno #soulution


NEVER run back to what broke you!!!!! Being human, we often have tendencies to return to patterns of behavior that deliver us time and again into circumstances and relationships that are similar in their ability to break us down. Coming from an abusive relationship, I understand this tendency all too well. You see I'm a fixer...my inner gladiator (I.e. Olivia Pope) sees problems and doesn't hesitate to jump to save the day...however that tendency, noble as it can be, can devolve into enabling and has also blinded me to relationships and circumstances that would eventually bankrupt me emotionally, physically and spiritually. The trick is to deal with these tendencies without becoming bitter and selfish. I'm always going to be a giver, kind and gracious but I also have to take notice of situations and circumstances that do not feed back into me the ability to be the best version of me. If I'm in situations that tear away at my confidence, my ability to succeed or the resources I need to be whole...then I have to examine the return on my investment and decide according to what brings health. The cycle of giving and receiving is everywhere in nature: plant a seed, reap a harvest; plants exhale Oxygen investing in humans and humans exhale CO2 investing in plants. My point...don't engage and enable destructive patterns that break you down....there must be a completion to the cycle of giving and that is receiving...there is nothing noble about going bankrupt in service to others. Put your oxygen mask on before you assist other passengers! #kissofpeace #selfawareness #soulution

Got to try and reach this #dnb #drumandbass #soulution

'We're the suicide squad, we're the bad guys' 🔞✴ #passwordbeats

Gentlemen, it is just as wrong to be sexist as it is for someone to be a racist… It's not cute, it's not funny and it's based in pure ignorance. Ladies, don't raise your boys to be sexist men. You can be all man and still be enlightened when it comes to a woman's equality with you. She's not equal with you because she's like you… She is equal with you because she's human, because you need her perspective to understand half this planet and because you cannot exist without her. #respect #equality #partnership #diversity #soulution #soulutionary #kissofpeace

You can't manufacture forever...you have to choose it everyday! #soulution #soulutionary #forever🌹 #him #kissofpeace

#tes #potensi #akademik #tespotensiakademik #pascasarjana #pelatihan #kursus #ane #soulution
RAHASIA TES TPA atau PAPs jebol skor 550, mau tahu?
1.udah nyoba berkali-kali tes potensi akademik atau PAPs skor tetap dibawah 500?atau mau nyoba tes takut gagal dan membuang uang 150ribu buat daftar?atau malas dengan buku TPA yg beredar tapi kurang pas?
2.bingung cari tempat bimbingan belajar yg tentornya berpengalaman dan udah lulus TPA?

bimbingan belajar atau pelatihan PAPs
tes potensi Pascasarjana UGM
ANE SOULUTION akan menjadi partner berdiskusi anda sepenuh hati

membantu mendongrak
skor PAPs atau TPA anda menjadi > 550
testimoni dari alumni kami yg S2 di UGM
Alhamdulillah udah bisa lolos buat sidang tesis.. kenapa harus ANE SOULUTION
1. terjangkau biayanya hanya 150ribu aja, dan gratis biaya pendaftaran, dapat modul soal dan ilmu rahasia trik menjawab
2. metode selfie cepat dan akurat
in syaa Allah 2x pertemuan bisa
mengubah tegang menjadi tenang
dan panik menjadi asyik saat mengerjakan soal
3. garansi skor >550*
(gratis mengulang 2x kalo belum sampe skor standar S2 500 dan S3 550)
4. tentor berpengalaman dan lolos PAPs
Eko skor 610 dan aman skor 528

yuk join sekarang juga...
let's make ur dream come true
skor TPA atau PAPs >550

Kantor Pusat
Owner Eko (SMS dan WA ada di OLX)
Petunjuk arahnya dari GOR Klebengan yang berada di Utara fakultas peternakan UGM tu ke barat (samping gor klebengan) ada pertigaan yang ada rumah makan padang abdi minang di pojoknya trus lurus aja ke barat mentok sampe pertigaan terakhir trus belok kanan arah jalan jeruk sampe didepan loundry strobery maju dikit 10 meter,nah konter ane yg ada bannernya warna putih eko-okeshop di tembok warna semen (abu2) kiri jalan
atau ketik aja eko-okshop di google maps
sms atau hubungi aja kalo mau ke konter soale konter = kost

Sometimes you have to realize you can't fix him or his life. You can encourage him...you can help him build and pick up the pieces but you cannot repair someone who does not want it. #soulution #soulutionary #women #men #love #kingsandqueens #understanding #wisdom #kissofpeace

We don't want you to just agree...we want you to understand. #soulution #soulutionary #partnership #kingsandqueens #understanding #wisdom #kissofpeace

I have found that sometimes not feeling ready for something is often a matter of having just not found the right fit. Your heart knows when you do. #purpose #partnership #destiny #timing #soulution #kissofpeace

Just gonna say...I think most men are looking for this. However, as women we have to be gracious even as we maintain high standards...being b****y and difficult doesn't mean we've raised our standards...it means we've put up walls. Ijs #kingsandqueens #standards #soulution #soulutionary #kissofpeace

If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge proponent of personal responsibility. Part of this is having a sober sense of self awareness. This is where I get transparent with you. Over the past couple of years, life has dealt some devastating blows. Things I never thought would happen to me, have happened. My world and my heart have been ripped up and apart and turned upside down on multiple occasions. I don't tell you this to solicit any pity or sympathy. I tell you this to give perspective to my point. Which is: when you are hurting and life has proven to be a bully, pushing you down every time you attempt to get up, it's then that we often cower and cease to be bold and take bold action. We are afraid of being hit again in life, relationships, business and finance. We end up tolerating inferior states of being just simply because they are less risky. Someone asked me recently, what are you afraid of and my answer, FAILURE! Everyday I'm facing what seems to be insurmountable obstacles...I've let them, to a certain degree, paralyze my progress and stunt my growth. One of my mentors said to me, "Don't let the start stop you!" It has been some of the best advice I have ever received. All those big dreams you have will suffocate under timid, fearful action...take bold steps and move on toward those big dreams. You, alone, have the reigns of your life, stop handing them to fear and excuses and move on and up! 💯 #Soulution #iseecolor #thepacisgroup #kingsandqueens #kissofpeace

[LINK IN BIO] Hey beautiful peopless ✨💖Listen back to my interview with these two amazing souls @mvngoandlashes! It was such a wicked interview, talking about their brand new EP #Soulution - enjoy enjoy! 🌸🌺⚡️ #reprezentradio #brixton #thelashawnashow #mvngoandlashes #singer #rapper #singersongwriter #music #ukmusic

Sometimes when you go through tough seasons and you need change and results, you start to compromise your boundaries and dignity in order to accommodate things that are not a good fit. That might be relationships or professional opportunities...it might be negative or purpose contrary thought patterns. I recently extended too much energy toward an opportunity that was not reciprocating in kind. I realized that I needed to back up and shore up the boundaries that I let be pushed. This thing called life is constant adjustments to maintain integrity of purpose and person! Remember sometimes what you want has to be tempered by what is best for you! #purpose #integrity #soulution #kissofpeace

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