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All those beautiful doors of morocco 🙌🏼
On another note: while i took the photo above ⬆️ my mom took the other one ➡️ (swipe).
Seriously, jugglin baby and camera at the same time is no joke
. .
#wheninmorocco #traveltheworld #lebenmitkind #palaisdelabahia #bahiapalace #frontdoor
#marrakech #morocco #africa #medina #tausendundeinenacht

This year I am really focused on listening to my soul a lot more, trusting my intuition again, staying away from negative environments, doing what's right for me, not pleasing everybody else all the time, and only surrounding myself with loving, soulful, gentle and genuine people who share the same values, vision and kindness that are worthy enough to be a part of my life, my personal space and my very spiritual energy 🌻 💎🌻 💎🌻💎 🌻 💎 @lilytaylerdesigns .
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Teaching our children Mindfulness 🙏 allows our kids to tune into their feelings and thoughts. Here are 5 studied benefits to teaching our children this wonderful practice:
- Boost children's mood and self-esteem
- Encourage positive behaviour such as empathy and emotional control
- Aid academic learning and improve cognitive control
- Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and can improve mental health
- Reduced peer aggression and promote conflict resolution
Some simple ways you can incorporate this into your child's daily life are by: talking to them about being 'aware' of their surroundings and 'noticing' the sensations. Get the to stop and listen to the sounds that they can hear and describe them. When outside ask them to smell a flower or feel what the grass feels like under their feet.

Winter mood ✨❄❄❄ #soultime #livinglife

I was very young. My mom was crying...again.
She seemed to want to protect me and my older siblings from the non- understandable horrors of the world.
See, mom survived the ‘great depression’ and entered into an era of hope and dreams.
Yet the leaders of these hopes and these dreams were being removed. Taken out of the grasps of hope filled hearts and hard working humans 😞
People such as my mom who wanted every human on the planet to have a chance at their dreams and their legacies.
That day she was crying was the loss of a significant human who saw beyond the smallness and hardness of hearts. Martin Luther King Jr left us with words of a path to carve out a better way of being on this planet🌎
Let’s follow those words...💫
“Only through an inner spiritual transformation do we get the strength to fight vigorously the evils of the world in a humble and loving spirit “
#truthbomb #mlk #groundedspirituality

Soul Care this evening looked like calling upon the spirit of water to support my journey with my inner girl as she discovered where her lack of confidence began. It was a tender sad journey. what was unveiled was forgiveness from and for a mother from beyond the veil. The layers of healing never end AND that does not mean I remain stuck either. Thank you Nina Simone your music was a perfect backdrop to remember. The freedom of a breakthrough is undeniable. Onward to integration. #sacredhealer

People think that they will be happy if they move to another place, and then it turns out: wherever you move, you take yourself with you✨ #soultime #livinglife

A.P.Band ft Saadat Chokubaeva - Soul Time. With my bro @rg_nimble_ #inspiration #soultime #bishkek #kyrgyzstan #dance #boogaloo #soul #music #popping #boogaloo

am 31.12. haben meine mama @babbelra und ich uns angeschaut und gefunden; wir haben genug von grau, nass und kalt #zweidummeeingedanke. wir müssen sonne tanken (und shoppen) und haben nachmittags spontan einen flug nach marokko gebucht. 12 stunden später haben wir uns mit sack und pack (also mit Noam) bei 3 grad und regen in zürich in den flieger gehievt und sind 4 stunden später bei 25 grad und sonne wieder ausgestiegen um 4 tage lang in einem märchen aus tausend und einer nacht zu leben. Es gibt jetzt also ein bisschen marrakech spam 🌵☀️ #placedesepices #rooftop #berbermarket #wheninmorocco #marrakech #morocco #africa #rugheaven

What else?!? #soultime #livinglife

#emporda #costabrava #bigblue #green #trees #parcs #beach #nauticclub #sailingboats #enjoyinglife #newbegining #newlife #bigchange #enjoyingthelittlethings #queboniceslemporda #winter #colors #wintertime #soultime #nature #naturphotography #mediterraneanmoments #mediterraneansea
La Carol i en Willi #volant per sobre la negra. #caroltheseagull.
Em vaig quedar una estona a la plaça absorbint l'energia de la #Mediterrània i mirant-les #jugar com fan sempre.
Sabia que em veurien.
Et voilà.
Es varen posar a volar en cercle sobre meu tot cridant.
#Alegria compartida.
Un bany d'energia.
Animals sorprenents.
La meva intenció era anar a dinar amb la #family, escoltar la respiració del meu mar, donar menjar a les gavines, veure-les volar.
Al final no he pogut.
A l'anar a recollir els pares.
Marta havíem fet #escudella (el meu plat preferit) per a tu i en Cesc.
O quin greu. Ho sento.
Aquí tens una ampolla amb sopa i t'he obert tres magranes per a les amanides.
Gràcies mama. Per sopar.
Quin dia hem de venir a ajudar-te?
Us va bé dissabte?
El papa pot fer macarrons i dinem tots allà.
Tu pots planxar i em passes Ginebra a les peces de vidre (queden impecables).
Marta has...? No.
En David, el meu ex, també m'ho va dir.
És va oferir a fer -ho ell.
Us fa res si el convido a dinar dissabte?
Nooooo dona. Que vingui.
A veure que diu en Cisquillo. No li agrada. Diu que ja no toca. No ho he aconseguit mai.
No mal penseu ni feu càbales. Només som amics. És com un germà. Més que un germà. Hem compartit 30 anys de les nostres vides. Ho fèiem tot junts. Això no s'oblida, no s'esborra.
Aquests dies hem parlat molt. Els hi he explicat alguna cosa i es morien de riure. Especialment el papa. Marta com et passes. Què papa? Ja ho pot fer no?
Avui quan baixava la variant he vist les veles que sempre esquitxen l'horitzó de la cala davant del meu nou tall de platja. M'ha fet molta gràcia.
Ara estaré a l'altre costat de la badia de Palamós.
Quan senti morrinya de casa aniré a la platja a mirar els meus punts de referència.
Ara relaxing i un bon plat d'escudelleta del papa i magrana de la marona.
Que bonic deixar-se estimar.
Tot lligat. En Cisquillo ha rondinat un xic.
Family meeting. Guai!!!

Sunday reminder.


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