Sensing Spirit!
In between visiting artists galleries, absorbing incredible artistic talent, our group meditations and elemental rituals, there is a constant gentle dialogue with the senses. It’s beneath words or intellect. It is felt and it is the river that has carried each and every retreat participant to new ground. It’s a privilege to witness every time!
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Getting a little real on this one. Lately I’ve been doing some deep inner work, which was spawned by a period of lowness as is part of the entrepreneurial journey. But this time I didn’t want to stay in that place and I didn’t want to feel that way. I’ve read loads of self-help books, subscribe to tons of inspiring newsletters, listen to motivating podcasts and follow uplifting social accounts, but sometimes that’s not enough. I knew that if I want to uplevel, stay in high vibration and crush goals, I needed help, so in addition to my business coach, I’ve hired a mindset coach! I’ve learned all the greats have mentors and coaches. I can’t wait to share my journey because after our first session today, I know my life is about to evolve fast! Also, my life is in crazy transition right now so I’m going through ALL the motions (it’s good tho, I can’t wait to share). Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know the BTS isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and sometimes it’s ugly but there are ways to get through it, I’m grateful for this privilege 🙏🏻 #realtalk #GlutenFreedom

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A snapchat moment 💋 Princes & Kings 🤔😘

With whatever’s going on around you, for all that you feel you cannot control, don’t allow the actions, choices, circumstances that are outside of you, to dominate the way that you feel in your mind. ✨

Hope for the day.
How amazing is it knowing that all the sins we’ve ever committed and all the ones we will, can never have a hold over you. We are called be free.
not shame
nor doubt
nor fear
nor hopelessness
not even sin
will ever hold you down. No chains will define you, no lie will overcome you, no evil motive will defeat you. You are called to walk in freedom in this day by the Creator of the Universe. You have a greater purpose in this place than what the nature of this world tries to project onto you. A purpose that is for good and to live free. So accept it. Accept the call God has placed over your life to walk away from your sins that have already been forgiven and continue to walk the path that leads to life.
“For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters...”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:13‬
photo: @pinterest
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I accept all of you,
Give me your demons and il take them to the heavens.


🌟I'm caught up in the fact
That my soul  loves yours,
What a beautiful dilemma.🌟 beatson.ink

Human beings are social animals and their friendship resemble an Inflorescence. With the centre of the two innocent human souls, they grow petals and sepals of love, trust and happiness around them. We’re all a bunch of addicts struggling through our drug choices!

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I had the most amazing chat with my beautiful friend @megtherhn on her podcast, The Unbreakable You podcast! We talked all about how to start your journey to self love and how foundational that journey is. Thank you so much for having me, Meg! The episode is available on iTunes, and at: http://megtherhn.com/2018/09/19/episode-027-how-to-begin-your-self-love-journey-and-working-with-your-inner-bully-with-samantha-conway/

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